Vishu Malayalam actress in Kerala traditional saree mundum neriyathum

In year 2019 people of Kerala are celebrating Vishu festival on Monday, 15th April 2019. Vishu Malayalam actress photos are trending all over among updates in Instagram and Facebook. Vishu is a great occasion for everyone to wear new traditional dresses to temples.

Main aim of most women nowadays is to take selfies or post their Vishu special photos in social media like Instagram, Facebook.

Another new trend is updating of Whatsapp status with latest photos taken wearing traditional dress. We have tried to bring up all latest Vishu Malayalam actress pictures posted in Facebook during 2019 Vishu celebration. Onam is another similar festival when most Malayali women will dress up in mundu neriyathu, Kerala set saree and blouse.

As a Kerala traditional dress the costumes like Saree, Mundum Neriyathum has become popular allover World. Not only Keralite’s use this dress but woman in other Indian states, countries also prefer to wear these traditional looking Malayali costumes.

In Kerala every woman love to dress in traditional dress and there is no differences in it being a Hindu, Christian or Muslim. Kerala is a state where all people live in harmony and celebrate festivals like Vishu, Onam, Christmas .etc.

Vishu is a festival of harvest season and is celebrated allover Kerala. This year in 2018 Vishu was celebrated on Monday, 15th April 2019 on Medam 2. Main specialties of Vishu festival are Vishu Kani, Vishu Kaineettam. It’s believed that seeing a good Vishu Kani is important for a prosperous year. This is why Golden Shower flower (Kani Konna), vegetables, fruits, gold, new dress are placed for seeing Vishu Kani.

Another important thing is Vishu Kaineettam. It means small amounts like Rs.1, Rs.101, 501, 1001 are given as gifts to elders, children. Getting and giving Vishu Kaineettam is considered as a very auspicious and lucky thing in a person’s life.

2019 Vishu Malayalam actress photos

Last year it was Rajisha Vijayan, Priya Warrier, Aleena Padikkal, Anupama Parameshwaran,  Arya Rohit, Kavitha Nair, Lissy, Aditi Ravi,  Neha Saxena, Sadhika Venugopal who rocked social media by posing in Kerala traditional wears with Malayalimanka look.

2019 photos of Kerala celebrities in Vishu traditional wear is updated.

Vishu Malayalam actress

kerala actress vishu

During Vishu day most women dress in new Kerala dresses like Set saree, Set mundum neriyathum, Pattu Pavada blouse. This is used mainly during visiting temples or for going to offices. Wishes during Vishu Malayalam actress celebration has been shared by them exclusively in social media. Kerala traditional costumes have been on highest demand during festival seasons like Onam and Vishu.