Photos, News of Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress, Pranayam, Santhosh Pandit’s Heroine

30-07-2015 – Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress case investigation news has not been updated for past few days after Lijin her friend was arrested. The recent news is that he was taken to Martuthoorkadavu bridge to get more evidence.

It was confirmed that Serial Actress Shilpa was in love with her friend Lijin and there was problems between them on the day of incident as per eye witnesses. This has led Police take custody of Lijin from a petrol pump near Kattakkada on 23rd July. Lijin was hiding after the news came out that Shilpa’s body was found. There has to be some sort of mistake from his part which made him hide. On questioning it was found that Lijin and Shilpa had a row of fight and he slapped her on face. Shilpa became sad of this incident and walked towards the river. Lijin made a statement that he jumped into river herself. We have updated all details regarding this incident and made this article a case diary of Shilpa serial actress for further reference for all who are interested to know what happened and what is the latest news about it.

This arises the question that why did not Lijin not try to save her or inform people around that place that she has jumped into water. Instead he had gone into hideout as soon as news came out about Shilpa malayalam serial actress. Police is investigating what are the main things that had happened and presently he is arrested regarding forcing her to commit-suicide. Shilpa malayalam serial actress who was popular among audience was studying for Plus 2 at Sasthamangalam RKD Memorial Higher Secondary School. She was aged just 19 years and had lot of heights in film industry to reach. Everyone knows Shilpa as the Santhosh pandit movie heroine and recently she is also popular after she did the role of Ranjitha in Chandanamazha serial in Asianet channel.

Silpa also acted in malayalam tv serials like Pranayam, Soubhagyavathi, Meghasandesham .etc. She also acted in tamil movie Chiraku and in the malayalam cinema Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum by Director and actor Balachandra Menon. This film had been completed and waiting for release.

Photo of Lijin who is arrested in connection with Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress case that happened at Maruthurkadavu in Karamana river at Thiruvananthapuram.

Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress

In the Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress incident she was in love with Lijin who was a photographer who took photos of marriage functions. He also worked in studio at Neyyattinkara.

He had lot of friends and was popular among his neighborhoods. But none of them even thought that Lijin could be involved in it. Lijin was from Ottasekharamangalam at Trivandrum. The case investigation was done by Circle Inspector of Thampanoor and later by Fort Assistant Commissioner.

Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress 

The career of Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress started after she did the role of heroin e in the cinema Jithu Bhai Enna Chocolate Hero. Silpa has also been part of Santhosh Pandit movies like Minimolude Achan , Kalidasan Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu. Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress – Facebook profile page.

Shilpa’s Parents were Shaji and Suma. On further interrogation it was found that Shilpa’s father and mother did not like their daughter having friendship with Lijin. They wanted her to become popular and do stage shows, dance, act in films.etc. But lijin did not want her to do dancing and acting.

This was because he doubted that he may lose her if she becomes a popular celebrity. On the very next day of the incident, a program was scheduled in Tamilnadu. Both Lijin and Shipa quarreled regarding this. Shilpa Chandanamazha Serial Actress was in such a condition that she could not disobey her parents and lover.