Transgender Surya vinod marriage with Ishan wedding photos date news

Surya Vinod is a popular to everyone in Kerala after her performance as a supporting artiste  in Asianet Comedy stars program. Transgender Surya Vinod marriage with Ishan is now talk of everyone as this is one of the rarest  transgender marriages in Kerala. Surya Vinod is a transgender from Kerala who had converted from female to male by conducting reassignment surgery. And officially she is a transgender and had cast vote officially in Kerala Elections last time using Election ID card.

Transgenders also known as Cross dressers have been discriminated in Kerala and had to undergo various discrimination in society. This was why Surya Vinod decided to get married legally as per Special Marriage Act to be an example to all transgenders who are living in Kerala. Surya is also a member of Transgender Justice Board.

Transgender Surya Vinod marriage is with Eshan who has converted from female to male. Both families of Surya and Eshan had given permission for this wedding. Eshan is from a Muslim family and Surya is from a Hindu family. This is why they have decided to get married under Special Marriage Act. Both of them had made clear that this should not be considered as a Love Jihad.

Transgender Surya Vinod marriage date will be in May 2018. All Television channels will covering wedding ceremony and reception of Surya Vinod with Eshan as it’s a first one of it’s kind happening legally in Kerala. There will not be any religious ritual for this wedding and a marriage reception will be held for close friends, relatives.

Transgender Surya Vinod marriage date

Wedding date of Surya Vinod and Eshan will be in May 2018.

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Transgender Surya vinod marriage photos

Transgender Surya vinod marriage

Interview – Transgender Surya and Ishan talks about their wedding

Surya Vinod family photo

Surya Vinod says that her mother and sisters had always been supporting ones. Family photos of Surya Vinod with her mother and sister.

Surya Vinod photos

Surya Vinod became popular through Vodafone Comedy Stars show in Asianet channel. She has acted in Malayalam movies like Ardhanari, Parisile Payyans.

Everyone is excited to know about marriage news of Surya Vinod and Ishan. This wedding will be a great guidance to many people who are living in hideouts without knowing whether their real identity is male or female.