WhatsApp desktop app for Mac or Windows PC

Whatsapp users always wanted to have a desktop version of this app and in May 2016 this wish was granted. WhatsApp desktop app download for personal computers and laptops running in Mac, Windows was possible. This desktop app is exclusively for Windows, Mac PC and can be downloaded to the computer.

Later it can be installed by opening and running it like other computer software’s. WhatsApp desktop app is supported by Mac computer Operating system versions of X 10.9 and higher. In Windows OS it is compatible with Windows 8 and higher 32 bit, 64 bit. WhatsApp Web has been common for everyone and  it was possible for users to scan the QR code too login to a Whatsapp profile account. Whatsapp web option is available in Menu settings which will take you to the QR can code page.

In the desktop app we can see all photos, videos, messages exactly as it is in our mobile phone. It is done through syncing of mobile to desktop. It’s disadvantage is that it will not work if there is no data or internet connection in phone. Whatsapp for PC just sync messages in phone to desktop. There is nothing more than that. It does not even open a browser tab to display the page just like in phone. The WhatsApp desktop app was misunderstood by many people who thought that they can access Whatsapp even if there is no internet connection in your phone.

It is just the reverse of that. Even if your laptop or computer does not have internet connection, you can connect the phone having data connection to your computer.

WhatsApp desktop app details

WhatsApp desktop app download for computers, laptops is possible officially from https://www.whatsapp.com/download

Accessing Whatsapp from Desktop computer or Laptop is very easy with this new technology advancement.

Play store download of Whatsapp app


For WhatsApp desktop app to work, it is essential that your phone should have a data connection or data package. Only through this your Whatsapp in phone can be connected to PC where the desktop app is installed.

Whatsapp for PC is becoming latest technology advancement because it’s useful for offices to send files. Mobile app Whatsapp is now becoming so popular that it’s common in home and offices.