Malayalam actress leaked gossips divorce second marriage news photos

Oru Adaar love movie actress Jipsa Beegam, M80 Mossa fame actress Anju Sasi, Palerimanikyam movie fame Mythili are latest victims of Malayalam actress leaked Whatsapp gossips. In case of actress Anju Sasi it is a fake one and in case of Mythili the photos leaked were original ones. Kerala actress Mythili Balchandran is latest one to be affected by leaked gossips in 2017. There is a gossip that actress Mythili photo with an actor has been leaked in social media. Coming to Malayalam actresses there is lot to say about artistes coming from both TV serial and cinema field.

There are many actresses who paved their way from serials to movies and we can see many old actress coming to serials when their chances in films have decreased. Malayalam actress leaked images news is getting common every day with more celebrities getting affected. Divorce rate among Kerala actors, actress is increasing faster. Along with real divorce news of Malayalam actress, there are lot of fake gossips circulating about Kerala celebrities getting split-up.

This is a Complete Celebrity news page for keeping you update in Mollywood and about important things that happen to celebrities from South Indian film industry. Wherever an actress goes whether in Film or Serial one thing that follows them always is gossips. Divorce news and gossips of Kerala celebrities is increasing than Malayalam actress leaked incidents in Mollywood. It’s affecting television serial and Film industry actors, actresses equally.

Earlier only few Malayalam actress leaked incidents were happening in Kerala. Recently number of celebrities who are worried with such incidents in increasing day by day. Now all actresses use Whatsapp or Facebook and they easily come to know that their video or photo is being circulated and they file complaint with Cyber police.

Malayalam Actress, Actors Divorce – Gossips That Became True

Malayalam Actress news about divorces have always been controversial and online media has been criticized. In many cases such gossips had turned out to be true when these celebrity couples actually got divorced later. There seems no end to number of celebrities that get divorced every year.

  • Lena Abhilash

Lena and her husband Abhilash who had love marriage got divorced few years back as they were not able to adjust.

  • Surabhi Lakshmi

Actress Surabhii lakshmi and husband Vipin Sudhakar got divorced in July 2017.

  • Maathu – Jacob

Amaram actress Maathu divorced her husband Dr. Jacob. They had a love marriage, but after 13 years got separated. Now she is living at New York.

  • Divya Unni – Sudhir Sekharan

Divya Unni is Akasha Ganga, Churam fame actress who is divorcing her husband Sudhir Sekharan.

  • Amala Paul – AL Vijay

Malayalam, Tamil actress Amala Paul got married in 2014. She continued acting in movies which started problems which has now led to break up in August 2016.

  • Manya – Satya Patel

‘Joker’ movie fame actress Manya Naidu divorce from husband Satya Patel in 2012. Now actress Manya Naidu is living with family at America and has a daughter.

  • Amrutha Suresh – Bala

Malayalam playback singer Amrutha Suresh and South Indian actor Bala is divorced from September 2016.

  • Revathy – Suresh Menon

Malayalam actress Revathy divorced her husband who is Director Suresh Menon. Most popular films of Revathy in Malayalam film industry are Kakkothikkavile Appooppan Thaadikal, Kilukkam, Devasuram, Maya Mayuram, Raavanaprabhu.

  • Santhosh Pandit Suja
Santhosh Pandit divorced his first wife Suja after 1 year of wedding. He has a son who is with first wife Suja.
  • Sidharth Bharathan Anju M Das

Sidharth Bharathan is son of actress KPAC Lalitha, Director Bharathan. Siddharth divorced his wife Anju M Das in 2014 after 5 years of marriage.

  • Shanthi Krishna – Bajor Sadasivan

Malayalam movie actress Shanthi Krishna divorced for second time from husband Bajor Sadasivan.

  • Dileep – Manju Warrier

Breakup between Dileep and Manju Warrier was one of the shocking ones in Mollywood.

  • Sai Kumar – Prasanna Kumari

Malayalam actor Sai Kumar divorced first wife Prasanna Kumari. Sai Kumar has plans to get married with actress Bindu Panickker.

