Malayalam Actor Sreejith Ravi Arrested for Misbehaving to Palakkad School Students

Sreejith Ravi is a Malayalam actor who has been doing character, villain roles in Mollywood films. He is a familiar one to audience through performance in Punyalan Agarbathis movie of Jayasurya.

Actor Sreejith Ravi arrested incident happened for misbehaving to school students in Palakkad. Arrest of Sreejith Ravi was made based on complaint given by School Principal. There had been many attempts from Police to save him from case. Girls who gave complaint was threatened by Police. This became a big issue which attracted media’s attention. Higher Police officials, Child-line activist .etc. came to know about this incident, which led to arrest of Sreejith Ravi. Based on this actor Sreejith Ravi arrested from shooting location in Kollemcode in Palakkad on Thursday, 1 September 2016.

Sreejith Ravi is being questioned by Police. Many people thought that it could be just a gossip or false news. This incident brings shame to whole Kerala, where such  incidents are regularly happening. This type of misbehavior from an actor in Mollywood is really shocking. Sreejith Ravi’s father TG Ravi has acted as villain in old Malayalam movies. TG Ravi did not do any such activities like his character outside acting. Sreejith Ravi’s incident will surely disappoint his father TG Ravi. Malayalam actor Sreejith Ravi is married with wife and son. How will his family react to this situation ?. Will this incident lead to Sreejith Ravi divorce in near future.

Incident that led to Sreejith Ravi Arrested case happened on Saturday, 3 August 2016.

He came near to private school in Pathirippalam at Ottappalam in Palakkad district. Sreejith Ravi came to this place by driving a Duster car. He came to shooting location in Palakkad for his latest film.

While he was passing by this school, he saw few students coming from school. He tried to flash his private parts at them. Later he stepped out from his car and took selfie with them while misbehaving. Students cried out loudly and ran away.

Sreejith Ravi Arrested Case Details

They took note of Vehicle number in car and also spotted actor clearly. 15 students had jointly made complaint to School Principal and Police. On filing complaint at Police station, it was found that car owner is Sreejith Ravi. But he denied of any such incidents. Later Police asked girls who filed complaint to come to Police station. They were threatened by Police and were asked to withdraw complaint. One of them tried to commit suicide. With this incident, many parents, locals .etc. got determined to get justice.

Based on this Director General of Police informed that actions will be taken against culprit. District Collector P Marykutty gave instructions to Ottappalam Sub Collector P.B Nooh for giving a detailed report in this incident. Child-Line activists also came to inquire about this incident at Palakkad. With these recent happenings, Police had no other option than to take Sreejith Ravi into custody. Based on this Sreejith Ravi has been arrested from shooting location in Kollemcode at Palakkad as per POSCO law.

Sreejith Ravi Arrested News Video

What is POSCO ?. It is a law implemented for Protection of Children from Sexual-Offenses. Sreejith Ravi will be brought before Magistrate for further proceedings. Case in which Sreejith Ravi arrested is a Non-Bailable law as per IPC Section 509.

Sreejith Ravi Arrested

Sreejith Ravi Family, Photos

Sreejith Ravi is son of Malayalam actor TG Ravi who did hundreds of roles in Yesteryear Mollywood movies. No description is needed to know about Sreejith Ravi’s father TG Ravi.

Name of actor Sreejith Ravi’s wife is Sajitha.

Sreejith Ravi – Sajitha couple has two children Rijrashwa Sreejith and Ritunjay Sreejith.

Sreejith Ravi Family

  • Father – TG Ravi (T. G. Ravindranathan)

  • Wife – Sajitha Sreejith
  • Sons – Ritunjay Sreejith, Rijrashwa Sreejith

Sreejith Ravi in Punyalan Agarbathis

Thuthuru thuthuru thu thumbi fame Sreejith Ravi in Malayalam movie Punyalan Agarbathis.

Punyalan Agarbathis movie role of Sreejith Ravi

Sreejith Ravi Profile, Filmography

Mayookham is first Malayalam movie of actor Sreejith Ravi which was released in 2005. Later he acted in more than 50 movies in Mollywood. Some of his popular films are as follows.

  • Vedivazhipadu
  • Punyalan Agarbattis
  • Urumbukal Urangarilla
  • Anyarku Praveshanamilla
  • Aakashvani
  • Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla