Tamil Malayalam Actress Celeb’s Voting 2016 Assembly Elections

On 16 May 2016 elections are being held at Kerala, Tamilnadu, Assam, Puducherry, Bengal. South Indian Actress voting 2016 updates, news, photos will be brought to you as it happens. Tamil Malayalam celebrities voting photos from the Legislative assembly elections polling booths are live in many tv channels and online media.

It is because celebrities are always the center of attention and others will inquire whether they have cast votes or not. The trend at present is that most of the South Indian actors and actresses will cast their votes and will post photo of their finger with ink in it in their Facebook profile. This is to show how much valuable it is to do voting and elect the new MLA’s for States and show the power of democracy. On 16th May 2016 Kerala Assembly Elections take place and by 19th May we can know the celebrity candidates who have won in the elections.

Many tv news channels are waiting outside the polling booths to take videos and photos of actress, actors who come to polling stations to put their votes. As the 2016 Kerala Niyamasabha elections are coming in May 2016, everyone is looking out to know who are the malayalam actors actress Kerala elections in various assembly constituencies. The 2016 Kerala elections has been a great political event where lot of celebrities are contesting this time, unlike older times. Now Kerala is also turning into a Tamilnadu style politics where lot of actors and actresses come to become candidates of political parties in the elections. In Tamilnadu celebrities are worshiped like Gods and their entry into politics is always considered as a great thing. It is unknown whether it will work for Kerala elections.

There are situations in Kerala politics where actors like Innocent and Ganesh Kumar had become MLA, MP. This is the main thing that made Political parties decide to get the support of actors and actressin contesting in elections.

Photos of South Indian Actress Voting 2016

   South Indian Actress Voting

Actors who won in Kerala 2016 Niyamsabha Election are only a few.  Mukesh won from Kollam Assembly constituency as LDF candidate

KB Ganesh Kumar won from Pathanapuram constituency as LDF candidate against Jagadish (Congress) and Bheeman Raghu (BJP)

These are the photos of malayalam celebrities who cast their votes at polling booths in Kerala on Monday, 16 May 2016. Lot of actors, actress from South India in Malayalam, Tamil movies have cast their votes on Legislative Assembly polls.

Kavya Madhavan posted photo of her after putting vote.

Kerala Soorya First transgender Vote

Kerala transgender Soorya had cast her vote at Vattiyoorkavu constituency.

She and husband Abhilash came to do voting for Niyamasabha elections on 16 May.

Surya was born as a male and had recently done surgery to become a female.

She is popular through Asianet comedy stars as an artiste.

Who are Malayalam Actors Actress Kerala Elections ?

Bheeman Raghu

Malayalam actor Bheeman Raghu is contesting from the Pathanapuram constituency as BJP candidate and he was in 3rd place in voting when results came.


Indian cricket player Sreesanth is BJP candidate who is contesting from Trivandrum and he ended up in third place.

Everyone is desperately waiting to know who are the Kerala actors and actresses contesting in the 2016 Niyamasabha Assembly Elections.


Actor Jagadeesh is contesting in Pathanapuram constituency and he was defeated by KB Ganesh Kumar.


Actor Mukesh is a candidate contesting from Kollam Assembly constituency and he won in the elections.

The candidates of all partoes have been decided and everyone is waiting top know which celebrities are goning to win in the Niyamasabha elections 2016.

Candidates Not participating in 20216 Assembly polls

Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi has became the Rajyasabha member and will not contest in elections from Kerala.

The name of Suresh Gopi was heard months before the Election campaigns started in Kerala, from the time of Panchayath elections itself. Suresh Gopi was believed to contest in the Niyamasabha elections 2016 as BJP Candidates from a constituency in Thiruvananthapuram. But in the last moment Suresh Gopi decided not to contest in Assembly polls, because he thought that he will not get a right position as he expected in the BJP party if he won.

KPAC Lalitha

At first Malayalam actress and wife of Late Bharathan and mother of Siddarth Bharathan was getting ready to contest in Assembly polls in 2016 from the Vadakkancherry constituency. Later she informed that she is not going to contest in elections.


Actor Siddique is not participating in the Assembly elections.


Another name that arise during the candidate decisions was Mohanlal. But he denied any such news.

Manju Warrier

After the great come back of Malayalam actress Manju Warrier to film industry she had a heroic appearance. Manju Warrier name was heard first in the 2016 Assembly Elections at Kerala. But Manju Warrier denied of any such news.

Kalabahavan Mani

Actor Kalabhavan Mani was believed to contest in 2016 Elections from a constituency in Thrissur, even though he was repeatedly saying he will not contest in elections. Anyway no one could not know the truth because he unexpectedly passed in March 2016.

Salim Kumar

Salim Kumar was another actor who was considered to participate in the elections. But he said that in Kerala , the people consider politicians to thieves and he does not want to contest in an election and become a politician and being called as a thief. Salim Kumar is known to make harsh direct comments on all issues and this was also a bold move by him. But Salim Kumar said that he will do campaign promotions for his friend and actor Siddique in the 2016 elections.

As it is early morning the photos are being updated only. We will add more photos of South Indian actress voting 2016 and will bring it to you Live as soon as it is updated.