  • Jythoirmayi Nishanth Kumar

Jythoirmayi, Nishanth Kumar marriage break up happened after 7 years, even though they had a love marriage. Problems between them started after Jyothirmayi did glamorous songs like Sagar Alias Jacky, Naan Avan Allai.

  • Kavya Madhavan – Nishal Chandra

Actress Kavya Madhavan divorced from first husband Nishal Chandra few months after getting married.

  • Soniya Baiju
Soniya Baiju is a Malayalam movie and serial actress. Sonia Biju has been living separately from her husband in 2010.
  • Priyanka Nair – Lawrence Ram

Actress Priyanka Nair filed divorce case at Trivandrum family court, seeking separation from husband Director Lawrence Ram. Priyanka Nair – Lawrence Ram marriage was on 23-5-2012.

Other Mollywood Divorces

  • Mamta Mohandas – Prajith Padmanabhan
  • Mukesh – Saritha
  • K.B Ganesh Kumar – Yamini Thankachi
  • Manoj K Jayan – Urvashi
  • Kalapana – Anil
  • Bagyalakshmi – K Ramesh Kumar
  • Kalaranjini
  • Zeenath (Malayalam extra actress)
  • Kanakalatha
  • Ambika
  • Prathap K Pothan
  • Shankar – Ruparekha
  • Surekha – Sreenivas
  • Babu Raj
  • Thesni Khan
  • Sheela

Malayalam Serial Actress Divorce

  • Neena Kurup – Kannan
  • Maya Moushmi – Udayakumar
  • Manju Pillai – Mukndan Menon

South Indian Actress Divorces

  • Seetha – Parthiban
  • Meera Vasudevan
  • Lakshmi
  • Gayathri Raguram – Deepak Chandrasekhar
  • Bhanupriya – Adarsh Kaushal
  • Nanditha Das – Saumya Sen
  • Charmila – Rajesh
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi – Tanveer
  • Anju Aravind – Devadass
  • Baby Anju – Tiger Prabhakar
  • Priya Raman – Ranjith

Kerala Actress Second Marriages

  • Mathu second marriage

Old Malayalam actress Maathu got married for second time and her wedding was with Anpazhagan from Tamil Nadu.

actress Mathu second marriage

  • Divya Unni – Arun

Malayalam actress Divya Unni second marriage was with Arun Kumar on 5 February 2018 at Sree Guruvayoorappan temple at Texas in Houston.

  • Urvashi

Malayalam actress Urvashi second marriage was held in March 2014 with Sivan (Sivaprasad).

  • Sonu satheesh

Malayalam erial actress Sonu Satheesh second wedding was held on 31 August 2017 with Ajay from Andhra Pradesh.

  • Manya Naidu

Second marriage of Malayalam movie Joker fame actress Manya Naidu was held with Vikas Bajpai in 2013.

  • Gayathri Asokan

Singer Gayatri Ashokan second marriage was with Purbayan Chatterjee on 4 December 2016

Gossips about Malayalam actress leaked Whatsapp news

Below are few incidents of popular actress, actors from Mollywood who are involved in latest controversies with their photos getting leaked.

Jipsa Beegam

Jipsa Beegam is a Malayalam actress who is acting in movie Oru Adaar love with Priya Prakash Varrier. Recently few fake photos of Jipsa Beegam were shared in Whatsapp and she responded to it harshly.

  • Sreeya Ramesh

Serial actress Sreeya Ramesh Whatsapp photo with her movie Azeezia’s producer was shared claiming to be of politician Jose Thettayil. She made Police complaint based on which an arrest was done. Actress Sreeya Ramesh photo was being shared in Whats app with wrong caption, which was pointed out by her in Facebook.

  • Jagathy Sreekumar

When an accident happened to Jagathy Sreekumar a fake news spread that he passed. Gopssip news like this are very bad and is a negative effect of social media.

  • Anjali Aneesh Upasana

Among Malayalam actress leaked gossips, incident of Kerala actress Anjali Aneesh is in top position. Anjali Aneesh Upasana is latest in Mollywood actress list whose made up photos became viral in Whatsapp. A fake selfie of actress Anjali Aneesh Upasana was leaked online by someone. Later actress, anchor Anjali Aneesh said that it’s not her selfie.

