Statement of Pay fixation Kerala revised scales calculation pay revision

According to the recommendations made by Tenth Pay Revision Commission for preparing Statement of Pay Fixation Kerala for Government employees. We have tried to provide all relevant information required for you to calculate the pay fixation and submit the Statement of Pay Fixation form regarding revised scales as on 1 July 2014 (1-7-2014).

Report prepared by 10th Pay Commission was passed on 20 January 2016 by Cabinet under UDF Congress led Government. The New Pay Scales for Kerala Govt Employees along with the latest changes in Footwear Allowance, Special Allowance, Compensatory Allowance, Risk Allowance, Non-Practising Allowance, Uniform Allowance, Additional Special Allowance, Permanent Travelling Allowance, Permanent Conveyance Allowance was published.

Time Bound Higher Grade promotion is available for Teachers under Teaching staff and Non Teaching staff in schools. DCRG is a measurement gratuity and through this Rs 7 lakh limit was increased to to Rs 14 lakh.  Kerala government pay scale calculator is a very useful software and shared by sites like Many rules and steps are involved in the calculation of Statement of Statement of Pay Fixation Kerala for revised salaries. The Rules for Fixation of Pay in Revised Scales will come into effect from 1/7/2015.

Promotions made after 1/7/2014 will be getting the salary according to Pay Revision 2016. The salary scale of LD clerk in Kerala is checked by people who are seeking ways to celebrate it.

Statement of Pay Fixation Kerala

The latest pay scales for 2014 has been updated and the Master Scale revisions of Kerala.


Arrears will be issued as 4 installments as cash payments on the dates 1-4-2017, 1-10-2017, 1-4-2018, 1-10-2018.

Special Commando Allowance

15% of basic pay is given as Special Commando Allowance for Commandos in Police Department.

Special Allowance to Differently Abled Employees

Rs.800 per month as Special Allowance to Differently Abled Employees.

Education Allowance to Parents of Differently Abled children

Rs.600 pm as Education Allowance to parents of Differently Abled children.

Rent Recovery

Those who are in the scale of pay of and above Rs. 35700 to Rs.75600 will get a deduction of 2% from their basic pay.

Spectacle Allowance

Through this allowance an amount of maximum Rs. 1200 can be reimbursed in 5 years.

Footwear Allowance

Rs. 450 per year can be reimbursed as Footwear Allowance.

Medical Reimbursement Benefits

It will be same as in previous years.

House Building Advance

House Building Advance amounting to 50 times the Basic Salary Pay and to a maximum of Rs. 20,00,000. (Twenty Lakhs)

Earned Leave Surrender

surrender of earned leave for 30 days per year.

Leave Travel Concession

It will be same as in previous years.

Child Care Allowance

Rs.1500 pm to a maximum of Rs. 18000 per year is allowed as Child Care Allowanceto female employees and single parent male employees.

Traveling Allowance

Traveling Allowance will be based on the Class of Travel, Air Journey, Mileage Allowance, Incidental Expenses (Road, Rail, Air), Daily allowance, Loading and unloading charges,Reimbursement of room rent, Taxi fare, Auto Rickshaw fare on tours.

Organ Transplantation Special Leave

Special leave of 90 days given to Kerala Government employees who undergo organ transplantation surgery.

Statement of Pay Fixation Kerala

Pay fixation Calculation for Part Time Contingent Employees

The Fixation of Pay for Part-Time Contingent Employees and Statement of Pay Fixation Kerala in revised scale is as follows,

Basic Pay = Existing Basic Pay as on 1-7-2014 + Increments due + 80% of Dearness Allowance + Fitment Benefit of 12% of the Existing Basic Pay + Service Weightage @ 1⁄2% (Half percentage) for each completed year of service upto maximum 15%