Polling percentage, votes in 2017 assembly bye-elections at Vengara in Malappuram

Polling percentage has reached up to 71.99% in Vngara constituency of Malappuram. Vengara constituency is known as a strong castle of Muslim League party in Kerala. This is why UDF under Congress party is very confident that IUML candidate KNA Khader will be winning elections from bypolls conducted on 11 October 2017. Vengara by election 2017 polling was conducted on Wednesday, 11-10-2017.

CPM candidate PP Basheer of LDF party is trying to get more votes and increase support from Vengara in Malappuram district. BJP under NDA has brought candidate K Janachandran as their candidate and trying to increase votes from Vengara. Vengara by election 2017 polling percentage will be known soon after voting on 11th October 2017 ends by evening new 5 p.m. Results of Vengra by polls will be published on 15th October 2017.

In last assembly elections in 2016 at Vengara UDF-IUML won 38057 votes lead. LDF won 34124 votes, BJP got 7055 votes and SDPI got 3049 votes. What will be outcome of Vengara assembly bye elections in 2017. Will UDF increase their lead and win once more at Vengara. Will LDF be able to increaselead and make a surprise victory at Vengara in Malappuram.

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines are included along with Electronic voting machines at Vengara by polls.

All political parties are eagerly waiting to know whether Vengara by election 2017 polling percentage will increase than last assembly elections.

Vengara by election 2017 news

Kerala by election at Vengara constituency in Malappuram was on 11/10/2017 and results of new Vengara MLA will be known on 15/10/2017.

Will polling percentage at Vengara increase this year is eagerly awaited by parties. If voting increases there will be expectations for LDF to get more votes than last time.

  • KNA Khader 65227 votes and won by lead of 23310 votes
  • PP Basheer 41917 votes
  • KC Naseer 8648 votes
  • K Janachandran 5728 votes

Polling percentage at Malappuram By elections

  • Total 71.99 % polling percentage on 11th October 2017 at Vengara

Among total voters of 1,70,009 polling was done by 1,22,379 voters. Among them there are 56516 male voters and 65863 female voters. This shows that more women voters at Vengara has come forward to put votes. This polling percentage at Vengara is the highest one ever made in this constituency with a record polling of 71.99%.

Area wise polling percentage is as follows,

  • Vengara 71.40%
  • Parappoor 70.02%
  • Oorakam 72.41%
  • AR Nagar 71.5%
  • Kannamangalam 70.02%
  • Othukkungal 70.02%

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Polling at Vengara was held at 165 poling booths on 11/10/17.

Vengara Polling percentages over past years elections are as follows.

  • 2011 Niyamasabha 68.87 % polling
  • 2014 Loksabha 65.25 % polling
  • 2016 Niyamasabha 70.77 % polling
  • 2011 Loksabha by elections 67.70 % polling

Vengara by election 2017

Vengara candidates

Vengara by election 2017 polling was held at 6 panchayaths in Vengara. There is total voters strength of 1,70,190 in which 87,748 are male and 82,258 are females. There are 178 NRI Pravasi voters in Vengara.