Malayalam Violinist Balabhaskar daughter photos age, wife Lakshmi

Malayalam Violinist Balabhaskar is a God gifted talent who is well known to everyone. Everyone likes his musical works, violin performances. When everyone came to know of accident that took away Violinist balabhaskar daughter Tejaswini there is no words to spare or console his family.

Nothing can fill the gap created by loss of Tejaswini who was Violinist Balabhaskar daughter and of nearly 2 years old. Why is sometimes fate so cruel to people is unknown. They got this daughter after praying for 15 years and undergoing treatments. Few days back they went on a pilgrim visit to temples like Guruvayoor, Vadakkumnathan .etc. at Thrissur for doing pooja’s in name of their daughter.

They met with an accident while returning to their home at Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday, 25 September 2018. Reason for this car accident is that driver slept while driving in early morning at around 4.00 am. Malayalam Violinist Balabhaskar daughter Thejaswini passed immediately after accident due to serious injury when the car crashed into a tree.

Balabhaskar and his wife Lakshmi were immediately taken to Medical college hospital and later admitted at Anathapuri hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Condition of Balabhaskar is still serious while Lakshmi who was in back seat got fractures. In this accident Balabhaskar’s neck got dislocated and got serious fractures in bones and organs. This was why he is kept in ventilator and his condition can only be known in coming days.

Kerala’s talented Violinist Balabhaskar did stage shows from age 12 and he did music for a Malayalam movie named “Mangalyappallakku’ at age of just 17 years.

Violinist balabhaskar daughter photos

Violinist balabhaskar daughter

Name of Balabhaskar and Lakshmi is Tejaswini Bala. She was a very cute child who was just 1 and half years. Her laughter, photos will always stay in memory of everyone. Loss of Tejawsini is still not informed to Balabhaskar and his wife Lakshmi.

The car of Balabhaskar was driven by a driver named Arjun and he survived this accident with minor injuries. Accident happened near Highway at Pallippuram and driver is suspected to have slept while driving. They were returning from Thrissur after Vadakkumnathan temple visit.

Balabhaskar’s home is at Pulari Nagar in Kundamanbhagam Thittamangalam and people are rushing to this house after knowing about this shocking news.