Vengara election candidates names photos 2017 votes won by Kerala political parties

Malappuram Vengara by election will be held on 11th October 2017. This is one of the most awaited by elections in Kerala state. Let us get to know about details, photos of Vengara election candidates for 2017 by polls.

Why was an election scheduled at Vengara constituency in Malappuram district of Kerala. PK Kunhalikutty who was MKA of Vengara constituency resigned to participate in Lok Sabha bye-elections held recently. In this election PK Kunhalikutty became elected as member of parliament representing Malappuram district in Indian Parliament.

Everyone is excited to know names of Vengara election candidates who are representing various popular political parties like Congress, LDF, Bhartiya Janta Party in this by-polls. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) party is a supporter of Congress UDF which is main opposition party in Kerala. In previous elections held at Malappuram it was Indian Union Muslim League party which won in elections with a great majority of votes.

UDFF’s IUML candidate PK Kunhalikutty won 63138 votes in 2011 Niyamasabha (Legislative assembly) elections with a majority of 38237 votes.

In 2016 PK Kunhalikutty won 72181 votes with a majority of 38057 votes. And in 2017 Malappuram By elections for Loksabha (Parliament by election) PK Kunhalikutty won 73804 votes with a majority of 40529 votes.

2017 Vengara election candidates names

  • KNA Khader represents UDF Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) candidate (Congress)
  • PB Basheer represnts LDF candidate Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M)
  • K Janachandran represents Bharatiya Janata Party BJP candidate
  • Adv K C Naseer is candidate of Social Democratic Party of India SDPI
  • Sreenivas is Independent candidate
  • Adv Hamza Karumannil is Independent candidate

Vengara election candidates

Vengara election candidates won, lost in 2017 By-elections

  • KNA Khader of IUML (UDF) won  65227 votes by margin of 23310 votes.
  • PB Basheer of LDF CPI(M) won 41917 votes
  • K Janachandran of BJP won 5728 votes
  • Adv K C Naseer of SDPI won 8648 votes
  • Sreenivas is Independent candidate won 159 votes
  • Adv Hamza Karumannil is Independent candidate won 442 vote
  • NOTA 502 vote