Vasan eye care takeover by Edelweiss reconstruction company latest news

Vasan Eye Care will not be closing down as per latest reports coming on 19 June 2017. Vasan eye care takeover is going to happen as relief for everyone. So  this is answer to question regarding whether Vasan Eye Care winding up will actually happen or not.

Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction company has come forward to do Vasan eye care takeover. A huge percentage of loans given by Indus Ind bank to Vasan health care will be settled by Edelweiss reconstruction company. This company is well known for taking up loans of 14 other companies which were in distress position.

Vasan Eye Care hospitals were known for their great caring treatments which made them stand out among other eye hospitals in India.

Vasan Eye Care had a good team of doctors, ophthalmologists, Customer care and Support staff which cared for the patients and the great treatment provided by them made it special.

Vasan eye care takeover news

Vasan Eye Care hospitals will not be closed down, because situations are under control. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction company is doing Vasan eye care takeover is done by taking over all loans given to Vasan Healthcare by Indus Ind bank.
Edelweiss Asset reconstruction company will handover pending amounts to Indus, which will settle most of the lenders of Vasan health care. After this running of company will be done by Edelweiss.
Recently there was a case between Alcon and Vasan eye care regarding pending amounts. As Vasan eye care starts functioning normal, almost all problems will get solved. Vasan eye care is in path to become World’s largest eye care provider.
Vasan eye care is well known for providing great care to it’s patients. Zyoptix laser treatment which helps in avoiding spectacles is greatest speciality of this hospital network in India and abroad.

Everyone expects that Vasan Eye Care Group functions well and comes back powerfully, because Thousands of staff are working in these hospitals, who are depending on it.