Tamilnadu Therthal Mudivugal 2016 Thiruparanmkundram, Thanjavur, Aravakurichi Constituencies – TN By polls, General Elections

General elections was held in November 2016 at Thanjavur, Aravakurichi assembly constituencies and By Elections at Thiruparankundram. On Tuesday, 22 November 2016 at 8 am counting of votes will start at all three constituencies in Tamilnadu, which faced polling after demonetization. Will demonetization of currency have any effect on Tamilnadu therthal mudivugal 2016 is most discussed by all. By afternoon election results of Thiruparankundram, Thanjavur, Aravakurichi will be known.

Tamilnadu chief electoral officer Rajesh Lakhoni is giving his whole attention to counting stations in this sensitive polls in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu therthal mudivugal 2016 will show which party has won, is it AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) or DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). There are 21 rounds of counting at Thiruparanmkundram constituency. In Thanjavur constituency there is 201 rounds and in Aravakurichi constituency there is 18 rounds to be completed. By elections is held at Thiruparankundram constituency, because AIADMK MLA S.M Seenuvel passed. In Thanjavur, Aravakurichi constituencies General elections is being held and tough fight between AIADMK and DMK parties.

Candidates at Thiruparankundram Edai Therthal or By Elections 2016 are DMDK candidate Thanapandian, BJP candidate Srinivasan, ADMK candidate A.K Bose, DMK candidate Saravanan, NTK candidate Mahathevan. Candidates at Thanjavur Therthal (elections) 2016 are AIADMK candidate Rengasamy, DMDK candidate Abdullah Sait, BJP candidate M.S Ramalingam, PMK candidate Kunjithapatham, NTK (Naam Tamilar Katchi) candidate Nalladurai.

Candidates at Aravakurichi Therthal (elections) 2016 are AIADMK candidate Senthilbalaji , DMDK candidate K.C Pallani Shamy, DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam) candidate Muthu, BJP candidate Prabhu, PMK candidate Baskaran, NTK candidate Aravinth.

Tamil Nadu Sattaperavai Therthal (Assembly Election) at Thanjavur, Aravakurichi assembly constituencies and Edai Therthal (By elections) at Thiruparankundram constituency is eagerly watched by whole India.

These elections results in Tamil Nadu in November 2016 will show current political trend in this state and what will happen in upcoming elections.

From morning 8.00 am on 22-11-2016, counting of votes started at Thanjavur, Aravakurichi, Thiruparankundram.

Thanjavur Elections 2016 

Rengasamy won from Thanjavur constituency. Number of votes won by Rengasamy of AIADMK is 101769 votes with lead of 27546 votes.

  • Rengasamy -AIADMK
  • Anjugam Boopathy – DMK
  • Nalladurai – NTK
  • Abdullah Sait – DMDK
  • M.S Ramalingam – BJP
  • Kunjithapatham – PMK

Aravakurichi Elections 2016 

Senthilbalaji won from Aravakurichi constituency. Number of votes won by Rengasamy of AIADMK is 85074 votes with lead of 21757 votes.

  • Senthilbalaji -AIADMK
  • K.C Pallani Shamy – DMK
  • Muthu – DMDK
  • Prabhu -BJP
  • Baskaran – PMK
  • Aravinth – NTK

Thiruparankundram By Elections 2016 

A.K Bose won from Thiruparankundram constituency. Number of votes won by A.K Bose of AIADMK is 113032 votes with lead of 42670 votes.

Total votes won and  candidate won by lead of number of votes will be updated.

  • A.K Bose – AIADMK
  • Saravanan – DMK
  • Srinivasan – BJP
  • Mahathevan – NTK
  • Thanapandian – DMDK

Trends Kerala elections is official website to know all details of votes counted which will be live on election results announcement day in Kerala.

Tamilnadu Therthal Mudivugal 2016

In Nellithope Congress candidate Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy won with 11,151 votes lead. At Nellithope Congress got 18,709 votes, while AIADMK got only 7,526 votes.

Tamilnadu Therthal Mudivugal

Aravakurichi constituency mudivugal (results)

AIADMK candidate won with 24194 votes
AIADMK candidate – 32644 votes, DMK candidate – 23979 votes, BJP candidate – 432, DMDK candidate – 95 votes, Other  candidate – 798 votes

Thiruparankundram constituency mudivugal (results)

AIADMK won with 42670 votes
AIADMK candidate – 113032 votes, DMK candidate – 70362 votes, BJP candidate – 5175, DMDK candidate – 3078 votes, Other  candidate – 1592 votes

Thanjavur constituency mudivugal (results)

AIADMK won with with 27546 votes
AIADMK candidate – 101769 votes, DMK candidate – 74223 votes, BJP candidate – 3808, DMDK candidate – 1534, Other  candidate – 5254 votes