Bandhan Bank IPO subscription‬ price review bandhan initial public offering

Bandhan bank based at Kolkata in India has started it’s IPO issue from Thursday, 15th March 2018. Initial public offering of Bandhan Bank is for Rs 4,473 cores. Bandhan Bank IPO subscription‬ is available from 15-3-2018 to last date on 19-3-2018.

On first day itself Bandhan Bank IPO subscription was for around 42% which shows that this banks IPO issue will be oversubscribed by investors. ‬Closing date of Bandhan Bank IPO issue is 19 March 2018.

Investors are interested in knowing about price bands of IPO issued by Bandhan bank. Face value of a share issued by Bandhan Bank is Rs.10 while price band is between Rs 370 to Rs 375 per share. Before investing in a share or subscribing it you should study well about background of the company and it’s chances to succeed in future. Starting of Bandhan Bank was in year 2014.

From it’s beginning it was focusing on micro finance, general banking. Presently it has 864 bank branches in India and has around 386 ATM’s. Customer base Bandhan Bank is 1.87 million account holders and has strong promoters like FIT, NEFIT, BFHL, BFSL. All shares will be listed in both BSE, NSE stock exchanges.

Bandhan Bank IPO subscription‬

Bandhan Bank IPO subscription‬ offer in 2018 is for 11,92,80,494 equity shares. Among them fresh issue is for 9,76,63,910 equity shares. This IPO also offers 1,40,50,780 equity shares by IFC and 75,65,804 equity shares by IFC FIG.

Bandhan Bank IPO subscription‬

Bandhan Bank IPO Launch

A minimum of 40 shares or multiples of 40 shares can be purchased through Bandhan Bank IPO subscription. In this IPO subscription offer the book running lead managers  are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Kotak Mahindra Capital, JM Financial. Registrar of this IPO subscription is Karvy Computershare.

There has been lot of demand for Initial public offering announced through Bandhan Bank prospectus. This bank was started by Managing Director Chandra Shekhar Ghosh.

In last financial year ending 31-3-2017 Bandhan Bank made a net profit of Rs. 1,111.9 crores. It has total assets of value Rs.302,360.90 crores and has total revenue of Rs.43,201.23 crores. Bandhan bank has made a growth within 3 years at a faster pace from starting it’s operation in 2015.


Bihar education department pay fixation software niyojit teacher

Pay fixation of salary of Bihar State Government employees as per revised scales is possible as on September 2017. Present salary revision is it for contractual government teachers or niyojit teachers and government staff. Bihar state government’s State Pay Commission had appointed a special committee for considering recommendations made by 7th Central Pay Commission report for India based on this is a report was submitted by this committee to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by end of august 2017. Bihar education department pay fixation software has been released which is now in great demand among around 3 lakh 60 thousand niyojit teachers in Bihar.

Trained niyojit teachers at Bihar will get salary scale as per new pay revision. This new pay fixation software from Bihar education department will be useful for around 360000 niyojit teachers in government scale. New pay revision for niyojit teachers resulted in an additional burden of around Rs.1500 crores for Bihar government. Excluding pay revision for niyojit teachers, the financial burden for Bihar state for implementing new pay scales of Government employees was around Rs.5000 crores.

Bihar education department has released a pay fixation software especially for niyojit teachers of Bihar who are working in contractual basis at Government schools. Bihar government teachers had been waiting for new pay revision as per 7th CPC for past animals going there was a lot of expectation that untrained government teachers and those who are on probationary period will get revised salary scales based on Grade Pay.

But as per pay revision recommendations submitted to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, only trained niyojit teachers working in contractual basis at government schools and those in panchayats will get all benefits of this pay revision.

Niyojit teachers pay fixation software from Bihar education department has made it easy for calculating new salary scales as per 7th Central Pay Commission. Usually when pay revision of salary scales is done as per CPC report, new softwares or calculators or mobile apps are released by private organizations.

Present move by Bihar education department to create a pay fixation software and release it to public within such a short time is every good thing.

Bihar education department pay fixation software

Education Department of Bihar has updated latest software for pay fixation calculations at it’s official website. This is based on new revised pay scale recommendations for Niyojit teachers in Bihar.

Bihar education department pay fixation software can be downloaded directly from official website of Bihar education department

Pay fixation software is in .rar file format which is available from this official download at

Bihar education department pay fixation software


Trained government school teachers / Niyojit teachers working in Government primary schools, middle schools, upper schools at Bihar on contractual basis will be getting all benefits of this new pay revision.

New salary revision for Bihar government teachers and employees will be about 2.52 times of their grade pay and basic pay as they getting as on January 2016. New revised pay scales of Bihar Niyojit teachers will come into effect as on April 2017. All arrears of Bihar niyojit contractual teachers will be given along with salary in coming months or as separate based on decision by government.


10 rupees new note photos features of chocolate colour New Rs.10 notes

New Rs.10 notes are getting released for currency circulation in India by RBI. These 10 rupees new notes in chocolate colour will reach all your hands soon. Specimen copies of 10 rupees new note is released by Reserve Bank of India.

10 rupees new note photos in chocolate colour are getting viral. Even when Indian government is talking about Digital Money and online transactions Reserve Bank is releasing new currency notes of lower denominations. Soon after demonetization RBI had released new Rs,500, Rs.2000 notes. And recently there was news that Rs.2000 notes may get demonetized. As different currencies in India have different sizes, colors it is now getting difficult for everyone to recognize it. In past time blind people used to recognize them through sizes and quality of paper. Now different sizes of currencies of same denominations are released it is difficult for everyone.

Rs.50 and Rs.10 notes are different in sizes than previously released currencies of same denominations. Lower denomination value currency notes are getting popular in India because it is useful for shopping needs of common man in India. Few months back new Rs.200, Rs.50 notes have been released in India with attractive colours.

Now new Rs.10 notes in India are getting released officially by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through it’s announcement made in January 2018.

On knowing about this news about new Rs.10 notes everyone is eager to know about features, specialties of this new currency note. New Rs.10 currency note will have same height like the old Rs.10 note, but the width will be 14mm lesser than older one.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given out it’s new chocolate brown colour Rupees ten note in 2018 which is getting viral in social media.

10 rupees new note – Features, Photos

10 rupees new note

Size and features of new 10 rupees note is as follows,

  • Height will be 63 mm
  • Width will be 123mm
  • Colour – Chocolate
  • Reverse side of new Rs.10 note will have a mark of Konark Sun Temple
  • Signature of this new Rs.10 note will be of Reserve Bank of India governor Urjit Patel
  • Rs.10 numeral will be written in Devnagari script
  • It will also have Swachh Bharat logo with slogan in it
  • See through register on front side with denominational of 10 and portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at centre
  • Ashoka Pillar emblem will be on right side of note

Old Rs.10 denomination notes will not be withdrawn and it will continue to be in circulation. It’s considers that RBI is releasing lower denomination notes like Rs.10, 50, 200 as fake notes are being made for higher denomination value currencies.