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Malayalam movie Sudani from Nigeria got released in March 2018. This small movie is becoming a super hit in Kerala which makes everyne eager to know details about Sudani from Nigeria cast. Director of this movie is Zakariya Mohammed. Producers of this movie Sudani from Nigeria are Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid.

Among Sudani from Nigeria cast the lead roles are handled by Soubin Shahir and Samuel Abiola Robinson. Actor Soubin Shahir does role of Football manager Majeed and Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson did role of Sudani (Sudu).

Sudani from Nigeria movie is getting lot of positive reviews from audience. This low budget film has touching dialogues, emotional scenes which satisfies audience. Story of this film is based on Sevens football tournaments conducted in places around Malappuram district. It is a common game in Malappuram which is the only place in Kerala having highest football fans. Watching a movie like Sudani from Nigeria with theater audience in Malappuram will give you the greatest experience.

There is no complicating story or climax suspense scenes in Sudani from Nigeria movie. It is all about a Nigerian football player who comes to join a football club at Malappuram and how his life changes within a matter of days. How the fate of Sudani (Samuel) affects the life of club manager Majeed (Soubin Shahir) is shown in this movie. Release date of Sudani from Nigeria was on 23 March 2018 and it is running successfully in theaters as an Easter – Vishu release film.

There is no importance for any heroine character in this story and this proves that there is no need for a celebrity to make a film successful. Only thing needed is a good story that touches your mind and you don’t even need any mass dialogues.

Shooting locations of Sudani from Nigeria are Malappuram, Nigeria, Ghana.

Sudani from Nigeria cast names

Malayalam movie Sudani from Nigeria cast has many new face artistes who has done well. Artistes who got greatest attention were characters played like Majeed’s mother, Latheef, Kunjippa, Beeyumma, Jameela, Majeed’s father and Sudani. Actresses Savithri Sreedharan and Sarasa Balussery who did roles of aged characters in this movie got attention of everyone due to their amazing performance. Actor who played role of aged Kalari expert, marriage broker who takes Majeed to see brides and friends of Majeed (Soubin) had done their part very well.

African artistes who were shown as grand mother and sisters of Sudani (Sudu) also got attention of audience.


  • Role of character Majeed was by actor Soubin Shahir.
  • Role of character Sudani / Sudu was by actor Samuel Abiola Robinson.
  • Role of character Majeed’s father was by actor KTC Abdulla.
  • Role of character Rajesh was by actor Lukman Lukku.
  • Role of character Kunjippa was by actor Abhiram Pothuval.
  • Role of character Latheef was by actor Navas Vallikkunnu.
  • Role of character Naserkka was by actor Sidheek Kodiyathur.
  • Role of character Bavakka was by actor Ashraf Thangal.


Role of character Jameela was by actress Savithri Sreedharan.
Role of character Beeyumma was by actress Sarasa Balussery.

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Sudani from Nigeria cast african

Sudani from Nigeria review

Rating for Malayalam cinema Sudani from Nigeria is getting close to 4 out of 5 based on audience reviews. We too watched this film and our experience was that it was not like usual commercial movies. Sudani from Nigeria movie was like a real story happening before our eyes and we were experiencing each moments like we were standing there.

Even if you are a football fan or not this is a must watch movie. There is no football matches shown in climax scenes like we expect in sports story based films. This film has no similarity to earlier released malayalam movies like 1983, Karinkunnam 6S, Captain .etc. Malayalam film Sudani from Nigeria discusses about story of people at Malappuram who loves football than anything else. In this film more importance is not given to football matches but to life of football players and club managers.

Verdict of movie Sudani from Nigeria is that it’s a must watch film which is entirely different from commercial films.

Rating 4/5