Kerala piravi actress photos 2017 in traditional saree mundu blouse stills

Kerala state came into existence on 1st November 1956. In year 2017 we are celebrating 61st Kerala piravi. Let us have a look at beautiful Kerala piravi actress photos in November 2017. Kerala piravi is celebrated allover in Kerala and wherever there are Keralaites or Malayalis. In year 2017 Malayalam actresses from Television serial industry and Movie industry has took up this opportunity to get dressed in beautiful traditional wears.

Not only actresses celebrated Keralapiravi day it was also a day for many actors. Most Malayalam actors in movies and serials posted their photos wearing Kerala mundu and shirt combinations in Facebook. New generations and old generation celebrities equally came up wearing traditional mundu or sari and showed how much they are proud in this costume. As per latest trend not only they get dressed in traditional  costumes they also take attractive photos and share it in social media. Many people use these photos for updating their latest profile pictures in Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Kerala piravi actress photos which are common are in dresses like Kerala sari and mundu. Other than celebrities all ordinary people of Kerala celebrate this occasion by wearing colorful set mundu neriyathu and Kerala sari when going to offices. It is a great occasion for men and women to show off their new Kerala dress with ornaments to their friends and co-workers.

So what are most common combinations of Kerala traditional wear used in Kerala piravi occasion by Malayali’s all over world. Kerala piravi actress photos we usually see are in following types.

  • Set Saree blouse
  • Kasavu Set Mundu neriyathu
  • Kerala Kasavu sari
  • Plain mundu neriyathu without kasavu
  • Ordinary mundu blouse
  • Mundu Shirt (Kerala men’s costume)

Kerala piravi actress photos 2017

Kerala piravi actress photos 2017

Sreeya Remesh Kerala piravi 2017

Aditi Ravi is actress in Malayalam films like Aadhi, Alamara.

Mini Rajan variety Kerala piravi photo

Malayalam actors Kerala Piravi 2017

Jayaram wearing mundu for keralapiravi 2017

Kerala piravi 2017

Other occasions during which Kerala traditional wears are most popular is during Onam actress in set saree and Vishu celebrations. At many times Tamil actresses and even Bollywood celebrities also appear wearing Set sari like costumes. It’s because Kerala saree has become so popular that many versions of it are prepared by designers all over India.


Sthreedhanam serial Mathi suku wife (actress Kavitha Lakshmi) in street shop

All of us are familiar with characters of Malayalam TV serial Sthreedhanam being shown in Asianet Channel. Sthreedhanam serial Mathi suku wife Shantha is now running a thattukada in street. Everyone who came to know about it asked whether it was a real news or a promotion of any upcoming serial episodes in which she was acting.

Sunny Leone came to know that actress Kavitha lakshmy is doing it in her real life. Have you heard about latest news regarding serial actress Kavitha lakshmy who was acting in sreedhanam serial. Kavita lekshmi was doing role of Chala Mary’s daughter in law. She is popularly known by name of character Shantha who is Mathi Suku’s wife.

Problems that came in the life of actress Kavitha Lakshmi unexpectedly made her take up this as a way to make extra income. Actress  Kavita lakshmy does not have a husband and has to find out money for growing up her son and daughter. She is living at her house in Neyyattinkara at Trivandrum. Kavita lakshmy said that problems started in her life when she went to a tour travel agency which told that they will give a job opportunity along with education to her son.

Actress Kavitha Lakshmi’s son had done Hotel Management diploma course and travel agency told that he will get an opportunity to work in a hotel at United Kingdom where he can study and work. He got admission for a 4 years ago ago and was a promise day 20 pounds per hour of work.

Total course fees was around rupees Rs.36 lakhs but later it was found out that there was only 6 months course per year and rupees 2 lakhs was needed for each month. Earnings from her son’s part time job was very less and not even enough for him to meet his daily expenses there. Desi destroyed all plans of actress Kavita Rashmi and led to financial problems.

Thattukada of Sthreedhanam serial Mathi suku wife in real life

Actress Kavitha Lakshmy asked for help of banks but did not get any help. This made actress Kavitha Lakshmy decide to start running street hotel business and make some extra money. This made her start a Thattukada in October 2017 at Trivandrum and make some extra money for surviving in this financial crisis.

Video of Kavitha Lakshmy  saying about reason for running Thattukada

Sthreedhanam serial Mathi suku wife thattukada

Actress Kavitha Lakshmi said that her son is going to become a chef after seeing Malayalam movie Usttad hotel of Dulquer Salmaan.

Now she is doing role in Malayalam serial of director K K Rajeev. Along with this she is also acting in a serial in Amrita TV channel.

Serial actress Kavitha Lekshmy’s Thattukada is near NIMS Hospital at Neyyattinkara. She has hope that someone will come forward to help her in this miserable situation.


Malayalam serial actress arrest at Kochi photos video for attack of uber driver

On 20 September 2017 a Malayalam serial actress arrested at Kochi in Kerala on charges of attacking a Uber driver. This incident happened at Vyttila in Kochi when a Malayalam television serial actress and two other women took service of a driver named Shafeeq. What is name of this malayalam serial actress, what is her role as character and in which serial she is acting.

Name of this Malayalam actress is Angel Baby aged 36 from Alakode in Kannur who is at present staying in Vyttila. Other women who were arrested are Clara Shijin aged 27 from Kannur and Sheeja aged 30 from Pathanamthitta. When driver Shafeeq came to pick up these female travelers there was another man in the car who had been traveling in share car basis. These three women became angry seeing another man travelling in same car they have taken.

As per reports all these three women were drunken and they got angry with the Uber car driver. This led to quarrelling with driver Shafeeq and they started attacking him. The women travellers including Malayalam serial actress were out to of senses that they pushed driver out of the car and started attacking him. All these arrested women are natives of Kannur.

Dress of driver Shafeeq was torn away by these angry women. They hit him using a stone on his head and he was injured badly.

Soon Police rushed to this place in Vyttila and took them in custody. Shafeeq who is a native of Aroor had severe head of injury and was admitted at near by Ernakulam general hospital.

Photos of Malayalam serial actress arrested in Kerala driver attack case

Manorama news on Response of women

Actress who was arrested in this case said that driver attacked and misbehaved with them.

These are photos of Sheeja, Clara, Angel who attacked this driver. Within short time malayalam serial actress arrested in connection with attack on a Uber driver at Vyttila in Kochi on 20-9-2017 had become a viral news.

This is really a very shocking incident that three drunken women in Kerala had attacked a man for a simple issue. Actually this woman had booked discount using Uber pool facility which allows passengers to share car travelling to same location. But when the car came to pick them up they became angry on seeing another passenger inside.

Name of Malayalam serial actress arrestedfor driver attack malayalam serial actress arrested

Video of Kerala serial actress arrested on 20-9-17 for attack on car driver

After news of arrest of a Kerala serial actress at Kochi on 20 September 2017 came out, everyone wanted to know name of this serial actress.

Police came to know that one of the woman is a Malayalam television serial actress after she revealed it to police when she was took in custody.