Vengara by elections 2017 results candidates names votes trends live news

Vengara By elections 2017 results was announced on 15 October 2017 and IUML candidate KNA Khader will be winner who was leading from beginning of vote counting. By-polls for Vengara constituency will be held on 11th October 2017 in Malappuram district. Do you know what is the need of a Byelection election at Vengara Legislativa assembly constituency in Kerala. Candidates of LDF, IUML, BJP has been decided. IUML state President Panakkad Hyderali Shihab Thangal announced name of K N A Khader as Muslim league candidate. 70.5% polling done at Vengara on 11-10-17.

This By Election at Vengara is for selecting a new member of parliament from Vengara in Malappuram. This new MLA seat at Vengara became vacant when IUML leader P K Kunhalikutty resigned his MLA seat. P K Kunhalikutty left off this MLA position to participate in Lok Sabha elections for contesting in seat which became vacant after E Ahamed passed.

P K Kunhalikutty won in 2017 Loksabha by polls and became Member of Parliament (MP) from Malappuram. This made it necessary to conduct a By election at Vengara for selecting a new MLA.

On 11th October 2017 Kerala By-elections will be held at Vengara constituency. Vengara by elections 2017 results will be announced on 15th October 2017.

Vengara by election 2017 results

Counting began by 8.15 am at Vengara and live results are updated as follows.

  • UDF candidate KNA Khader made 65227 votes with majority lead of 23310 votes
  • LDF candidate PP Basheer made 41917 votes
  • SDPI candidate KC Naseer made 8648 votes
  • BJP candidate K Janachandran made 5728 votes
  • Independent candidate Sreenivas made 159 votes
  • Independen candidate Hamza Karumannil made 442 votes
  • NOTA 502 Votes

Live Asianet news on Votes won by each candidate

Polling at Vengara constituency was held on 11th October 2017. Total number of votes cast on 11-10-2017 is around 71.99%.

  • Vengara 71.40%
  • Parappoor 70.02%
  • Oorakam 72.41%
  • AR Nagar 71.5%
  • Kannamangalam 70.02%
  • Othukkungal 70.02%

Results of Kerala by-elections conducted on 11th October 2017 will be given out on 15th October 2017.

Even in absence of IUML party leader E Ahmad there are thousands of supporters for PK Kunhalikutty who is at present MP from Malappuram. In legislative assembly elections held at Vengara Assembly constituency, the victory was for PK Kunhalikutty who had a lead of 38,057 votes. As on September 2017, Kerala is under role of LDF party and so we have to wait and see whether CPI(M) party will be able to get a victory in this constituency.

Names of Candidates of Vengara by election 2017

LDF candidate

P.P Basheer

P.P Basheer is Ldf candidate of CPM at Vengara. In last elections PP Basheer had contested against PK Kunhalikutty and had a tough competition in that niyamasabha election. PP Basheer is CPM Tirurangadi area committee member and All India Lawers Union state committee member. When he contested against PK Kunhalikutty in Niyamasabha poll she was defeated by 38057 votes.

IUML candidate

K.N.A Khader who is Malappuram District general Secretary will be IUML candidate contesting from Vengara.

IUML candidate KNA Khader photo

K.P.A Majeed was expected to become Vengara candidate. But he informed that he is not ready to contest as Muslim League candidate at Vengara.

BJP candidate

NDA BJP candidate for Vengara bi election is K Janachandran master. He is former BJP Malappuram state president.

SDPI candidate

KC Nasser is Social Democratic Party of India candidate at Vengara.

In Kerala politics everyone was excitedly waiting to know names of candidates of Indian Union Muslim League and CPI(M) party. Indian Union Muslim League party has a strong hold in Vengara constantly in Malappuram. In this constituency PK Kunhalikutty had earlier won and E Ahamed had a strong hold in entire Malappuram district.


Important dates of Vengara by elections 2017

As Kerala by-elections have been announced for Vengara Assembly Constituency these are main dates to be kept in mind.

Candidates can submit Nomination papers till last date 22 September 2017 (22-9-2017)

Scrutiny of applications on 25 September 2017 (25-9-2017)

Vengara By elections 2017 will be held on 11th October 2017 (11-10-2017)

Results of Vengara By elections 2017 will be announced after counting of votes on 15 October 2017 (15-10-2017)