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On Sunday, 22 April 2018 Kerala heard shocking news of KV Kavitha serial artist. What has actually happened to her was asked by everyone. There are many serial actresses with same name of Kavitha in Malayalam TV serial industry. It made everyone confusing to know who is actually the real Kavitha who was found at Nilambur in Malappuram.

KV Kavitha serial artist is lesser known to Malayalam audience as she has acted in few Tele films, Television serials at Kerala. Body of serial actress KV Kavitha was found from her rented house in Iyyam Madayil on 22-4-2018 after everyone heard a loud sound at morning 10.30 am. Burned body of Malayalam serial actress Kavitha KV was found from this house at Nilambur in Malappuram. This was one of the latest breaking news that shocked everyone. What was real cause that made Kavitha MV do it was investigated by Police.

Which are the Malayalam Television serials in which KV Kavitha serial artist acted is inquired by audience. More details regarding detailed profile of serial actress Kavitha is not available. She used to do supporting character roles or less known roles in serials. Face of Kavitha KV is familiar to many audience who had seen her in popular serials in Malayalam channels.

She has acted in many Tele films and recently she was trying to start a beauty parlor in Bengalur. Due to GST related problems Kavitha was not able to start beauty parlor which made her depressed. It’s suspected that failures in life has made Kavitha take this decision.

Malayalam serial actress KV Kavitha serial artist news, photos

As per latest developments there is no suspicions in this incident. Police found out a note which reveals that she has decided to end everything and asks to take care of her daughter.

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Kavitha KV was having problems with her husband and she was living separately for past 2 years. Kavitha’s husband name is Vijesh. He is a native of Palakkad and now working at Bangalore. Kerala serial actress Kavitha has a 4 year old daughter ‘Agna’ who is now all alone.

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Family, Profile of KV Kavitha

Kavitha KV is aged 37 years and her parents name are – Vijayan (Father), Karthiyayini (Mother). She has two sisters Smitha, Dhanya and a brother Devadas.

During Nilambur Film Festival actress Kavitha KV had been an important member in organizing committee.


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Manimelam is a malayalam musical reality show being telecast in Kairali tv channel. Actress Kavitha Nair family details and husband name is updated. Kavitha Nair photos from Manimelam show with Kalabhavan Mani looks nice. This program is shown from Monday to Thursday at night 9.30 pm. The judge and male anchor of this show is Kalabhavan Mani. Along with him the female anchor who is the main attraction of the show “Mani Melam” is Kavitha Nair.

On Tuesday, 30 December 2015, malayalam actress Kavitha Nair is celebrating her Birthday. She has updated one of her photos during a morning temple visit on her birthday. Apothecary is the latest malayalam movie of Kavitha Nair. We can see actress Kavitha Nair dressed in muslim black burqa / pardha and standing with Suresh Gopo, Asif Ali. This is a still from the new malayalam cinema Apothecary.

Kavita Nair is a popular Kerala anchor, serial actress and malayalam movie artiste. Recently she had got married and this is her first birthday after wedding. The simple Mundu Neriyathu wearing photo of actress Kavitha Nair on her temple visit looks traditionally beautiful. Pirannal Ashamsakal to Kavitha Nair. Happy Birthday Kavitha Nair. Recently she acted in the malayalam movie Balyakalasakhi and now she is an anchor of the Malayalam music based program Mani Melam in Kairali channel.

Serial and movie actress Kavita Nair has become more popular after being part of Manimelam. Few years back Kavitha Nair was one of the most searched serial actresses in malayalam after Beena Antony.
Now Kavitha Nair is becoming the most popular female artiste to be looked by everyone.

Actress Kavitha Nair family

Manimelam is one of the popular reality show hosted by Kavitha Nair with Kalabhavan Mani as an anchor. Malayalam Anchor and Actress Kavitha Nair has got engaged on Saturday 23 August 2014.

Kavitha Nair photos Actress Kavitha Nair family

Engagement function of Kavitha Nair was held in the house itself and was without any grand ceremony. Only close relatives and friends attended the engagement of Kavitha Nair with Nandan. Kavitha Nair is the anchor of the Kairali tv show Manimelam.

Malayalam serial actress and anchor Kavitha Nair marriage photos look gorgeous. Kavitha Nair is popular as a malayalam tv serial actress and has also acted in lot of movies in mollywood in supporting roles. Recently on Thursday, 28 August 2014, Kerala actress Kavitha Nair got married to Nandan in a wedding function which was conducted as a private function.

Kavitha Nair and Nandan got married on 28-8-14 and their engagement function was also held few days back. Kavitha Nair, Nandan wedding reception was spectacular like their marriage function.


Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast actors actress names photos mazhavil manorama

On Monday, 12th February 2018 a new Malayalam serial Bhramanam is starting in Mazhavil Manorma channel. Bhramanam serial (ഭ്രമണം) is based on writer Joycy’s novel and script. Names of Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast of actors and actress doing main lead roles and supporting cast in it is updated. First episode of Manorama channel serial Bhramanam will be telecast on 12-2-2018 at night 8.00 pm.

Soon after promo launch of Bhramanam serial was done there was good responses for it. Actress Lavanya Nair is doing lead role as mother in Bhramanam serial. Actor Mukundan is doing role of character Harilal who is husband of Lavanya Nair (Anitha). All Malayalam novels by writer Joycy through magazines are now being converted into serials in Mazhavil Manorama channel.

Another Malayalam serial starting on Mazhavil Manorama channel along with Bhramanam is Pranayini. Both serials start from 12th February 2018. Among Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast the actress doing role of heroine is Lavanya Nair. In this serial Lavanya Nair is doing role of character named Anitha. This serial will be shown in Mazhavil Manorama channel from Monday to Friday at night 8.00 pm.

Director of Bhramanam serial is Binu Vellathooval and story is written by Joycy. There are lot of other interesting Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast of actors, actress doing supporting and leading roles.

Bhramanam will become a popular Malayalam serial as it has all elements to attract family audience. All episodes of Bhramanam serial can be watched from official YouTube Channel of Mazhavil Manorama.

Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast ഭ്രമണം

  • Actress

Actress Lavanya Nair is doing role of character Anitha.

Actress Uma is doing role of character Binduja.

Actress Rosilin is doing role of character Vimala.

  • Actors

Actor Mukundan is doing role of character Harilal.

Full details of all important actors, actress in Bhramanam Malayalam serial cast is available.

Binu Vellathooval is Director of Bhramanam serial in Mazhavil Manorama channel.

Bhramanam malayalam serial cast

Bhramanam serial actress names, photos

Actresses in Bhramanam serial are Lavanya Nair (Anitha), Uma (Binduja), Rosilin (Vimala).

Bhramanam serial lavanya nair

Bhramanam serial stills

Bhramanam Mazhavil Manorama serial story

Story of Mazhavil Manorama’s new serial Bhramanam is about problems between a mother and her daughters. Lavanya Nair comes in role of mother while actor Mukundan acts as father. After first episodes of this serial everyone wants to know names of actresses doing role of daughters of Lavanya Nair and Mukundan in Bramanam serial.

Bhramanam serial serial promo episode

Telecast Timings of Bhramanam Malayalam serial

  • Monday 8.00 pm
  • Tuesday 8.00 pm
  • Wednesday 8.00 pm
  • Thursday 8.00 pm
  • Friday 8.00 pm