Vanchiyoor Vishnu Case Judgement News Arrest of Kerala RSS Workers

Trivandrum Additional Sessions court has given double life sentence for 11 RSS activisits who were incolved in Vishnu case (Vishnu vadham) in 2008. On Monday, 19-12-2016 Court has given verdict that all main arrested persons will be given double life sentence while 16th accused Arun Kumar was left free for lack of evidence.

Verdict on this case will be given on Monday, 19th December 2016, because prosecution asked to give highest punishment in Indian Penal Code. Among RSS – CPM clashes that happened in Kerala, most controversial was Vanchiyoor Vishnu case that happened in 2008. On 1st April 2008 (1-4-08) Vishnu V who was a CPI party activist in Vanchiyoor was attacked and assaulted by RSS activists.

This was one of the shocking clashes between Communist Party of India (Marxist) activists and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) in Trivandrum. Verdict by Court ordering punishment for arrested persons in V.Vishnu assault case in front of Regional Passport Office at Kaithamukku on 1 April 2008 is given.

Vishnu aged 34 years was attacked in day light near Vanchiyoor Passport Office on 1-4-2008. There were many witnesses for this case. Judgement of this case comes after 8 years 8 months on 17-12-2016. So what was actually reason for attack on Vishnu.

Problems between them started when CPI(M) activist Vishnu attacked a RSS activist in Thirumala. First accused is Kaithamukku Santhosh, second accused is Kakotta Manoj of Keraladithyapuram Mannanthala. There are total 13 RSS activists who will eb given punishment in this political rivalry case.

Thiruvananthapuram Additional Sessions Court gave judgement that 13 RSS activists are guilty in Vishnu murder case. There were 16 peope included in accused list. Among them Renjith Mannanthala was attacked by a gang in 2008 itself. One person named Assam Ani is absconding. One person has been released by Court. Kerala is under LDF CPI(M) rule and Central Government is in hands of BJP RSS. So verdict on this case against RSS activists in Kerala on attack on LDF activist is seen by media and people of Kerala with great importance.

Political revenges have took away lives of many people. Such incidents were common in Kannur district. This shocking case at Thiruvananthapuram Capital city of Kerala has got lot of attention from media.

Now after 8 years of Vishnu murder case, verdict is given on Saturday, 17 December 2016 by Court.

Tracking of people involved in this case was done by Police after searching suspects houses all over Trivandrum. More than 50,000 phone calls were analyzed and evidence collected by Police. It was confirmed that culprits were in mobile tower location near Kaithamukku Passport office between 9.30 a.m. to 10.45 a.m. on 1st April 2016.

After collecting evidences and interrogating around 500 witnesses, case sheet was submitted. Later after years of trials in this case, judgement comes on 17-12-2016.

Vanchiyoor Vishnu case arrested

19-12-2016 – Eleven RSS activists have been given double life sentence by Thiruvananthapuram Additional sessions court.

17-12-2016 – Court has postponed judgement on Vishnu case to Monday,19th December 2016. It was because prosecution demanded to give death sentence to RSS activisits who were arrested, as a warning to increasing political rivalry in Kerala.

Vanchiyoor Vishnu Case Verdict News

All Thirteen persons arrested in Vishnu case were found to be guilty of crime by Court.

Photos, video of arrested RSS supporters in Vanchiyoor Vishnu case at Passport Office Kaithamukku in Trivandrum has been released by news channels.

  1. T Santosh of Kaithamukku who is also former chairman of M.G College in Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. Kakotta Manoj of Keraladithyapuram in Mannanthala.
  3. Harilal
  4. Bijukumar
  5. Arunkumar (Shaiju)
  6. Ranjithkumar of Manacaud
  7. Balumahendran of Uliyazhthura
  8. Bibin of Oolankuzhi in Anayara
  9. Satheesh of Edavoor in Anayara
  10. Bose of Pettah
  11. Vinod Kumar of Chencheri
  12. Subhash of Vattiyoorkavu
  13. Sivalal of Karikkakam

R. Renjith of Mannanthala in this case was attacked in 2008. Actually this gang planned to attack Kakotta Manoj of Mannanthala who was culprit in Vishnu case. Because they did not get Manoj, they planned attack on Renjith as a revenge.