  • Vijay Yesudas – Darshana Yesudas

Breakup news of Vijay Yesudas came out recently. On 20 September 2016, Darshana Yesudas wife of singer Vijay Yesudas, said that it’s a gossip, They will not get separated.

  • Bobby Simha – Reshmi Menon
Reshmi Menon and Bobby Simha got married recently. A gossip came out saying that Bobby Simha – Reshmi Menon are heading for divorce.
  • Ajina Menon

Actress Ajina Menon real video leaked few weeks back. She had said that this video was taken while she was staying in a flat with 2 female friends. This video was taken when they were friends and they had leaked it when there was problems among them later. One of them was an actress and was involved in an attack against a restaurant for delay in getting Mutton biriyani.

Malayalam actress leaked images

  • Asha Sarath

In January 2018 a fake photo of actress Asha Sarath was used in advertisement of a dating site app Later based on complaints it was removed.

  • Jyothi Krishna

Recently actress jyothi Krishna got married and after that few fake photos became viral in social media. Some person send these pictures of Jyothi Krishna to her husband and tagged her husband and relatives. After that she came in Facebook live and told that her FB profile was blocked by someone. She asked everyone not to share her fake pictures. Life of Josutty fame actress Jyothi Krishna fake selfie photos was shared in Whatsapp around 2 years back also.

  • Dileep daughter Meenakshi

Now Meenakshi Dileep is celebrity daughter who is very popular in Kerala and this makes her victim to many new controversies like swimming photo .etc.

  • M80 Moosa fame Anju Sasi (Anju Pandiyadath)

Malayalam serial actress Anju Sasi of M80 Moosa has filed complaint with Police after her fake photos were uploaded in Whatsapp, Youtube. Anju Sasi is doing character of Rasiya in the MediaOne channel serial M80 Moosa.

  • Paleri Manikyam fame Mythili

Recent news that broke out in Kerala is that photos of actress Mythili Balachandran the Paleri Manikyam fame heroine have been leaked. Reality of this news is that these photos were original ones taken in year 2013 with her old lover. Later when problems developed between them, he started to blackmail her and has now released these pictures online.

  • Sonu Gowda (Shruthi Ramakrishna)

Personal photos of Kannada, Malayalam actress (best Actor movie fame) Sonu Gowda have leaked. These were pics of Shruthi Ramakrishna with her husband.

  • Sukanya

You tube video of Sukanya with her lover is being shared in Whatsapp. Sukanya is malayalam – tamil – kannada actress who is popular in TV screens, movies. Recently there was fake news that actress Sukanya arrested from a hotel in Goa.

  • Sajitha Betty

Photos of actress Sajitha Betty were spreading in internet few years back. Whethere these were her leaked pics or fake ones is unknown.

  • Sanusha

Recently Sanusha said that she likes Vodka more than Whisky and she does not like Beer. These controversial remarks made her popular once more in news columns. Malayalam actress Sanusha met with an accident was latest fake news in Whatsapp, Facebook. This  message was given out by some one in social media on 30 January 2017 which shocked everyone.

  • Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is Kabali fame actress who acted with Rajinikanth. Radhika Apte also acted in Malayalam movie Haram with Fahadh Faasil. Radhika Apte spicy scenes from Anurag Kashyap’s movie Parched leaked and viral in Whatsapp.

  • Asha Sarath

Drishyam, Papanasam fame Malayalam actress Asha Sarath filed a case that a fake video is being spread online through Whatsapp.

  • Gayathri Arun

Parasparam serial actress Gayathri Arun fake photos, profiles were created by a student from Vembayam in Trivandrum. Based on Gayathri Arun complaint, this person was arrested.

  • Shalu Kurian

Among recent Malayalam actress leaked news name we hear is that of Chandanamazha fame serial actress Shalu Kurian photos. This was from an old malayalam film ‘Calling bell’ in which Shalu Kurian doing scenes of exercise were shared with wrong caption.

  • Athira Santhosh

Serial actress Athira Santhosh from Kerala faced problems when she went to act in Tamil movie Nedunalvadai. Director Selva Kannan tried to abuse her. Now a gossip is viral in Whatsapp that Athira Santhosh video clips have leaked.

