Bihar education department pay fixation software niyojit teacher

Pay fixation of salary of Bihar State Government employees as per revised scales is possible as on September 2017. Present salary revision is it for contractual government teachers or niyojit teachers and government staff. Bihar state government’s State Pay Commission had appointed a special committee for considering recommendations made by 7th Central Pay Commission report for India based on this is a report was submitted by this committee to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by end of august 2017. Bihar education department pay fixation software has been released which is now in great demand among around 3 lakh 60 thousand niyojit teachers in Bihar.

Trained niyojit teachers at Bihar will get salary scale as per new pay revision. This new pay fixation software from Bihar education department will be useful for around 360000 niyojit teachers in government scale. New pay revision for niyojit teachers resulted in an additional burden of around Rs.1500 crores for Bihar government. Excluding pay revision for niyojit teachers, the financial burden for Bihar state for implementing new pay scales of Government employees was around Rs.5000 crores.

Bihar education department has released a pay fixation software especially for niyojit teachers of Bihar who are working in contractual basis at Government schools. Bihar government teachers had been waiting for new pay revision as per 7th CPC for past animals going there was a lot of expectation that untrained government teachers and those who are on probationary period will get revised salary scales based on Grade Pay.

But as per pay revision recommendations submitted to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, only trained niyojit teachers working in contractual basis at government schools and those in panchayats will get all benefits of this pay revision.

Niyojit teachers pay fixation software from Bihar education department has made it easy for calculating new salary scales as per 7th Central Pay Commission. Usually when pay revision of salary scales is done as per CPC report, new softwares or calculators or mobile apps are released by private organizations.

Present move by Bihar education department to create a pay fixation software and release it to public within such a short time is every good thing.

Bihar education department pay fixation software

Education Department of Bihar has updated latest software for pay fixation calculations at it’s official website. This is based on new revised pay scale recommendations for Niyojit teachers in Bihar.

Bihar education department pay fixation software can be downloaded directly from official website of Bihar education department

Pay fixation software is in .rar file format which is available from this official download at

Bihar education department pay fixation software


Trained government school teachers / Niyojit teachers working in Government primary schools, middle schools, upper schools at Bihar on contractual basis will be getting all benefits of this new pay revision.

New salary revision for Bihar government teachers and employees will be about 2.52 times of their grade pay and basic pay as they getting as on January 2016. New revised pay scales of Bihar Niyojit teachers will come into effect as on April 2017. All arrears of Bihar niyojit contractual teachers will be given along with salary in coming months or as separate based on decision by government.


Bihar niyojit teachers latest news salary 7th pay fixation pay scale matrix

Recently Bihar High Court has given verdict that Bihari Panchayat teachers should be given same salary which is given to Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) teachers. This new High court decision is beneficial to around 13.5 lakh teachers in Bihar panchayath schools. Now Bihar niyojit teachers latest news is regarding demand for equal pay for equal work done by teachers in Bihar. This new pay scale revision as on 2017 is a huge burden for Bihar state government.

Let us know about Bihar niyojit teachers latest news about their salary scales, pay matrix, pay fixation software .etc. Bihar Education Department official website has software for Pay Fixation which is useful to lakhs of Bihar State government teachers, panchayat teachers. There are lot of doubts regarding pay scale revisions of Niyojit (contractual) teachers in Bihar state. Based on 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) report Bihar state government has implemented pay revision for Government teachers.

Panchayat teachers in Bihar were not getting equal salary for work done by them like teachers of other Government schools. Revised Salary scale of Panchayath teachers will be Rs.35000 while their earlier salary was only Rs.18,000. Bihar High school teachers salary scale is around Rs. 45000. For all teachers who are employed with duties of a headmaster will be given revised pay scale of Rs. 50000.

Bihar state government may go to Supreme court against this High court order as this new pay revision is a huge burden for Government. 7th Pay Commission report has made recommendation of 23.5% salary hike to Bihar state government employees.

Minimum salary for a Bihar state Government employee as per 7th CPC revision is Rs.18,000 and all Bihar panchayat teachers,  niyojit teachers (contractual) will get Rs.21,000 minimum salary.

Bihar niyojit teachers latest news

There are around 3.5 lakh Bihar’s Niyojit Contractual Teachers who had threatened to go on strike if they were not given Equal Pay for Equal Work.  Around 23 teachers organizations in Bihar have demanded that all school teachers hired on contract should be given salary scale equal to that of state government teachers. Bihar’s teachers working in primary, middle, high schools will take part in strike if their demands are not met within 31 January 2018.

Bihar niyojit teachers latest news is that Patna High Court order was given on 31 October 2017 which ordered Bihar government to give equal pay for equal work to all teachers. But Bihar government said that it will go to Supreme court to appeal against this order. This was why Bihar Niyojit teachers decided to go an indefinite strike if their demands are not fulfilled.

bihar niyojit teachers latest news

Pay fixation as per revised scales, promotion, increments is applicable from date 1 January 2016 (1-1-2016). Normal fitment as per level in Pay matrix will calculated using Fitment factor of 2.57.

Bihar pay matrix with pay bands

There will be 4 Pay bands 5200-20200 , 9300-34800 , 15600-39100 , 37400-67000.

Revised pay scales matrix of Bihar teachers are as follows,

  • Primary school Untrained teachers will get 21000 – 23500
  • Primary school Trained teachers will get 22500 – 25000
  • Middle school Untrained teachers will get 23550 – 26700
  • Middle school Trained teachers will get 24700 – 26900
  • High School Untrained teachers will get 25600 – 27500
  • High School Trained teachers will get 28700 – 31200

Teachers salary hike 2017 university, college, academic staff 7th CPC

As per 7th Central pay commission report Cabinet of Central government ministry decided to implement Teachers salary hike 2017. This will benefit around 758000 university teachers, college teachers and lakhs of academic staff in India as they will get revised pay scales based on 7th CPC recommendations.

Which all teachers will benefit from hike in pay scales as per cabinet decision taken on 11th October 2017. Teachers salary hike 2017 is applicable to all teachers working under UGC. It includes all universities coming under Central Government, State Government Universities, aided colleges, Technical Education Institutions funded by central government .etc.

Teachers salary hike 2017 will come into effect on salaries from 1st January 2016. Implementation of revised salary scales as per new pay revision will cause Rs. 9800 crores additional burden to Central Government.

This pay revision will benefit 106 institutions as UGC scales under Union government and 329 universities under State governments. Central government has sanctioned 7th Pay Commission recommendation which will come into effect from 1-1-2016.

This decision also benefits 119 Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Indian Institutes of Management (IIM).

Teachers salary hike 2017 – new, old pay scales

Based on a different designations we have updated old and revised salary scales of different categories of a staff working as teachers, academic staff who will benefit from implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations.

Assistant professor will get Rs.57700 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.47000.

Assistant professor Senior will get Rs.80000 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.62000.

Associate professor will get Rs.131000 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.107000.

Professor will get Rs.144000 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.116000.

Senior professor will get Rs.141000 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.182000.

Vice Chancellor will get Rs.225000 as new revised salary while old salary was Rs.175000.

Teachers salary hike 2017

There is a around 22 to 28 percentage hike in salary scales for every designation. This benefits 7.58 lakhs teachers in universities, colleges and academic staff.

Teachers will get Rs 10400 to Rs.49800 hike as per revised pay scale.