Chengannur by election results 2018 dates candidates names winners votes

Everyone has been in wait for announcing of dates of polling at Chengannur bye-elections. Chengannur by elections are scheduled to be conducted in year 2018 at Alappuzha district in Kerala. Dates of elections will be declared now and all candidates of BJP, Congress, LDF has been announced. This will be a triangle competition between political parties like UDF, LDF, BJP at Chengannur assembly constituency. Chengannur by election results 2018 will be announced soon which will bring great changes in political atmosphere of Kerala.

What is reason for conducting of a by-elections at Chengannur in Kerala. It is due to LDF sitting MLA K.K Ramchandran Nair who passed few weeks back. K.K Ramchandran Nair had won this seat for LDF after defeating UDF sitting MLA P.C Vishnunath. BJP candidate during Kerala Legislative Assembly election held in year 2016 was Adv. P.S Sreedharan Pillai. Complete details of Dates of conducting by-elections at Chengannur will be announced soon. Kerala election commission will give notification regarding last dates of filing nominations, withdrawing candidature, publishing of results.

Niyamasabha election (Legislative assembly) at Chengannur constituency in Alappuzha district (Alleppey) will be held soon. All political parties are busy deciding candidates for contesting in Chengannur assembly seat for upcoming bye elections. In present political scenario at Kerala everyone is waiting to know who will be winner of Chengannur by election results 2018 and become new MLA from Chengannur constituency.

What are photos, details and names of candidates who will be contesting for Chengannur by elections 2018. Shobana George will be contesting in this election and it is not clear whether she will be contesting for BJP or BDJS. In last elections Shobana George had participated as an independent candidate and got good portion of votes. This is why political parties are competing to make Shobana George as their candidate.

Election dates of Chengannur By elections

  • Chengannur By-polls Gazette notification date is
  • Last date of filing nominations is
  • Date of scrutiny of nominations is
  • Last date for withdrawal of nominations is
  • Date of Chengannur By-polls is
  • Date of Counting votes and declaration of results is

Chengannur by election results candidates won

Chengannur by election results 2018

Dates of by elections at Chengannur and publishing results will be announced soon.

  • Votes won by LDF candidate Saji Cherian is …..
  • Votes won by UDF candidate D Vijayakumar is …..
  • Votes won by BJP candidate P.S Sreedharan Pillai is …..

Chengannur by election candidates names

Lot of names of celebrities and popular politicians are heard regarding Chengannur by election 2018. Final decisions are take regard fixing candidates for Chengannur bye elections in 2018.

  • LDF – Saji Cherian
  • UDF – D Vijayakumar
  • BJP – P.S Sreedharan PillaiChengannur by election results 2018
  • UDF candidate (Congress) D Vijayakumar

D Vijayakumar is Congress (UDF) candidate at Chengannur constituency in this bye elections. D Vijayakumar is aged 65 years and worked as an advocate earlier. His daughter Jyothi Vijayakumar is also a well known one in politics whose name was recommended during candidate decision.

D VIjayakumar Profile

He graduated from Changanassery NSS College. He worked as KSU Unit Vice President while studying in Changanassery NSS College. He did post graduation in Political science and LLB from Jabalpur University.

Later he served in positions like Chengannur Block President, Jilla Secretary, DCC secretary, INTUC District Vice President, KPCC member. Presently D Vijayakumar is President of Chengannur Karshika Gramavikasana Bank. He is also National Committee member of Akhila Bharatham Ayyappa Seva Sangham.

D Vijayakumar family consists of wife Radhika, two daughters Jyothi Vijayakumar, Lakshmy Vijayakumar.

  • BJP Candidate (NDA) – P.S Sreedharan Pillai

Advocate PS Sreedharan Pillai is BJP candidate contesting at Chengannur. Names of Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shobana George were earlier heard as BJP candidates, but later PS Sreedharan Pillai was fixed as candidate of BJP. Support from BDJS party is also for candidate PS Sreedharan Pillai.

  • LDF candidate (Communist) – Saji Cherian

Communist Party has decided to make Saji Cherian as their LDF candidate at Chengannur. Saji Cherian is CPM Alappuzha Jilla Committee Secretary and a native of Chengannur constituency.

Names heard earlier were Saji Cherian (District secretary) , Vishwambhara Panicker (Budhanoor panchayat president), C Jayachandran (Lawyer’s Union state leader). Name of actress Manju Warrier was heard in connection to Chengannur by election. Manju Warrier will not be contesting as LDF candidate.


Trends Kerala elections website 2018 Chengannur By Election Result

By-election for electing new Chengannur Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) will be held soon in year 2018. Dates of declaring Chengannur election results 2018 will be known soon. All live updates of Chengannur by-polls can be known from official website of Kerala NIC (National Informatics Centre) which is exclusively prepared for updating election results of Kerala. Trends Kerala elections website which can be accessed from url has been popular for past few years.

