Resmi r nair pregnant photos kiss of love bikini model controversial photo

Resmi R Nair is a popular bikini model from Kerala who is always  in gossip columns . What is the latest thing that Reshmi R Nair had done to become popular. Reshmi r nair pregnant photos with her husband Rahul pasupalan is getting viral in social media.

Posting pregnant photos has now become a trend everywhere. It has become a usual thing for celebrities to share their baby bump with friends and fans. But what makes Reshmi r nair pregnant photos really controversial is being discussed.

Reshmi R Nair is a model and actress who was filled in news columns after she started kiss of love campaign at Kochi. Many youngsters and people who protested against moral policing joined kiss of love campaign started by Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan.

Kiss of love campaign was done few years back at Ernakulam and after that Reshmi R Nair became famous. This is second baby of Rahul Pasupalan and Resmi Nair.

Kisd of love fame Reshmi R nair pregnant photo was shared by her in official Facebook page.

In one photo her husband Rahul pasupalan was kissing her pregnant belly. In another of her pregnant photo Reshmi R Nair was standing with her first son.

Resmi R Nair Baby name photo

Model Resmi R Nair has given birth to a baby girl. She had posted photo of her daughter along with her husband Rahul Krishna and son Dwarak Krishna from Holy Cross Hospital at Kottiyam.

Name of Reshmi R Nair baby daughter is Nangeli.

Resmi r nair daughter nangeli

Kiss of love fame Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Official facebook page of Resmi R Nair is at

Video slideshow of Resmi’s photos

Few months back model Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan where arrested at Kochi in connection with an online prosttution case.

Later after few weeks they were left off by court as there was no evidence proving that they were involved in it.

Resmi R Nair always used to make a controversial remarks on recent political happenings .etc. recent post of Reshmi Nair showing her pregnant photo is now getting viral all over the world.


Ramaleela Malayalam movie review release date cast actress name photo

Dileep starring Ramaleela Malayalam movie release is expected at time of Onam 2017 season. This Malayalam film was scheduled to be released few months back, but was postponed due to arrest of actor Dileep. Release date of Ramaleela has been fixed to Thursday, 28 September 2017.

Two teaser trailers of Rameela movie has been released recently. This movie is a political thriller which is expected to entertain audience. Dileep is an actor who always entertain his family audience through comedy oriented movies. His recent condition in film industry is very pathetic due to his arrest.

Janapriyanayakan Dileep is now in jail for attack of a Kerala actress. This was why release of Ramaleela Malayalam movie is now a big question before Producer Tomichan Mulakupadam and Director Arun Gopi. Heroine of Ramaleela is Prayaga Martin. Along with this a Tamil actress Radhika Sarath is doing role of Dileep’s mother in this movie. Actor Mukesh who is at present Member of Parliamnet (MP) is doing role of a political character in this film. Based on present situations bail applications of Dileep are not considered by Court.

This was why Tomichan Mulakupadam decided to release this film on 28-9-2017 even if Dileep is in jail

Release date of Ramaleela movie is expected to be in September 2017. Producer of this movie is concerned about recent protest against actor Dileep and is worried that it might affect the collection of movie also.

Cost of production of Rama Leela movie of actor Dileep is estimated to be around Rs.15 crores.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

Malayalam cinema Ramaleela release date allover Kerala cinema theaters is 28/9/2017.

Actor Dileep is doing role of character MLA Ramanunni in this film. Actress Prayaga Martin comes in role of Heleena in this film.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie photos

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

parayaga martin

Ramaleela movie official trailer

Ramaleela movie songs

Not released.

Ramaleela cast – actors, actress names

  • Dileep
  • Prayaga Martin
  • Lena
  • Mukesh
  • Siddique
  • Sreenivasan
  • Raadhika Sarathkumar
  • Ramesh Pisharody
  • Hareesh Peradi
  • Renji Panicker

Malayalam serial actress arrest at Kochi photos video for attack of uber driver

On 20 September 2017 a Malayalam serial actress arrested at Kochi in Kerala on charges of attacking a Uber driver. This incident happened at Vyttila in Kochi when a Malayalam television serial actress and two other women took service of a driver named Shafeeq. What is name of this malayalam serial actress, what is her role as character and in which serial she is acting.

Name of this Malayalam actress is Angel Baby aged 36 from Alakode in Kannur who is at present staying in Vyttila. Other women who were arrested are Clara Shijin aged 27 from Kannur and Sheeja aged 30 from Pathanamthitta. When driver Shafeeq came to pick up these female travelers there was another man in the car who had been traveling in share car basis. These three women became angry seeing another man travelling in same car they have taken.

As per reports all these three women were drunken and they got angry with the Uber car driver. This led to quarrelling with driver Shafeeq and they started attacking him. The women travellers including Malayalam serial actress were out to of senses that they pushed driver out of the car and started attacking him. All these arrested women are natives of Kannur.

Dress of driver Shafeeq was torn away by these angry women. They hit him using a stone on his head and he was injured badly.

Soon Police rushed to this place in Vyttila and took them in custody. Shafeeq who is a native of Aroor had severe head of injury and was admitted at near by Ernakulam general hospital.

Photos of Malayalam serial actress arrested in Kerala driver attack case

Manorama news on Response of women

Actress who was arrested in this case said that driver attacked and misbehaved with them.

These are photos of Sheeja, Clara, Angel who attacked this driver. Within short time malayalam serial actress arrested in connection with attack on a Uber driver at Vyttila in Kochi on 20-9-2017 had become a viral news.

This is really a very shocking incident that three drunken women in Kerala had attacked a man for a simple issue. Actually this woman had booked discount using Uber pool facility which allows passengers to share car travelling to same location. But when the car came to pick them up they became angry on seeing another passenger inside.

Name of Malayalam serial actress arrestedfor driver attack malayalam serial actress arrested

Video of Kerala serial actress arrested on 20-9-17 for attack on car driver

After news of arrest of a Kerala serial actress at Kochi on 20 September 2017 came out, everyone wanted to know name of this serial actress.

Police came to know that one of the woman is a Malayalam television serial actress after she revealed it to police when she was took in custody.