Thuppal Ravi Name for Major Ravi Sindhu Sooryakumar Issue

Who is Thuppal Ravi, this was the most inquired thing in social media sites. When everyone came to know that it was Major Ravi who was called as Thuppal Ravi, they want to know the reason. Thuppal Ravi Name was given by some trolls in social media after a fight broke up between Major Ravi and the Asianet News editor,television anchor, newsreader Sindhu Sooryakumar.

The wikipedia troll regarding Major Ravi has become viral in the social media. The name of newsreader Sindhu Sooryakumar became popular after the discussion she had about Mahishashura Jayanthi. After that incident she had got lot of threatening calls. Later this issue was solved and now another issue began when she Sindhu Surya Kumar mentioned about Devi Durga, which made many people protest against her.

Along with this Major Ravi said that if he get a chance , he will spit (Thuppal) on the face of the anchor Sindhu Sooryakumar.  This made people turn up against Major Ravi and said that it was very bad of Major Ravi to mention such a bad comment on a woman. The comment about Spitting on a woman by Major Ravi was considered to be harsh and this made many people create troll comments and dialogues against Major Ravi. In Sindhu Sooryakumar Issue regarding Goddess Durga comment, Major Ravi said that he was not ready to withdraw his comment and he is not feeling bad about his reply.

The Thuppal Ravi Name was edited to the Wikipedia profile page of Major Ravi and his job profile was changed to Cook Ravi. This was later removed and corrected after the error was found out by authorities.

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In the Sindhu Sooryakumar issue with Major Ravi many discussions are going on and along with it many funny dialogues are spreading in protest to Major Ravi.