Malayalam Singer Vijay Yesudas’s Wife Darshana Vijay against Divorce Gossips

Malayalam singer Yesudas’s son Vijay Yesudas divorce from wife Darshana Vijay came out in September 2016. Wedding of Vijay Yesudas with Darshana Vijay happened in 2007. Are they going to divorce after 9 years of married life. People who came to know about it was anxious to know truth.

Is it just a gossip news about Vijay Yesudas – Darshana Vijay. We have given a detailed article on Vijay Yesudas family, wife, children .etc. Mollywood is witnessing divorces of lot of celebrities from Kerala. Recently we hear about Amala Paul, Divya Unni, Amrutha Suresh (wife of actor Bala) .etc. getting split up. Why are celebrity breakup’s in South India increasing like Bollywood. Years before when Hindi actress used to get separated, people of Kerala were happy that no such things happened in Mollywood.

Now it’s getting common and at least one breakup news of a Kerala celebrity comes out in a month. During this situation a break up news of popular singer like Vijay Yesudas surprised everyone. Malayalam singer K. J. Yesudas is a popular personality in Kerala and a news like this regarding his son Vijay, daughter in law Darshana really surprised all. Vijay Yesudas’s wife Darshana Vijay is a fashion designer. Darshana Vijay has come forward to give explanation regarding split up news. Singer Vijay Yesudas has done Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu songs. As an actor Vijay Yesudas debuted in tamil movie Maari released in 2015 as villain. Dharshana – Vijay Yesudas had a love marriage which started when they both met at Dubai during a program in 2002.

Later on 21 January 2007 they both got married. They have 2 children Ammeya and Avyan. People who saw Social media news that Malayalam singer Vijay Yesudas, wife Darshana Vijay are getting separated shared it. No one tried to know truth regarding this situation or whether it’s a fake one.

Social media was busy discussing Split up of Vijay Yesudas without trying to know reality, his wife Darshana came up with clarification. She was so upset that such a fake news is getting viral without any justification.

Singer Vijay Yesudas Divorce News

Both Dharshana Yesudas and her husband Vijay Yesudas are living happy married life for past 9 years. There had been no personal problems or family problems between them.

Darshana responded towards media that she is not going for any breakup with her husband Vijay. With this response made by Darshana we know that Vijay Yesudas divorce news is just a fake gossip. It’s just similar to unreal gossips regarding Samvrutha Sunil, Kaniha divorces.

Close sources of Vijay Yesudas, Darshana confirmed that there are few problems between them. But they did not know any worse situation that could lead to their breakup. Vijay’s wife Darshana had come up forward to reply that they will not ever get divorced. So we can just brush off this divorce news as a gossip.

Few days back there was a similiar gossip regarding Tamil actor Bobby Simha – Malayalam actress Reshmi Menon breakup, which was found to be fake.

Vijay Yesudas Profile

Vijay Yesudas was lucky to be born as son of great Kerala singer K.J Yesudas. He did his higher studies in America in  Florida International University. He also won many Awards. Best singer award for malayalam song Kolakkuzhal Vili Ketto from Nivedyam movie, Mazhakondu Mathram in Spirit movie, Akaleyo Nee song from Grandmaster.

Vijay Yesudas also won many other awards as Best Playback singer for his contributions to Malayalam cinemas. First malayalam movie song of Vijay Yesudas is for Millenium Stars in 1999. His first Tamil movie song is for Friends released in 2001.

Vijay Yesudas Divorce

Vijay Yesudas Family Photos

Vijay Yesudas Family Details, Names

Father – KJ Yesudas

Mother – Prabha Yesudas

Brothers – Vinod Yesudas, Vishal Yesudas

Wife – Darshana Vijay Yesudas

Daughter – Ammeya Yesudas, Avyan Yesudas