Accident for Kerala Violinist Balabhaskar on 26-9-2018 losses his only daughter Tejaswini

In shocking incident of Violinist Balabhaskar accident that happened on Tuesday early morning he lost his one and only daughter. This happened on 25th September 2018 when he was returning with his family after visiting temples in Thrissur.

Malayalam violinist Balabhaskar and his wife Lakshmi got a daughter after long 15 years. They had gone to a temple at Thrissur for giving prayers as a thanksgiving for getting their daughter. But their prayers had gone in vain when they met with accident soon after that. Thejaswini Bala came to life of Balabhaskar and Lakshmi after 15 years of their marriage.

Balabhaskar was youngest music composer who made compositions for Malayalam movie Mangalya Pallakku at young age of 17 years. After that he became popular by doing music for many films. He was a renowned Violinist and worked with many popular Music Directors in Indian cinema like Hariharan, Fazal Qureshi, Ustad Zakhir Hussain .etc.

Balabhaskar who was seriously injured in this accident had undergone two surgeries and is currently in ventilator. His wife Lekshmi has met with fractures. Loss of daughter is not conveyed to her and Balabhaskar.

Violinist balabhaskar accident news

Thejaswini Bala who is daughter of Kerala singer and violinist Balabhaskar met with accident while traveling in car with her parents. Violinist Balabhaskar and his wife Lakshmi Santhakumari were seriously injured in this accident. Thejaswini Bala who is just 2 years of age was seriously injured and did not survive even though Highway Police rushed her immediately to nearby hospital.

Violinist balabhaskar accident

Balabhaskar was sitting with his daughter in front near driver’s seat, while Lekshmi was in back seat. When the car crashed into tree Balabhaskar’s daughter Tejaswini’s head hit into front glass which caused serious injuries.

It’s suspected that Balabhaskar’s car driver slept while driving and this made the car loose it’s control and hit a big tree in main road. The car crashed into tree with a big sound at early morning 4 am. A person who was traveling in this road rushed to rescue operations and immediately Highway Police also came to this place.

Violinist balabhaskar family photos

Violinist balabhaskar daughter

Balabhaskar is aged 40 years and he did films like Mangalyapallakku, Ninakkayi, Kannadikkadavathu, Moksham, Pattinte Palazhi.

Violinist Balabhaskar accident had shocked everyone in Kerala. His house is at Karamana in Thiruvananthapuram and they met with accident near Pallippuram CRPF camp in Trivandrum while they were returning from Thrissur.