Vasan eye care wind up news is Vasan health care problems solved

Vasan eye care hospital newtwork was one of the fastest growing hospital networks in India few years back. Dr. AM Arun is Chairman of Vasan Health Care. Due to many legal cases Vasan health care problems started and led to Vasan eye care wind up news few months back.

Is problems of Vasan Eye Care group solved or not is asked by patients who were satisfied with services from this hospital chain. At time of financial crisis many branches of Vasan Eye Care had to be closed. But recently this Eye care hospital is coming back into action.

Treatments at Vasan Eye Care are very cost effective than other eye hospitals in India. Another important thing thing of this group was care they gave to patients who visited hospital for treatments. Mouth publicty helped in growth of Vasan Health care group.

Few years back due to financial crisis there was chance for Vasan eye care wind up situation. Now they are recovering from the big fall and trying to come back to first place in Ophthalmic services.

Vasan eye care wind up

Vasan eye care wind up news

As per latest news there is no situation for Vasan eye care wind up. Political problems and rivalry is said to be main reason for what happened to Vasan eye care. There were allegations that P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram had helped this hospital in many ways. Selling of shares and exchanging at lower prices was found out by Income tax which resulted in start of problems.

Based on this Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax were after them. But former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that it was political rivalry which is framing him in this case. There were even allegations that Chidambaram is owner of Vasan eye care hospitals.

Most problems related to Vasan eye care hospital functioning is solved and they are slowly picking up from past financial crisis that happened.