Live Trends Pappanamcode By-election News, Results 2016 Winners, Votes

BJP’s candidate Asha Nath won in the elections with majority of 35 votes. Pappanamcode By-election was held on Thursday 28th July 2016 to fill vacant seat after BJP candidate passed. Chandran was BJP councilor in Pappanamcode ward after 2015 Panchayat elections.Live Pappanamcode election results for by-polls conducted in July 2016 was announced on 29-7-16.

Polling percentage of Pappanamcode By election was 68.48%.In Thottumukku ward it was 76.38%, Akkaravila ward with 73.13%. Official trends website from Kerala Election Commission will give up to minute details of counting of votes. Other than Pappanamcode there will be By elections at Akkaravila, Thottamukku wards. All political – media attention is towards Pappanamcode where BJP-LDF-Congress parties come together. BJP will try to retain their seat at Pappanamcode which was won by Chandran earlier. For this BJP-NDA alliance is bringing in Asha Nath who is the relative of Chandran.

Ashanath is doing campaign with great expectations of winning. Kerala Panchayat By Elections will be held for Pappanamcode Akkaravila, Thottamukku wards on same day. Publishing of results was also done on same day at Friday, 29 July 2016 (29-7-2016). LDF is bringing a common man Mohanan as candidate in this special SC/ST ward in Thiruvananthapuram corporation. Congress led UDF party will have Arun Vishnu as their candidate in this by-elections. Actor Bheeman Raghu came for campaigning in support of BJP candidate Asha Nath. BJP has good hope that they will win with Asha Nath who is contesting in seat of Chandran. Kerala MLA Mukesh came to do election campaigning for LDF candidate K Mohanan. BJP Candidate Asha Nath won at Pappanamcode BY-Elections. She won with a lead of 35 votes.

Pappanamcode By election date is Thursday, 28 July 2016 (28-7-2016) which will be held from timings 7.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Live Pappanamcode election results will be telecast by popular Malayalam Television news channels like Asianet. In addition elections results will be available online at Trends from NIC. On Friday, 29th July 2016 leading, trailing candidates details will be live at Trends Kerala elections official website.

Pappanamcode election results

  • Thiruvananthapuram Pappanamcode ward – BJP candidate Asha Nath won. This seat was retained by BJP.
  • Akkaravila ward of Vettur Grama panchayath – LDF candidate Reena won.
  • Thottamukku ward of Tholicode panchayath – LDF candidate Sajitha won for 151 votes.
  • Idukki Kokkayar Panchayat LDF won. In this seat UDF was ruling.
  • Chanaganasserry Madapally panchayath 6th ward UDF won.
  • Malappuram Oorakam Panchayath UDF Independent candidate Reena Thuruthi won.
  • Cherthala Corporation 13th ward BJP won Jyothish won for 136  votes.
  • Alappuzha Palamel panchayath 10th ward LDF won.
  • Kasaragod Uduma division UDF won.
  • Omanessery panchayath LDF candidate KK Bhaskaran won
  • Sreenarayanapuram ward Thrissur – KA Hydrose Pathazhakkad won

pappanamcode election results

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Who will be new Councillor of Pappanamcode ward was known as vote counting began on 29-7-2016. Within few minutes of vote counting exact leading, trailing votes was known. Asha Nath, relative of Kaimanam Chandran won in Pappanamcode for BJP Party.


Pappanamcode Ward Live Results Kerala Panchayat By-elections 2016

On 29th July, Results of Panchayat By-Elections conducted for 15 seats in Kerala was announced. LDF won in 7 seats, UDF won in 5 seats, BJP won in 3 seats. All political parties was awaiting Kerala Panchayath election results to know response of voters.

Asha Nath Won for BJP securing the seat in Pappanamcode ward by a small lead. On Friday 29 July 2016, Kerala panchayat election results for all 15 seats including Pappanamcode ward By-elections was known. LDF was having good support in this ward before K Chandran won this seat for BJP. Through Kerala Panchayat elections 2015 Bharatiya Janata Party was able to take on a leading leap in this ward. BJP will try all measures to make sure that they win this seat again. While LDF will be trying to get back lost support at Pappanamcode. Malayalam actor Bheeman Raghu came for election campaign in support of BJP candidate Asha Nath.

Actor & MLA Mukesh came in support of LDF candidate K Mohanan. There are 3 Dummy candidates who are contesting in Pappanamcode panchayat By elections. These candidates have names similar to that of original candidates. Many votes are received by mistake from voters by these dummy candidates. S Rajan (LDF), K Mohanan (Independent), Asharekha (Independent) are dummy candidates this time at Pappanamcode. Congress led UDF party is in third position at Pappanamcode ward. UDF successfully got more votes in this Bi-polls. Candidates who are contesting for Congress (UDF), LDF (Communist), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP-NDA) in Pappanamcode ward are as follows. UDF candidate Arun Vishnu CK who is a native is brought to get more support for UDF in this area.

