Latest news about Dileep, Manju warrier daughter Meenakshi dileep – photos, gossips

There are lot of Malayalam actors, actress in Kerala and among them none of their daughters is so famous like Manju Warrier and Dileep’s daughter. This is why everyone call Meenakshi Dileep to be most luckiest one because she is getting all support from audience of Kerala even before she has landed into film industry.

People see Meenakshi Dileep as a talented artiste like her mother Manju Warrier. Is this girl so much talented like her celebrity mother Manju Warrier ? We have to wait and watch her. This is what is happening now.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting each movements of Meenakshi Dileep. Few months back she went n a vacation to America with her father and his second wife Kavya Madhavan. At that time many photos of Meenakshi Dileep had become viral among youth. During Onam and Diwali festival Meenakshi was main discussion of Malayaali audience in Kerala.

So what are latest updates about this Kerala celebrity daughter Meenakshi who is becoming so popular. Many actresses are jealous of attention got by Meenakshi because most of the fear that they will lose their chances if Meenakshi comes to acting.

Many celebrity sons of Malayalam actors, actress had received full support from audience. But this is for first time that a celebrity daughter is getting so much love and affection from people of Kerala.

Even if Meenaklshi’s father and mother is divorced she is getting lot of love from everyone around her. We should all continue giving support and appreciate her talents. During Deepavali 2017 time a video of Meenakshi Dileep was released in which she was seen playing a guitar before her friends. She was also enjoying happily burning crackers with friends during Diwali.

Meenakshi dileep latest news gossips

Latets gossip news to hit Meenakshi Dileep is that a photo of her in swimming dress has been leaked in internet. Even though this picture has been seen by all everyone doubts that it is a fake one of her. It’s because no one thinks that Meenakshi is able to make such a deep dive into swimming pool and a picture of her can be taken like this. It may be of someone else who is similar to Meenakshi and not her.

meenakshi dileep latest news

Almost all pictures of Meenakshi are becoming viral whether she is wearing Saree for first time or playing guitar or her public appearance. Present age of Meenakshi is around 17 years.

Meenakshi Dileep is Grand daughter of Padmanabhan Pillai and her parents are Dileep, Manju Warrier. Now after her father Dileep did a second marriage she has Kavya Madhavan as her step mother.


Kerala Actor Dileep Daughter Meenakshi Birthday Party Stills 2017 – Kavya Madhavan

Latest photo of Meenakshi Dileep taken on 18 September 2017 with actor Koottickal Jayachandran is now popular as it is the newest photo of Dileep’s daughter.As per latest news actor Dileep is arrested in a case in connection with actress attack case. Things have changed for Dileep and Kaya Madhavan with whom Meenakshi Dileep was staying till now. Dileep is now in jail for conspiracy in actress attack case. And Manju Warrier is filing a case to get custody of her daughter back. Old News – Malayalam actor Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi dileep birthday celebration party was celebrated on Wednesday, 12 th April 2017. Meenakshi dileep birthday celebration on 12-04-2017 was celebrated in presence of relatives and friends.

Kavya Madhavan’s parents also attended this B’day function. Dileep – Kavya Madhavan wedding was held in 2017 which was one of the most interesting things in Mollywood. Meenakshi is first daughter of actor Dileep in his marriage with actress Manju Warrier. After divorce with Manju Warrier, their daughter Meenakshi is living at Dileep’s house. There had been gossips that Kavya Madhavan and Meenakshi were having problems and they are living in separate places. When Kavya Madhavan attended birthday function of Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi all such gossips were proved to be fake.

Dileep himself said in an interview that there is no problem between Menakshi and his second wife Kavya Madhavan. There are many gossip stories that are coming out without any reason and trying to disturb his family and movie career. Dileep said to everyone that his daughter Meenakshi and wife Kavya Madhavan are at his house and both of them are happy.

Meenakshi Dileep birthday was arranged as a grand ceremony at their house in presence of close friends, relatives. Reason for conducting such a birthday party was to wave off all allegations that Meenakshi – Kavya Madhavan fight is going on. With release of birthday pictures of Meenakshi in which Kavya Madhavan and her arents took part all doubts have been cleared. Now Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi is living happily with her father and step mother Kavya Madhavan. Let us all pray that they have a happy family life for all years to come.

Happy Birthday Meenakshi Dileep from all Keralites.

Birth day date of Meenakshi Dileep is on 12th April 2017 (12-4-17).

