Vannyam Movie Video Trailer, Aparna Nair as Nun, Vanyam Release News

Actress Aparna Nair starring Vannyam Malayalam Movie is in controversy after release of it’s trailer. It was already known that story of Vannyam movie is about a Nun, whose character is done by Aparna Nair.

A petition has been filed in Court at Kerala after trailer of this film was released. It was due to reason that it tells about a nun getting abused, harmed .etc. by few youth. This made Thrissur native Aantony Poulose file a petition that trailer, posters of Vanyam malayalam movie harms religious beliefs. There is also a image of Jesus Christ hanging in Cross in title poster of Vanyam movie. Latin Catholic’s organizations have come forward against release of this cinema in Kerala.

Sumith Samudra is hero of Vannyam movie. Director of Vanyam is Sohan Seenulal. Aparna Nair is a bold actress who has earlier done many types of characters refused by other actresses. Release date of Vannyam malayalam movie is fixed on Saturday, 3 September 2016. There is protest going on against release of this film. Till now there is no change in releasing of movie Vanyam. Will there be any change in releasing of Vannyam movie of Aparna Nair ?. Trailer, songs of Vanyam ahs been released. Story of this film is about how a nun fights fearlessly against people who caused harm to her. Story like this important in society which looks at women with a bad mind.

Aparna Nair is Heroine of this film Vannyam where she is acting as Catholic sister (Nun).

Hero of this movie is Sumith Samudra.

Vannyam Malayalam movie

Trailer of Vannyam Malayalam Movie

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Other main cast includes,

  • Vishnu Unnikrishnan
  • Anoop Ramesh
  • Niharika Mohan- Role of Malala

Hopefully movie “Vannyam” is not against Christianity, it is about how society has to think better against woman.