  • Amala Rose Kurian

Malayalam serial actress Amala Rose Kurian was mistaken to be another actress Amala who got arrested at Thodupuzha. Amala Rose Kurian informed in Facebook about her innocence and regarding her being mistakenly connected to Amala Palakkad, just because of similarity of names.

  • Rachana Narayanankutty

Marimayam serial fame actress Rachana Narayanankutty’s made up pictures were viral in Whatsup.

  • Lena Abhilash

Actress Lena Abhilash made complaint regarding disturbing Phone calls made by a person throughout day & night.

  • Sreekutty

Sreekutty is malayalam extra actress whose photos, videos are circulating for past few month. Sreekutty acted in small roles in films like Vinodayatra (Molly), Swantham Bharya Sindabad .etc.

  • Beena Antony

There were gossips from years before itself that there were videos of Beena Antony available in internet. This was at a time when Internet was becoming popular in Kerala and at that time only thing people of all ages searched was Beena Antony Film, but everyone was disappointed.

  • Roma Asrani

Roma Asrani photos have been viral in Facebook saying that she was seen kissing with boyfriend in night club.

  • Aparna Nair

Aparna Nair was at first worried when some images were spreading saying that it was “Aparna Nair Bikini Photos”. Aparna Nair told that there is only one bikini photo for which she has posed to camera. She posted a childhood photo of her in underwear, which was one bold reply from her side.

  • Rosin Jolly

Malayalee house fame Rosin Jolly look alike photos of another model was shared in Whatsapp. Rosin Jolly came up with explanation that it was not her.

  • Bhama

Malayalam actresses Bhama, Renjini Jose (singer), Muktha sitting with unknown man became viral few days back. This made Bhama clear doubts and said that it was Renjni Jose’s father who was with them.

  • Samvritha Sunil

In July 2015 a news came out stating that Samvritha Sunil is going to divorce from her husband Akhil. Samvrutha Sunil divorce news was later found to be fake.

  • Ann Augustine

Elsamma Enna Ankutty fame Ann Augustine fake photos were shared online. She filed complaint to find culprit behind this incident. She is daughter of popular malayalam actor Augustine.

  • Manka Mahesh

Manka Mahesh is an old Malayalam serial, movie actress whose made up photos, videos were viral.

  • Saritha S Nair

Solar scam fame Saritha Nair leaked video is one sensational incident that happened in Kerala. This can be said to be one highest watched leaked video clip ever in history of Kerala. Saritha Nair acted in short film Gulfukarante Bharya.

Malayalam Actress Arrested Cases

  • Amala Palakkad

Actress Amala who is native of Palakkad got arrested on 22 October 2016 at Muvattupuzha. Amala Palakkad was brought to this house by racket for a film actor doing shooting at Thodupuzha.

  • Greeshma Arrest

Malayalam serial actress Greeshma from Kannur got arrested for being involved with a racket in Kerala.

  • Kannur serial actress arrest

Few serial actresses were arrested from Kannur from a flat. Theye were supporting artistes in TV serial industry.

  • Actresses arrested for attacking Uber driver

In a schoking incident few serial actresses arrested a Uber taxi driver. This happened at Kochi and arrested one were Angel Baby, Sheeja, Clara.

  • Dhanya Mary Varghese

Actress Dhanya Mary Varghese was arrested in a case in which her father in law was involved in a flat cheating case.

  • Bindu

A serial actress Bindhu wo was running a beauty parlour in Trivandrum was arrested.

  • Ranjini Jose father arrest

Actress Ranjini Jose’s father was arrested in a cheating case.

  • Resmi R Nair arrest

Bikini model Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan got arrested in a case reently and were left on bail.