So another doubt for every one is regarding age of Meenakshi Dileep as on 2017. Meenaksh Dileep was born on 12 April 2000 (12-04-2000). So as on 2017 Dileep – Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi is aged 17 years old.

Koottickal Jayachandran with Meemakshi Dileep

Kerala comedy actor, anchor Koottickal Jayachandran photo with Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi Dileep taken on 18 September 2017 has become talk of Kerala.

Kuttickkal Jayachandran posted this photo supporting actor Dileep and his daughter Meenakshi Dileep.

Meenakshi dileep saree photo

Malayalam actor Dileep daughter Meenakshi Dileep wearing a saree for the first time during Onam 2017 was viral in social media. People also searched for details regarding girl who was along with the Meenakshi Dileep in this photo. Later there was news that it was Director Nadirshah’s daughter Aysha who was with Meenakshi Dileep in this photo.

Meenakshi dileep birthday celebration photos

Meenakshi dileep birthday celebration photos

Dileep had made it clear that he got married to actress Kavya Madhavan after getting permission from his daughter Meenakshi.

Dileep and Manju Warrier marriage was on 20th October 1998. After 14 years of married life , problems started in their life. In July 2014 they filed divorce petition and based on this they were given legal separation on 31st January 2015.

Actress Kavya Madhavan’s first husband name is Nishal Chandra with whom she got married on 9th February 2009. Within 4 months problems started in her family life and based on that she filed for divorce in July 2010. Kavya Madhavan got divorce on 30th May 2011 from Nishal Chandra.

On 25th November 2016 actor Dileep and actress  Kavya Madhavan got married in presence of Meenakshi Dileep.

Is Kavya Madhavan’s Return to Malayalam Films after Wedding with Dileep possible

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan Kavya Madhavan wedding with actor Dileep has been a controversial one. Kavya Madhavan’s marriage with Dileep is on 25 November 2016 which was a surprising breaking news in Kerala. It was a moment when all gossips related to Dileep – Kavya celebrities became true. Is Kavya Madhavan acting after marriage possible is biggest question that every one has to ask.

After Dileep’s marriage with Kavya there has been lot of criticism against them by Kerala audience. Public protests against them is so bigger that there are lesser chances that Kavya will be cast in a movie soon. There had been agreements to act in few malayalam movies in 2017. But all of a sudden wedding of Kavya with Dileep came up on 25-11-2016. So there is a big question regarding whether Kavya Madhavan will continue acting after wedding. Usually market value of an actress in film industry gets reduced after their wedding. In case of Kavya Madhavan she was getting lesser chances in past few months. She itself had pointed out that chances for her in Malayalam films is decreasing. In the year 2016 Kavya Madhavan got chance to act in only 2 movies Aakashavani and Pinneyum. And in previous year 2015 she got only one film She Taxi. So there has been a considerable reduction in movies acted by Kavya Madhavan in her filmy career in past years.

So even if she gets married or not there will be no difference. With marriage of Kavya with actor Dileep all people audience turned against them. Lot of protests through social media have been made by people regarding Dileep’s divorce with Manju Warrier and marriage with actress Kavya Madhavan. So Kavya Madhavan acting after marriage is doubtful in coming years. She may look for a come back after several years. There is lesser possibility that Kavya Madhavan’s return to Mollywood after marriage is possible.

As we have seen earlier Kavya Madhavan’s most successful movies where when she acted as pair of Dileep. And when ever chances of Kavya decreased in Mollywood, it was Dileep who came to rescue her by giving chances in his movies. After wedding there are lesser chances for them to act as hero heroine in movies. So last movie of Dileep – Kavya Madhavan is Director Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Pinneyum released in 2016.

Pinneyum movie had a tag line “Ithu Verum Oru Pranayam Kadha Alla” and like these words they got married. In case of Manju warrier who was first wife of Dileep, she did not act in movies after marriage. There had been news reports that Dileep did not like his wife Manju Warrier to act in movies. It was only after Manju Warrier decided to get separated from Dileep, she came back to acting through Roshan Andrews movie ‘How Old Are You’.

Kavya Madhavan had first acted as pair of Dileep in malayalam cinema Chandranudikkunna Dikhil released in 1999. From that movie they acted as hero-heroine in more than 20 movies. And most super hits in Dileep’s career were through his movies with lucky pair Kavya Madhavan.

Even if Malayalam film producers do not give chance to Kavya Madhavan acting after marriage, Dileep who is himself a Producer will try it. There had been talks that a second part of movie Runway is coming up and Kavya Madhavan will be cast in it like first part.

