Sreeya Ramesh Whatsapp Photo Fake News Malayalam Actress

Arrest in Sreeya Ramesh Whatsapp Picture Case happened few days after she filed complaint. Latest news regarding this incident is that the person who has posted fake news about Sreeya Ramesh was taken into custody based on complaint filed by her. Malayalam Actress Sreeya Ramesh whatsapp photo has been becoming viral for past few days.

Actress Sreeya Ramesh may be unknown to you, but on seeing her photo you will immediately recognise her, because she is seen in many supporting roles in television serials, movies. Subin Suresh is the person who was taken into custody by Police on 3-4-2016 at Thiruvananthapuram. Sreeya Remesh has informed everyone about it through he FB post in which she posted about how she went to meet the person who is in custody. She asked him what was the reason that made him post untrue news about her with the photo of another person. He said that it was just for a fun or joke he did like that. She said that this person begged her sorry and asked her not to go forward with the case, because he has a family, wife and children.

She did that she was really happy  that Police arrested the person behind this and that the investigation is going on. Actress Sreeya has strongly criticized the way people of Kerala are becoming silly and doing all types of mistakes and spoiling the career and family of a woman without thinking or inquiring the truth behind it. All these are the side-effects of social media impact of malayali youth. She also asks whether people would have made up such a controversial fake news , if it has been their sister or mother. Now it is becoming common that actresses in Kerala are facing such problems and it was only in recent past that actresses like Shalu Kurian, Asha Sarath .etc. had such biter experiences with fake news.

Sreekutty Remesh alias Sreeya Ramesh had recently revealed that her photo with a person is being shard saying that it is a controversial one with a politician.

For past few weeks such photos of actress Sreeya Ramesh were being shared by people. Most of them did not even know about the actress and the reality behind such photos.

So Sreeya made a Facebook post in her official page at “One picture of mine circulating in FB, Whatsapp saying that the person i am with is politician Mr.Jose Thettyayil. But actually that is my new movie “Aneezia” producer. A case has been filed with Cyber cell regarding this, so do not share this photo”

Actress Sreeya Ramesh Whatsapp Photo

This is Whatsapp picture that is shared in social media with wrong caption. It was actress Sreeya Remesh with Producer of one of her recent movies. This picture was shared by a person with wrong caption, accusing her to stand with Jose Thettayil.

Sreeya Ramesh Whatsapp Photo

Based on complaint by Sreeya Ramesh, real culprit in this case of Malayalam actress leaked photo is taken into custody.

Photo of Sreeya Ramesh with Aneezia Movie Producer

Family of Actress Sreeya Ramesh

Kerala Actress Sreeya Ramesh is married to Mr. Remesh Nair and they have 2 children.

Actress Sreeya / Sreekutty became recognised through her roles in the serial “Mayamohini” as Police officer. Later her role in the serial “7 Rathrikal” (Ezhu Rathrikal) was also great.