Malayalam Serial Actress Divorce

  • Neena Kurup – Kannan
  • Maya Moushmi – Udayakumar
  • Manju Pillai – Mukndan Menon

South Indian Actress Divorces

  • Seetha – Parthiban
  • Meera Vasudevan
  • Lakshmi
  • Gayathri Raguram – Deepak Chandrasekhar
  • Bhanupriya – Adarsh Kaushal
  • Nanditha Das – Saumya Sen
  • Charmila – Rajesh
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi – Tanveer
  • Anju Aravind – Devadass
  • Baby Anju – Tiger Prabhakar
  • Priya Raman – Ranjith

Actress Divya Unni Divorce and second marriage news, photos

Malayalam actress Divya Unni divorce happened one year back. Now actress Divya unni got married for second time to Arun Kumar who is working as engineer at Houston and is a native of Trivandrum. Divya Unni second marriage was held on 5-2-2018 and her marriage photos are now trending everywhere.

In Molywood film industry divorces are getting common like an usual event. News about Divya Unni divorce came out on August 2016. It was few days back we heard about Amala Paul – AL Vijay divorce. Divya Unni seemed to be happily married for ever. She also kept away from acting in movies. After marriage Divya Unni had went away to America with her husband. Few months earlier Divya Unni was seen in stage shows, dance programs, interview .etc. Did the decision of Divya Unni to come back to acting or dance programs led to this split up. Or is there any other problems between Divya Unni and husband that led to this break up.

Actress Divya Unni is just 34 years old when this incident happens. Divya Unni’s first husband is Sudhir Sekharan. Divya Unni got settled at Houston, Texas in United States after her marriage. She is Director of Sreepadam School of Arts in Houston. There is a branch of this Dance school in Kochi, Kerala. She has come back to Kerala after she decided to get separated from her husband. Now she is running this dance school at Kerala. Everyone who heard about Divya Unni split up news was not ready to accept it. Most of them wanted to know what happened to Divya Unnis married life. It was few days back they all saw her happily in tv show Onnum Onnum 3 at Mazhavil Manorama channel.

Hearing about truth Divya Unni divorce everyone wanted to know whether it was a fake or true incident. Gossips in the name of actress are common in Mollywood. There is more authenticity to this news. It’s real. Divya Unni Divorce news came out from Vanitha Magazine.

Divya Unni divorce happened few months back itself in America. Now she is back to India to start her dance school. She will also be going to America, to take classes for students studying in dance school at US.

Divorce news of Divya Unni was revealed as part of it’s promo for upcoming August 2016 issue. In this magazine Divya Unni’s interview is there. She will reveal about here reasons for break up in marriage.

Second marriage of actress Divya Unni

Divya Unni got married to Arun Kumar at Houston in Texas on 5th February 2018.

Divya Unni Divorce News

Divya Unni says that it is with great pain that she has come from USA to Kochi in Kerala. She says that Separation from Partner for entire life is really difficult for her. Still she has come back to Kochi to get settled. So what are the reasons behind it. We will soon know what made Divya Unni divorce happen.

Divorce lawyers of Kerala celebrities are having a good time getting them separated. Lot of Celebrity divorces are coming up in Mollywood among actors, actress.

Photoshoot of Vanitha Onam Issue by Divya Unni

Divya Unni Interview about break up is in Vanitha Magazine which  is upcoming on August 15-31 Onam issue.

Divya Unni Family Photos

Husband of Divya Unni is Sudhir Sekharan.  Divya Unni – Sudhir Sekharan couple has two children Arjun, Meenakshi.

Divya Unni’s sister Vidhya Unni is also an actress in Mollywood. Divya Unni’s father is Unnikrishnan, mother is Uma.

Divya Unni Complete Family Photos

Malayalam Actress Divya Unni Photos

Divya Unni Divorce

Divya Unni, Vidhya Unni Onnum Onnum Moonnu Show Episode with Rimi Tomy

Divya Unni Profile

Divya Unni is a well known classical dancer, actress. Actress Divya Unni movie career started through film Neeyethra Dhanya in year 1987. Later she did around 25 malayalam movies. Among them most popular of Divya Unni are Usthad, Akasha Ganga, Churam, Sooryaputhran, Oru Maravathoor Kanavu.

Other Popular Malayalam Films of Divya Unni are as follows.

  • Kalyana Sowgandhikam
  • Katha Nayagan
  • Varnapakittu
  • Pranayavarnangal
  • Ayushman Bhava
  • Friends
  • Aayiram Meni

Churam is a Malayalam movie in which Divya Unni has acted traditionally glamourous. Manoj K Jayan is hero of Churam, in which she made a hot performance amazing everyone.