Many gossips news sites pointed out that Kavya Madhavan may never come back to acting and end her life as a housewife. But, Kavya may like this life as a home maker because she is tired of acting for several years and was waiting for a life. And Dileep’s daughter Menakshi has to be taken care of by some one who can give mother’s love. It was Meenakshi who asked Dileep to marry Kavya Madhavan, so she will have to stay with her as mother and look after her daughter.

Along with this as we all know, Lakshyah is an online shopping website started by Kavya Madhavan for designer saris, dress materials .etc. Kavya Madhavan will be running “Lakshyah” boutique.

Kavya Madhavan Personal life

Kavya Madhavan is a native of Nileshwaram district in Kasargod and is aged 32 years now. Her first husband is Nishal Chandra with who she married in 2009 and divorced on 2011. Now Kavya Madhavan is stayng at Vennala in Kochi.

On 25-11-16 Kavya got married to Dileep. This was second marriage of Dileep too, who was earlier married to actress Manju Warrier.

Kavya – Dileep Marriage Photos

Kavya Madhavan Family

Kavya Madhavan’s father is P. Madhavan and her mother is Shyamala. Name of Kavya’s brother is Midhun Madhavan.

Kavya Madhavan Latest Movies

Pinneyum is latest movie of actress Kavya Madhavan which was released in 2016 with Dileep as hero. Before that she acted in “Aakashvani” movie.

Actress Kavya’s Career Graph in Years

  • 2016 – 2 Movies

Pinneyum, Aakashvani

  • 2015 – 1 Movies

She Taxi

  • 2014 – No Films
  • 2013 – 4 Movies

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Upcoming Movies of Kavya Madhavan

There was news that actress Kavya Madhavan is selected as heroine for Director Jeethu Joseph’s new movie in 2017. This news came out before Dileep’s wedding with Kavya. Now situations have changed and there are lesser chances that it will become possible.


Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi Dileep custody case in court filed by mother Manju

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier daughter had divorced her husband and actor Dileep few years back. Who will be guardian of actress Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi Dileep is now main question. After divorce from Dileep, her daughter Meenakshi was living with Dileep. This is a relevant thing to be discussed especially as actor Dileep is arrested. There are inquiries against actress Kavya Madhavan and she may also get arrested in actress attack case.

Recently theer are many evidences against Kavya Madhavan in actress attack case. CCTV visuals of Lakhsya office in Kakkanad in which Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) or some other person came to handover memory card is retrieved.

Also evidence that Sunil Kumar took Rs.2.5 lakhs from Lakshya, which is an online portal managed by Kavya Madhavan and having office at Kakkanad. These evidences against Kavya Madhavan is enough to get her too arrested. Presently Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi Dileep is living with Kavya Madhavan and Dileep in their house.

Actress Manju Warrier and actor Dileep got married in year 1998 and they had a love marriage. They were happily married till 2013, when problems started in their life. Dileep’s love affair with actress Kavya Madhavan started all problems in his family life. In year 2015 Dileep got divorce from first wife Manju Warrier.

After that he denied many news that he is going to get married to Kavya Madhavan. Later all of a sudden surprising everyone he got married to actress Kavya Madhavan in November 2016. Now within 8 months of Dileep’s second marriage, he is in jail for conspiracy case in actress attack incident.

Case for Custody of Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi

At present both Meenakshi’s father Dileep and step mother Kavya Madhavan are involved in a criminal case.

In this situation Meenakshi’s mother Manju Warrier is really concerned about her safety and future. This makes Manju Warrier move to Court to file a case demanding custody of her daughter.

Even Meenakshi who loved her father Dileep might have understood about criminal mind of Dileep. Arrest of actor Dileep has made things easier for Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier To Court for Daughter

Kerala actress Manju Warrier is going to Court to take legal proceedings to get back her daughter Meenakshi from dileep and Kavya Madhavan’s custody.

(മഞ്ജു വാരിയർ  കോടതിയിലേക്ക് മകൾ മീനാക്ഷിക്കു വേണ്ടി )

Actress Maaju Warrier can easily demand custody of her daughter Meenakshi based on present situations. Meenakshi’s father Dileep’s arrest in a criminal case will make proceedings easy for Manju Warrier.

As per latest news actress Manju Warrier is determined to file case in court. If case proceeds as expected, actress Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi will be soon with her. Manju Warrier is a bold woman and will fight hard to get her daughter Meenakshi from hands of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan