Kerala Actor Vijay Babu Arrested News on Malayalam Actress Sandra Thomas Attack Case

On 3-1-2017 malayalam actress Sandra Thomas was attacked by Vijay Babu in his office at Kochi. Vijay Babu arrested news will soon come out as police is searching for him based on complaint by his partner Sandra Thomas. Sandra went to Vijay Babu’s office in Kochi with her husband. They went there to talk about business matters relating to ownership of Friday Films House. Sandra Thomas wanted to get her profit share and ownership of the company. Vijay Babu was not ready for this deal and he argued with her.

Sandra Thomas was attacked before her second husband Wilson John Thomas. Sandra Thomas was kicked on to floor from chair in which she was sitting. Later Vijay Babu kicked on her stomach and she cried out in pain. Later Sandra and her husband were pushed out of the office. Sandra Thomas got admitted to Amrita Hopital in Ernakulam. Hospital authorities informed about this incident to Police, who came to investigate in this matter. A case was filed by Sandra Thomas at Elamakkara Police station and Police will soon get Vijay Babu arrested for further investigation.

Meanwhile Vijay Babu has gone into hideout fearing getting arrested. Vijay Babu has updated his Facebook profile page regarding this issue. Vijay Babu is accusing that Sandra Thomas and her husband Wilson is framing a fake case on him to take over his ownership from Friday Films House. So what is actually reality in this case. Who is telling truth and who is lying. It seems that it’s all like a cinema story and suspense thriller. Sandra Thomas Vijay Babu fight news is viral allover social media. Everyone is making fun of them because all this time they were saying that they were great friends and just living together friends. When she got married to another person, problems between them started. And everyone has to ask whether this is actual friendship.

Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas were running Friday Films House for past few years. They were making huge profits by running this film business by producing movies. Sabdra Thomas is owner and MD of Friday Films ouse while Vijhay Babu is Chairman. For many years there was no problems between them and they were in living together relationship.

Vijay Babu was married and his wife name is Smitha and they have a son. Sandra Thomas had divorced her first husband and living alone hen she met Vijay Babu. After that they started continuing living together as friends and business partners. Even when there was lot of problems in their families and their names were in gossip columns they took it all simple.

Real problems started when Sandra Thomas second marriage was done on July 2016. After marriage of Sandra Thomas with Wilson she got separated from Vijay Babu. Till then Vijay babu and Sandra Thomas were living together like friends as they said to everyone. Later they started thinking whether this partnership business in Friday Films House will work out or not. Both of them wanted company for their own and this created all problems between them.

Now Malayalam actress Sandra Thomas is admitted at Amrita Hospital in Kochi and Police searching for Vijay Babu. Soon we can hear about Vijay Babu arrested news and only after that we can know more details about this case.

Vijay Babu Family with Wife, Son

Sandra Thomas Husband

This is second marriage for actress Sandra Thomas. She married Wilson Thomas in July 2016.

Malayalam Movies of Vijay Babu – Sandra Thomas

Lot of Malayalam movies was prepared by Vijay Babu – Sandra Thomas team under banner of Friday Film House. Presently in 2017 shooting of movie Angamaly Diaries was going on. And Malayalam movie Aadu 2 was getting ready for release when problems between them started. Second part of Adi Kapyare Kootamani is also an upcoming movie of this team.

Movies produced by Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu are as follows,

  • Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu 2 and Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu 1
  • Angamaly Diaries
  • Adi Kapyare Kootamani 2 and Adi Kapyare Kootamani 1
  • Mudhugauv
  • Adi Kapyare Kootamani
  • Peruchazhi
  • Philips and the Monkey Pen
  • Zachariayude Garbhinikal