LDF candidate is K. Mohanan who is a CITU worker and well known in this ward. BJP Candidate Asha Nath is when they held the ward before Chandran.

On Friday, 29 July 2016 morning 8 am. Live Trends updates of votes counting from counting stations in each ward was announced. By-elections held on Thursday at 15 wards in Kerala such as Pappanamcode, Akkaravila, Thottamukku .etc.

Kerala panchayat election results

Trends Kerala elections is official website ( where latest results of By-elections at Malappuram will be available live from Monday, 17 April 2017.

  • Pappanamcode ward By-Election results

Ashanath of BJP won at Pappanamcode ward with a lead of just 35 votes. By-elections at Pappanamcode ward in Thiruvananthapuram corporation was held on Thursday, 28 July 2016.  In triangle political competition at Pappanamcode ward between LDF, BJP, UDF parties, seat was retained by BJP. Earlier the seat was held by BJP Candidate K. Chandran who passed unexpectedly in accident. K Chandran’s sister’s daughter Ashanath GS is competing in BJP seat in Pappanamcode. BJP -NDA alliance party is of expectations that they could retain K Chandran’s seat in Pappanamcode through Asha Nath.

Kerala panchayat election results

  • Akkaravila ward By-Election

LDF candidate Reena won with lead of 71 votes at Akkaravila ward of Vettoor panchayat. Akkaravila ward is  in Trivandrum District. (അക്കരവിള).

  • Thottamukku ward By-Election results

LDF candidate Sajitha won at Thottamukku ward as new councilor with lead of 151 votes. Thottamukku ward of Tholikode panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram District. (Ward name is spelled as Tholicode or Tholikode (തൊളിക്കോട്)).

  • Kasaragod Uduma Ward By-Election results

UDF won at Uduma Ward in Kasaragod Jilla Panchayath. Election at Uduma was very important for UDF. With this victory at Uduma Ward, UDF Party was able to continue rule in Kasaragod Jilla Panchayath.

  • Kozhikode Omassery Grama Panchayath Bi-Elections

At Omassery East ward in Kozhikode Grama Panchayath LDF candidate KK Bhaskaran won with 98 votes lead.

  • Thrippunithura Chakkamkulangara ward By Polls

At Chakkamkulangara ward in Thrippunithura Municipality UDF candidate Shabarigireeshan won. This was ruling seat of BJP.

  • Idukki Panchayath Bi-Elections

At Idukki Kokkayar Panchayath ward, LDF won against UDF who lost their sitting seat. LDF candidate Thomas Luckose won with 235 votes lead.

  • Palakkad Ottappalam Corporation By-Polls

At 29th ward of Ottappalam Corporation in Palakad, victory was for LDF candidate KK Ramakrishnan with 385 votes lead.

  • Kannur Kalliasseri By-Election

At Ancham Peedika ward in Kalliasseri Panchayath of Kannur, LDF candidate D Rama won. There was lead of 505 votes lead.

  • Cherthala Civil Station ward By-Election results

BJP Candidate won in sitting seat of Congress in By Election conducted at Civil Station ward in Cherthala. D Jyothish of BJP won with 134 votes lead.

  • Alappuzha Palamel Grama Panchayat Bi-Elections

LDF candidate Shailaja Shaji won at Adikattukulangara ward in Alappuzha Palamel Grama Panchayath. LDF won with lead of 137 votes.

  •  Thrissur Sree Narayanapuram Grama Panchayath By Polls

Pathazhakkad KA Hydrose won at Sreenarayanapuram in Thrissur with lead of 98 votes.

  • Oorakam OKM Ward By-Election results

UDF won at OKM Ward in Oorakam Grama Panchayath of Malappuram.

  • Kanichukulam ward By-Election results

UDF won at Changanassery Kanichukulam ward in Madappally Panchayath.

  • Koratty ward By-Election results

BJP Candidate Sindhu won at Koratty ward in Thrissur for 198 votes lead.

News report on Kerala By-election results 2016

Official Website for Live Vote Counting Stats by Election Department

Kerala Election Commission gives live updates of vote counting through Trends website. It is managed by NIC National Informatics Centre. Trends is one of the most useful official website which gives live kerala panchayat election results feeds to general public, channels. Trend’s from Election Department gives results for all wards through their official website address

Pappanamcode ward (പാപ്പനംകോട്) is Nemom constituency in Thiruvananthapuram corporation. Pappanamcode ward is a Special ward for Scheduled Caste , where candidates from this minority are given seats. There is tough competition in this ward considering present political scenario. Number of votes received for each candidate in Pappanamcode ward along with leading, trailing votes will be updated.

There are a total of 8696 voters at Pappanamcode ward who will go to booths on 28-7-2016 from morning 7 am to evening 5 pm.

Pappanamcode ward contains areas like

  • Neeramankara
  • Kaimanam
  • Azhankal Narichil
  • Shankar Nagar
  • College road
  • Thoppumukku
  • Edagramam
  • Pappanamcode Vishwambaran road

Earlier in 2015 Panchayat elections, BJP candidate Chandran had won at Pappanamcode ward for 2518 votes.


