meenakshi dileep latest photos trending now of dileep manju daughter

Even if she is not a South Indian actress her photos are always trending. Why ? Who is it ? It is one other than Meenakshi Dileep latest photos which are always trending now in Youtube or Facebook. Meenakshi Dileep is being treated like a celebrity even if she never asked for this much fame.

With divorce of actor Dileep and actress Manju Warrier everyone started getting concerned about little Meenakshi. People started looking for what Meenakshi Dileep is doing at this moment. Is she celebrating Onam, Deepavali, Christhmas .etc. and whether she is happy or sad now.

When actor Dileep got married for second time with Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan everyone started enquiring about responses of Meenakshi Dileep. She had never given an interview or talked before media. She always stayed with her father Dileep even when he was arrested and send to jail. Meenakshi Dileep had no intentions of going back to her mother Manju Warrier. What could be possible reasons that prevent Meenakshi from going back to her mother Manju Warrier.

Menakshi likes being with her father always and everyone is asking whether she will go back to her mother on turning 18 years old. Now she is 17 years and Meenakshi’s next birthday will be another time for gossip hunters looking for her news.

Few months back Dileep and daughter Meenakshi had an interview with Vanitha magazine in whcih their photos came in cover page. After few weeks of that interview Dileep got married to Kavya Madhavan. People of Kerala was not ready to accept wedding of Dileep with Kavya Madhavan. This was why everyone celebrated with trolls when Dileep was arrested and sent to jail for past 3 months in connection to Kerala actress attack case.

meenakshi dileep latest photos trending now

meenakshi dileep latest photos

Among Meenakshi dileep latest photos most popular ones are her saree photo taken during Onam and her guitar playing video during Deepavali 2017. Along with that a fake picture of Meenakshi Dileep also came out in which she was shown in swimming suyit and swimming in a pool. It could be a made up photo of Meenakshi eventhough her earlier pictures during Onam, Deepavali were real.

She (മീനാക്ഷി ദിലീപ്) is loving called as Meenutty and she is studying Plus 2 at Choice school in Kochi. Another beauty highlight of Menakshi is that she has long beautiful hair.


Malayalam Director actor Soubin Shahir Jamia Zaheer marriage news date photos

Soubin Shahir is Parava fame Malayalam film director and a well known comedy – character actor. Soubin Shahir marriage has been fixed and his engagement was held few days back in October 2017. For those people who wants to know about Soubin Shahir wife name it is Jamia Zaheer. Soubin Shahir marriage is with Jamia Zaheer and they will get married in 2017 itself.

After hearing about Soubin Shahir – Jamia Zaheer wedding news everyone was doubtful whether he is having a love marriage or arranged marriage. Soubin Shahir started his career in Malayalam film industry as an assistant in movies. He started acting in small roles in movies like Annayum Rasoolum, Iyobinte Pusthakam, 5 Sundarikal.

Later he got a break through Malayalam film ‘Premam’ in role of “PT Sir” from which he became a popular actor in Mollywood. No one knew that he could become a Director and come up with interesting movies until 2017 when he directed Malayalam movie ‘Parava’.

Soubin Shahir wife Jamia Zaheer is a native of Kozhikode (Calicut) in Kerala and was grown up in Dubai. Soubin Shahir – Jamia Zaheer engagement function was held few days back in presence of close relatives and friends. Actor turned Director Soubin Shahir always have a humor filled special smile on his face and on engagement day also we can see it. Everyone will be surprised that his wife Jamia Zaheer is also having a smile similar to him.

Soubin Shahir marriage date, news

Marriage Date of actor director Soubin Shahir will be updated soon. It is confirmed that he is getting married in December 2017.

Wedding reception of Soubin Shahir – Jamia Zaheer will be a great event attended by all popular actors, actress in Malayalam film industry.

Soubin Shahir marriage photos

Soubin Shahir marriage engagement stills

Actor Soubin Shahir is 34 years old and he is getting married after doing a super hit movie Parava which will be greatest credit of his career. Name of actor Soubin Sahir’s father is Babu Shahir. Engagement photos of Soubin Shahir has become viral in internet and news of his wedding came out


Resmi R Nair response against Movie dialogues against women

Reshmi R Nair is a popular model and celebrity in kerala who is always making controversial social remarks. This time Resmi R Nair response on Movie dialogues against women has become viral. On 1 November 2017 Resmi R Nair decided to respond against movie dialogues in Malayalam movies that were aimed directly against women characters.

For past few days many trolls has been surfacing in support of female characters in Malayalam films. These trolls criticized the male position in films which made fun of female characters.

Through these trolls it was pointed out that women are being pushed down by strong characters in movie scripts. In current situation where male and female are given equal rights, the troller’s are asking questions why Malayalam cinema stories had such scenes.

This made Resmi R Nair come up against this by posting all recent trolls she got in this topic. After her response it became a very viral news and being discussed by all as many people com to support her.

Resmi R Nair response on Movie dialogues against women

Actress and model Resmi R Nair responds against malayalam cinema dialogues that were against women. She shared many trolls that supported women by protesting against dialogues by male character actors against female characters.

Resmi R Nair response on Malayalam Movie dialogues against women

Resmi R Nair shares Malayalam Trolls

In October 2017, actress Resmi R Rair had given birth to a baby daughter. She also has a son. Name of Reshmi Nair’s husband is Rahul Pasupalan.