KSFDC online ticket booking new website for govt theaters keralafilms.gov.in

Booking movie tickets online through various services like E-ticketing makes allocating seats easily based on availability. Which is Kerala’s new official portal for doing KSFDC online ticket booking for movies released in govt theaters. Kerala government has launched a new portal for online booking of cinema tickets from 15th November 2017 (15-11-2017).

Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) has been running a portal name Chithranjali.in for online booking of movie tickets till now. Most people were unsatisfied with functioning of this website which did not allow users to book movie tickets due to problems of this portal. Another complaint was that it was taking service charges for booking tickets like private movie ticketing booking companies like Bookmyshow.com and Ticketnew.com.

This was why Kerala Government decided to come up with a new portal for KSFDC online ticket booking without levying any extra charges. From now on all movie tickets in Kerala government theaters booked using official website keralafilms.gov.in will not have any service charges or booking charges. Most people prefer online movie tickets booking to avoid any unwanted rush for reservation booking or taking tickets from theater counters.

Few months back women and family audience who came to watch movies in Kerala theaters was comparatively less due to many problems they faced while coming to see movies. One main problem female audience faced was in buying tickets from theaters by standing in long queues. Another thing was huge rush at theaters to get tickets and no guarantee that they will get a ticket if they stand in queues.

With coming of KSFDC online ticket booking for government theaters and portals like Bookmyshow,  Ticketnew for private cinema theaters, multiplexes all such problems were solved. Cash back offers and promo coupon codes are main attractions for people who book tickets in private theaters. Booking charges for these websites was comparatively high, but most people preferred it because they can book seats of their choice in advance.

KSFDC online ticket booking website address

All Kerala audience has been eagerly awaiting for details of address of new KSFDC online ticket booking website which will be replacing old chitranjali.in portal in coming days.

New official website launched by Kerala govt on 15/11/2017 for E-ticketing of movies released in Kerala Government’s cinema theaters (KSFDC) is keralafilms.gov.in

Main advantage for booking tickets through keralafilms.gov.in is that there will be no extra charges or booking charges. Only original ticket price is to be paid for booking tickets through this facility.

How to Book movie tickets at KSFDC new portal ?

Step 1 Go to website address keralafilms.gov.in

KSFDC online ticket booking

Step 2 – Select District, Movie, Date, Show time, Number of seats and Book Now

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Step 3 – You can choose to do Guest login or register a user name with email address, mobile number to complete the booking procedure. Now you can make payments using debit or credit cards and you will get a confirmation email or SMS message about tickets booked.

At present functioning of this website is in experimental stage and is managed by Information Kerala Mission. This is why only cinema tickets in Kalabhavan theater at Thiruvananthapuram can be booked now. In next 2 weeks based on feedback of audience, this online ticket booking for KSFDC government theaters in Kerala will be made available to all Government theaters. If this booking facility is found to be satisfactory than previous portal chiranjali.in there will be many more theaters added to this portal in future.

For clarification of Technical details related to this new KSFDC website customer care of Information Kerala can be contacted at phone number 0471 2773170.


The Romantic poet of Travancore Malayalam movie actress names photos

The Romantic poet of Travancore is a new Malayalam movie that is getting ready for release. Who are cast of actress and actors in “The Romantic poet of Travancore Malayalam movie”. Mini Rajan is a  Kottayam based Kerala celebrity who became a star of social media by sharing her gorgeous photos every day with her fans. She had acted in Malayalam movie Parankimala released few months back.

Mini Rajan has always been focusing on traditional roles in her movies because she loves being called as a Malayali beauty. She is settled in Canada as an NRI and she always participates in traditional programs conducted in her place. Dressing in traditional set sari blouse or mundu blouse is her passion. This passion has won her another role in a new Malayalam movie titled as “The Romantic poet of Travancore”.

Director of The Romantic poet of Travancore Malayalam movie is Shashi Nair. Producer of this movie is George Kannattumadom. Who is actually known as Romantic poet of Travancore ? It is our dearest poet Irayimman Thampi  who made the popular musical composition and wrote Prana Nathan Enikku Nalkiya song. Other popular songs written by Irayimman Thampi  are Omana Thingal Kidavo, Karuna Cheyyaan Enthu Thaamasam.

What are names of Cast of this new movie. Actress Mini Richard had shared poster of this movie by saying that this is new project in which she is working now. Names of actress in this film are Mini Rajan, Arita Chatterjee, Sukanya Dutta.

Apart from Mini Rajan both other actresses Arita Chatterjee and Sukanya Dutta are not Kerala actress. Arita Chatterjee is a Bengali actress from West Bengal. Sukanya Dutta is also a North Indian actress.

The Romantic poet of Travancore Malayalam Movie

The Romantic poet of Travancore Malayalam Movie mini rajan

Actors in The Romantic poet of Travancore are Karan Kapoor and Faisal Raasy.

Song (From another Tele film)

Actress – Mini Richard in lead role with Sukanya Dutta and Arita Chatterjee in similar roles of Kerala beauties. Ths film is about a story that takes place in Kerala decades before. This makes all actress of this Malayalam cinema dressed in mundu neriyathu like costumes.


Ramaleela Malayalam movie review release date cast actress name photo

Dileep starring Ramaleela Malayalam movie release is expected at time of Onam 2017 season. This Malayalam film was scheduled to be released few months back, but was postponed due to arrest of actor Dileep. Release date of Ramaleela has been fixed to Thursday, 28 September 2017.

Two teaser trailers of Rameela movie has been released recently. This movie is a political thriller which is expected to entertain audience. Dileep is an actor who always entertain his family audience through comedy oriented movies. His recent condition in film industry is very pathetic due to his arrest.

Janapriyanayakan Dileep is now in jail for attack of a Kerala actress. This was why release of Ramaleela Malayalam movie is now a big question before Producer Tomichan Mulakupadam and Director Arun Gopi. Heroine of Ramaleela is Prayaga Martin. Along with this a Tamil actress Radhika Sarath is doing role of Dileep’s mother in this movie. Actor Mukesh who is at present Member of Parliamnet (MP) is doing role of a political character in this film. Based on present situations bail applications of Dileep are not considered by Court.

This was why Tomichan Mulakupadam decided to release this film on 28-9-2017 even if Dileep is in jail

Release date of Ramaleela movie is expected to be in September 2017. Producer of this movie is concerned about recent protest against actor Dileep and is worried that it might affect the collection of movie also.

Cost of production of Rama Leela movie of actor Dileep is estimated to be around Rs.15 crores.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

Malayalam cinema Ramaleela release date allover Kerala cinema theaters is 28/9/2017.

Actor Dileep is doing role of character MLA Ramanunni in this film. Actress Prayaga Martin comes in role of Heleena in this film.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie photos

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

parayaga martin

Ramaleela movie official trailer

Ramaleela movie songs

Not released.

Ramaleela cast – actors, actress names

  • Dileep
  • Prayaga Martin
  • Lena
  • Mukesh
  • Siddique
  • Sreenivasan
  • Raadhika Sarathkumar
  • Ramesh Pisharody
  • Hareesh Peradi
  • Renji Panicker