Pappanamcode By Election 2016 Dates, Councillor Candidates, News

Pappanamcode By Election in July 2016 is second By polls conducted in State after Kerala Panchayat Elections 2015. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation’s Pappanamcode ward Bi-Elections dates has been announced. Pappanamcode By Election Results 2016 was declared on Friday, 29 July 2016 with Asha Nath of BJP winning as new councilor.

First bi-election in 2016 was in Vazhottukonam ward where LDF won. Now Pappanamcode ward in Nemon assembly constituency of Trivandrum Corporation will be witnessing election campaigns. Names of candidates of each political party contesting from Pappanamcode ward is updated. As you all know Pappanamcode By Election Results 2016 is awaited by voters, politicians, all people of Kerala. Importance of present elections is high, because it will show the sign of present political trends in Kerala State.

For past many years Pappanamcode ward was strong hold of LDF. Unexpectedly in 2015 Panchayath polls BJP got victory. In By-elections whole Kerala is waiting to know whether BJP will be able to retain victory. LDF will do election campaigning to regain victory at Pappanamcode. UDF party was only in third position in Panchayat elections. They will try to bring a strong candidate forward to improve number of votes. Pappanamcode is a Scheduled Caste ward where candidates selections, campaign, elections will be important. From Nemon assembly constituency Rajagopal has won as BJP MLA in 2016 Niyamasabha elections.

Panchayath bi-election conducted at Pappanamcode ward in Nemom constituency is getting attention of everyone. This was one of the important elections recently held in Kerala.

Pappanamcode By Election Results 2016 News

Asha Nath of BJP won in the By – elections conducted at Pappanamcode.

Ward Wise Panchayath By-Election Results 2016

  1. Pappanamcode ward, Trivandrum – Ashanath, BJP
  2. Akkaravila ward, Trivandrum – Reena, LDF
  3. Thottamukku ward, Trivandrum – Sajitha, LDF
  4. Ancham Peedika ward, Kannur – D Rama , LDF
  5. Civil Station ward ward, Cherthala – D Jyothish, BJP
  6. Uduma ward, Kasaragod – UDF
  7. 29th ward ward, Ottappalam – KK Ramakrishnan , LDF
  8. Adikattukulangara ward, Palamel, Alappuzha – Shailaja Shaji, LDF
  9. Sreenarayanapuram ward, Trivandrum – Pathazhakkad KA Hydrose
  10. OKM ward, Malappuram – UDF
  11. Kanichukulam ward, Kottayam – UDF
  12. Koratty ward, Thrissur – Sindhu, BJP
  13. Omassery East ward, Kozhikode – KK Bhaskaran, LDF
  14. Chakkamkulangara ward, Thrippunithura – Shabarigireeshan, UDF
  15. Kokkayar ward, Idukki – Thomas Luckose, LDF

Ashanath – BJP Candidate (Bharatiya Janata Party)

Asha Nath is K Chandran’s sister’s Daughter. BJP had brought in her to retain winning seat. Ashanath has done her graduation, presently preparing to do PG.

Pappanamcode By Election Results

Mohanan – LDF Candidate (Communist)

CITU worker Mohanan will be contesting as CPM candidate for LDF party to get back seat for party.

UDF Candidate (Congress)

Arun CK is the UDF candidate who will be contesting for Congress party from Pappanamcode ward.

There will be a strong Triangle contest at Pappanamcode in the By Election 2016 between BJP, LDF, UDF.


The important dates of Pappanamcode By Elections has been given as follows,

  • Election Notification – Monday, 4 July 2016 (4-7-16)
  • Candidate Nominations Filing Last date – Monday, 11 July 2016 (11-7-16)
  • Scrutiny Checking of Nominations will be done on 12 July 2016
  • Last date for withdrawal of Nominations by candidates – Thursday, 14 July 2016 (14-7-16)
  • By-Election Date at Pappanamcode – Thursday, 28 July 2016 (28-7-16)
  • Results announcing – Friday, 29 July 2016 (29-7-16)

Trends Kerala elections is official website ( where latest trailing, leading votes of each candidates will be shown as counting of votes start on every election result day in Kerala.

Names, Photo of Candidates in Pappanamcode By Election 2016

Why By-Elections at Pappanamcode Ward ?

BJP Councillor K Chandran who passed

K Chandran was elected as BJP councillor of Pappanamcode in 2015 Kerala Panchayat Election. On 11 April 2016 he passed after he got electric shock during ironing clothes.

New councilor has to be elected within 6 months to fill position. On 28th July 2016 Bi-polls will be conducted for electing new Councillor for Pappanamcode.

Second election that is conducted for re-electing a candidate at special occasions. It is known as By Election (Upa Thiranjeduppu / ഉപ തിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പ്). By-Polls is presently conducted at Pappanamcode ward in Trivandrum for finding new Councillor.

Old BJP Councillor elected in 2015 Kerala Panchayat Elections had passed recently on 12 April 2016.