Tamilnadu 7th Pay fixation software download TN pay fixation form revised scales

Tamil Nadu state government has implemented 7th Central Pay Commission report based on a report submitted by committee that was appointed for months ago. All State Government employees and it is under Tamil Nadu government was eagerly waiting for new pay scale revision based on 7th CPC report. Tamilnadu Pay fixation software download has been prepared by many government servants. They had prepared it for sharing with other TN government staff who are trying to know the revised pay scales.

Pay fixation calculation through excel form sheets and online software’s to find out pay scale based on a fitment factor is possible very easily through it. Revised pay fixation will benefit the lakhs of government staff, teachers, pensioners in Tamilnadu. When 7th CPC recommendations approved by central government came out Tamil Nadu government appointed A special committee to study this recommendations and submit a report.

Based on this committee submitted its report in 27 September 2017 and final approval for this report was given by Tamil Nadu Cabinet meeting in October 2017. Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations by Tamilnadu government is welcomed by everyone as it has led to hike in salary scales for our Government employees and those staff who got promotion.

Tamil Nadu state government has introduced a new Pay Matrix for revised pay scale which will replace earlier pay scale tables. All TN govt staff are wondering whether this pay scale revision will come into effect from earlier months and will arrears be paid along with salary in future.

Based on 7th Central Pay Commission report (7th CPC), Tamilnadu government decided to implement pay scale revision for Tamil Nadu government employees. With announcing of implementation of this report people are looking for Tamilnadu 7th Pay fixation software download for calculation of revised pay scales. Many online calculators, excel sheets are prepared by Government staff itself for help others in finding out new pay scales. Pay fixation revision forms for doing calculations is made use by most Tamil Nadu state government employees and teachers for doing pay scale revision calculations.

Lakhs of TN Govt staff and pensioners will get benefits from implementation of Seventh Central Pay commission report by Tamilnadu State government in October 2017. Few months back Tamil Nadu Government had appointed a Committee to examine recommendations on revision of pay scales, allowances to all Government employees, teachers as recommended by 7th CPC report.

Based on detailed study this committee submitted a report to TN Chief Minister. Report was submitted on 27th September 2017 (27-09-2017) and based on this Cabinet Ministers meeting at Tamilnadu gave approval. Most Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations given for pension, family pension, retirement benefits were approved by TN government.

Detailed Pay Matrix of pay scale revisions of salaries of Tamil Nadu government staff has been announced. By approval of 7th Pay Commission there is benefits for more than 10 lakh government employees, teachers from Tamil Nadu state. Seventh Pay Commission recommendations have come into effect with arrears of earlier months being given to all staff in coming months based on decisions.


Tamilnadu Pay fixation software

Latest 2017 Tamil Nadu pay fixation software download based on latest pay scale revision has been shared by lot of people. This new pay revision based on 7th CPC report approval by Tamil Nadu state government is a way to make pay fixation calculations easier.

What is new Fitment factor for using in TN revised pay scale calculation. This figure is 2.57 and used in Fitment formula.

Tamilnadu 7th Pay fixation software

Credits for all these online TN pay fixation calculators are for those people show spend time and efforts to prepare such excellent tools.

Statement of Fixation of Pay 2017 under revised pay scales in Tamilnadu Government can be found out from below online softwares.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0V59sNh0bI1MmtxLUp1NUVPc2M/view
  • https://sites.google.com/site/trbtnpsc5/pay-commissi/7th%20Pay%20Calculation%20IRUSHY%2031-10-207%20-%20Afternoon.xlsx?

Fitment formulas for revised pay scale calculations has been given for making it easy to find out new salaries. Based on implementation of 7th CPC the fitment factor is 2.57. So what is Fitment formula for calculation of new salary based on TN pay scale revision.

Official order regarding Fixation of Pay on Promotion was given by Tamilnadu State Government under order No.311 dated 23.10.2017. Based on this pay fixation of salary scales for employees who got promotion will be calculated. From this year pay scales all Government employees, teachers under Tamil Nadu Government service will be based on Pay Matrix under Tamil Nadu Revised Pay Rules 2017

Tamilnadu revised salary can be found out by multiplying figment factor 2.57 with sum of existing pay in band and existing grade pay.

Tamilnadu 7th CPC 2017 Fitment formula = Fitment factor X (Existing Pay in the Pay Band + Existing Grade Pay GP)

When you multiply Fitment factor with sum you get by adding existing pay and grade pay you will get new revised pay scale as per 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

In this case fitment factor is 2.57 , so our formula will be as follows.

Revised salary scale = 2.57 X (Existing Pay + Existing Grade Pay)