Malayalam actress divorce in Kerala has increased considerably and recent was Amala Paul, Shanthikrishna, Amrutha Suresh, Manju Warrier .etc.

Divya Unni Cover Page Model of Vanitha August 15-31, 2016 Issue

In Vanitha August 15-31, 2016 issue , there is a interview of her. In it she says she is now living for her children, after her separation. What could be reason for it. It is not actually explained in it. May be she will soon reveal about it, by opening up mind sooner.

It’s expected that Divya Unni will reveal about her personal life problems that led to divorce in this issue. Vanitha magazine date is August 15-31, 2016.

As an actress Divya Unni had the luck to act with most heroes in Mollywood. Last Malayalam movie of Divya Unni is Musafir released in 2013.


Drishyam, Papanasam Fame Actress Asha Sarath Against Leaked Videos

2 people who were behind the leaking of Asha Sarath Video Leaked was arrested by Police. They were natives of Malappuram and they had uploaded the video of Asha Sarath through a fake Facebook account. The arrest was made based on the complaint by Asha Sarath, to find out the person who has leaked the video clips of Asha Sharath.

Malayalam actress Asha Sarath has acted in movies like Drishyam with Mohanlal and it’s remake Papanasam with Kamal Hassan. She is only of the many South Indian actresses have always been the victims of leaked videos. Many of them were original ones, especially in Bollywood, Kollywood.etc. But in this it is fake-one and so she made a complaint, because it’s affecting her reputation. Asha Sarath Video is the latest one in this list. With modern social networking sites like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook.etc. it has become very easy for people to release such videos.

And many were found to be fake-ones or of similar looking models or others who resembled like that. Recently it has become common in Mollywood that untrue, false made up videos in the names of actresses are released. Asha Sarath Video clips have become viral through and is downloaded by thousands of people. Even though they know that it’s not original and is a fake-one the demand never ceases, it’s shared, allover the internet. It seems there is no one to take control over it or sometimes impossible to control because it gets shared and in modern scenario it is called ‘viral videos’. These kind of unoriginal videos of many malayalam actresses have been released and shared through Whatsapp.

Gayathri Arun, Kavya Madhavan, Swetha Menon, Aparna Nair, Saritha Nair. The latest victim of these kind of mischief by people is the actress Asha Sarath. Presently Asha Sarath is a well known celebrity.

Asha Sarath is a classical dancer and she had made her entry into tv serials and then into movies in malayalam, tamil.

Case Filed in Asha Sarath leaked video incident news

Asha Sharath filed a complaint with Police authorities regarding a whats app video which is circulating for past few days, claiming to be that of her.

Asha Sarath leaked video

She said that she has raised her voice against this, to ensure that no such things happen in future to others. Asha Sarath is also of the opinion that such activities should be punished and brought before law.

Asha Sarath Filmography

Malayalam movies of Asha Sarath are Varsham, Zachariayude Garbhinikal, Buddy, Ardhanaari, Karmayodha, Angels.

Tamil movies of Asha Sarath are Thoongavanam, Papanasam.

Asha Sarath has requested a cyber cell investigation regarding a video spreading with her name tagged to it.

Similar Issue to Gayathri Arun

Gayathri Arun the Parasparam fame Malayalam Actress Leaked photos had been viral in Whatsapp and Facebook. Her fake-profile page was created and used by a guy at Thiruvananthapuram. The arrest of this person was made on Tuesday, 28-07-2015.

Case Filed Against Asha Sarath Video

In Reality – The news that a case was filed against the persons who uploaded, shared or send the Asha Sarath video has actually made more persons know about the existence of such a vid. Lakhs of people are looking allover the web and asking their friends in Whatsapp whether they have it. What are the thoughts of malayali’s at present. Even when they know that it is a fake-unoriginal one they want to see it.

When cases of celebrities in such leaked case videos are handled, no news should be given to media regarding the investigation , till the real culprit is found out and all videos are erased. This may not be possible , but at least some publicity for such videos can be avoided.