Trends Kerala elections is a very popular site which helps in knowing up to date information of what is happening at counting stations as counting of votes begins. It makes party supporters and whole Kerala politics lovers eager and thrilling every minute as trailing and leading votes of candidates change every minute.

Most News channels, TV breaking news of election results, candidates trailing leading can be known from NIC website which is managed by Kerala Election Commission. They also have a Kerala Election trends mobile app which had been popular. For knowing about results of Local self government elections in Kerala there is another trends website from Election Commission which can be accessed from But most effective is live updates made through Trends Kerala elections website which gives latest changes in votes counting of candidates from each assembly constituency.

Importance of Trends Kerala elections website comes up in a situation when Chengannur by-polls results are going to be prepared in 2018. Chengannur elections is an important one in political situation that is prevailing at present in Kerala in 2018.

Need for conducting Kerala By-Election at Chengannur Loksabha constituency came up when Chengannur MLA of LDF party K.K Ramchandran Nair passed leading to a vacant seat at Chengannur. To fill up vacancy for Chengannur MLA a By election was scheduled in Chengannur Niyamasabha constituency in 2018. Who will be new MLA from Chengannur who will be going to Kerala Niyamasabha.

Chengannur By-election results 2018 will be known from morning 8.00 am when Trends Kerala elections website will be Live. Trend of counting of votes at Chengannur By-Election 2018 by Kerala Election Department is an important feed for all Kerala news channels.

Trends Kerala elections website 2018

Chengannur assembly constituency elections will be conducted on 2018

Live updates

  • UDF candidate D Vijayakumar won .. votes
  • LDF candidate Saji Cherian won .. votes
  • BJP candidate P.S Sreedharan Pillai won .. votes

Latest Election results at Chengannur constituency at Alappuzha will be known soon.

Website address for Trends Kerala elections is

Kerala Loksabha election results (Parliament), Niyamasabha election results (Legislative Assembly) and by-elections news, votes, candidates won, lost can be known from official Trends website of Kerala election commission managed by NIC.

Trends Kerala elections

LDF, UDF, BJP are three main political parties contesting in elections at Kerala in Chengannur.

Live News Channels in Kerala

Asianet news live

Television channels which have popular Live streaming videos of Election results, breaking news .etc. in Kerala at Youtube channels are,

  • Asianet News
  • Media One News
  • Kairali People TV
  • Manorama News
  • Mathrubhumi News
  • Reporter News

When considering that many other Indian states do not have such a platform to know Live updates of elections, it is actually a good initiative from Kerala election commission.

Kerala Local self government election results including Corporation elections, Grama panchayat, Block Panchayat, District Panchayat, Municipality can be known at


Live Kerala Election Results 2018 Trends website

Chengannur bye-election is upcoming at Kerala and like every year this year also elections results will be available live from Trends official website. Service of Live Kerala Election Results 2018 will have constituency wise candidates who are leading, trailing in the bye-elections at Chengannur. Recently Vengara, Pappanamcode By elections were held in Kerala. UDF candidate Arun Vishnu CK, LDF candidate Saji Cherian, BJP Candidate PS Sreedharan Pillai are contesting at Chengannur.

News updates regarding Live Kerala election results of By-election conducted at Chengannur in Alleppey district is very important in fate of all political parties. Bye polls trends will show the counting results from each polling station and everything will be live from the beginning.The trends website updates will have complete details of each candidate, politician and party that is leading and all.

Kerala Legislative Assembly election for selecting new MLA for 2018 to 2021 will be held at Chengannur soon. Counting of votes and announcing results of the candidates winning in Niyamasabha By elections 2018 will be known soon. Total percentage of voting done at Chengannur will decide response of voters to this by polls.

In this article we will keep you up to date with names of all candidates in various parties like UDF, LDF, BJP who participate in elections.

Chengannur bye elections will be held on  2018 from morning 8 am to evening 5 pm in polling booths at this assembly constituency.

Total percentage of voting at Chengannur is %.

Live Kerala Election Results at Chengannur 2018

Party                         Total votes

  • LDF                        votes
  • UDF                        votes
  • BJP                         votes

Live Kerala Election Results 2018

Trends website from NIC is depended by most TV news channels to know about latest results of candidates who are leading, trailing in each constituency, districts of Kerala in Niymasabha or Assembly elections.

We can know live trends of votes won by LDF, UF Congress, BJP in 2018 Chengannur bye polls.

Official website top check results of Kerala 2016 Assembly polls is

There is also a mobile app from Kerala election commission to know the details about results as soon as votes are counted in counting stations.

Latest live trends on Live Kerala Election Results at Chengannur 2018 will be available from morning on day of counting of votes from 8 am itself.

Casting of votes at Polling booths in Chengannur will continue from morning 8 am to evening 6 pm. As holiday will be given to government, public offices in Chengannur there will be huge number of voters coming to cast their votes.