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Freedom 251 mobile was launched as part of Make In India project and is one of the first biggest launches as part of the Startup India , showing there is future to brilliant entrepreneurs of India to take a global dive into World market. Are you desperate like the millions of customers who are eager to buy the latest Smartphone from Ringing Bells.

So if you are planning to buy Freedom 251 mobiles you have to use official website www.freedom251.com . But things will not sound so simple and easy. It’s because the official website of Freedom 251 is not ready to accept huge number of customer inquiries at present and the online booking was delayed. On 19-2-16 www.freedom251.com will be ready to start bookings of it’s Freedom 251 mobile sets. what is the actual price that you have to pay online for 1 piece of Freedom 251. You have to pay Rs.291 in total including the Courier charges of Rs.40 for delivering in India. At present the delivery and booking of Freedom 251 mobiles for abroad customers is not possible.

Whether the Ringing bells company at Noida in India will be able to handle this much orders is not known. The total orders received does not mean they are completed orders, because the customer has to do make payment to make it a completed order. It is just the registrations done at the www.freedom251.com website of Ringing bells. So if you are booking Freedom 251 online from another country like Dubai, USA, Australia, UAE, Sharjah, Oman, Saudi, Singapore, China, Pakistan .etc. your orders will not be placed. May be you have to wait a little longer for Freedom 251 mobiles to be ready for delivering outside India. Now the production from India is limited to 50 lakh units per month and with the overwhelming responses and orders from customers, Ringing Bells company will have to struggle to meet all orders within time frame of 4 months delivery time for 50 lakh pieces.

People ready to buy Freedom 251 mobile is in Millions and it is unknown whether the company could meet this huge demand from customers. There are chances that the company will stop accepting the orders because the pre order booking will get completed at any second. Even though 4 days was allowed from 18 to 21 February 2016, most of the time the site as having problems.

Customers found difficulty in completing the registration of Freedom 251 mobile phones. Everyone is anxious to know the Freedom 251 booking last date and other information.

www.freedom251.com website

At present the closing date of Freedom 251 mobile is on Sunday , 21 February 2016. But even with the problems of site many around 30000 application received and on the second day the total number of orders for Freedom 251 increased to 3 Crore.

So only when the registrations are scrutinized and completed orders are taken the actual total number of orders for Freedom 251 mobiles will be known. The application registrations for Freedom 251 are 5 crore at present on the 3rd day and  on the last day the number may reach 8 to 10 Crore. The actual number of payments received for Freedom 251 will be lower.

www.freedom251.com Website

And one thing to keep in mind for everyone booking Freedom 251 is that only the first 50 lakh mobiles will be delivered within 4 months and the others will have to wait for a longer time.

www.freedom251.com Website Booking Online Freedom 251

Freedom250.com is not the correct website address and many people are mistakenly using it, while the actual address for booking Freedom 251 mobiles is http://www.freedom251.com (Presently this site is down, so please check back in later)

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How to Book Online at Freedom 251 website

Detailed step by step instructions with screen shots regarding how to do online booking of a Freedom 251 Android smartphone from www.freedom251.com

Prresently sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are not selling the Freedom 251 phones.

Have you booked and successfully placed the order for Freedom 251 mobile and did you get it delivered. If you are experiencing problems in booking Freedom 251.

Please share your responses. Freedom 251 booking last date and closing date information details are 21-2-2016 till night 8 pm.