Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress Chandanamazha, Pranayam, Santhosh Pandit’s Heroine

Love affair of Lijin and Shilpa started only recently and it was from a marriage function for which she was doing hosting. He was anxious of Shilpa achieving new heights in film industry and thought that he may lose her.  According to him, Shilpa malayalam serial actress had jumped into the river while he was there.

The main question is that why did not he try to save her or take help or inform near by people  regarding it. This has made Police investigate the chances whether Lijin pushed her into it or not. During interrogation the statements given by him about actress Shilpa and the incident happened on that day was entirely different in several points. This has made Police decide to get Lijin in Custody for more questioning. Chandanamazha fame serial actress Shilpa’s friends have been questioned and these are the details said by them as updated in media. Lijin and Shilpa were in love but her parents were not interested in this affair. Lijin was a photographer and she used to go to all places she went.

Lijin did not like Shilpa doing dance stage shows, but she insisted on doing it. On the very next day of this incident a program was scheduled in Tamilnadu and her parents were going to take her for it. On that day she also went to a friend’s house without saying to Lijin. These things made Lijin angry with her and they quarreled and he slapped on her face, according to the statement by her friend. Acording to her friends, she was actually struggling between the demands of her parents and lover. Her friend also said that Lijin was very angry on that day and he was calling her phone many times and shouting at her. Based on his instructions she came to Pappanamcode and she put her phone in friend’s bag because of the continuous calls from Lijin.

What Happened to Chandanamazha fame Actress Shilpa. What actually happened on that day to Actress Shilpa is being looked. This is the hottest news in Malayalam Television Serial and Film Industry in July 2015. If you want to know the details about who is malayalam serial actress Shilpa and the serials, movies in which she was acting, profile and what actually led to her loss, you can get all information related to it.

Malayalam tv serial and movie actress named Shilpa is of age 19. Her parents have alleged that there is some kind of problems and real culprit has to be found. Shilpa is a Plus Two student at Sasthamangalam RKD Memorial Higher Secondary School and her house is at Vellanad / Aryanad in Thiruvananthapuram.

Serial Artist Shilpa’s lover and friend Lijin was taken into custody from Kattakkada on 23rd July. He was hiding after Shilpa had mysteriously missing and her body was found. With arrest of Lijin more information regarding Shilpa will be revealed. Lijin is a native of Kattakkada. He was taken to the place where body of Silpa was found and based on this case investigation will continue.

Lijin and family had escaped from house and was hiding in fear after knowing from media about what happened to actress Shilpa. Police is investigating regarding how much guilty is Lijin and what is his involvement.

Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress – Breaking news

Lijin Arrested – Lover of Serial Nadi Shilpa in Police Custody. On Saturday 21 July 2015, the body of Shilpa was found from Karamana River near Maruthoorkadavu in Trivandrum. Shilpa is familiar to everyone as the actress in tv serials like Chandanamazha, Pranayam serial in Asianet.

Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress

Her latest movie in tamil is Chiraku and last movie in malayalam is Balachandra Menon’s new film Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum. She also acted in Soubhagyavathi Malayalam Serial being telecast in Surya TV channel and another upcoming serial Meghasandesham.

On Thursday, 23-07-2015 Lijin was arrested from Kattakkada from his hideout at friend’s Petrol pump and taken for further questioning in this case.

Photo of Lijin – Lover of Shilpa who was Arrested in connection with this case.

Silpa’s lover Lijin is a photographer and native of Ottasekharamangalam at Trivandrum in Kerala.

Till now 2 of her friends (1 boy and 1 girl) who were with her have been questioned by Suresh V. Nair, Circle Inspector, Thampanoor.

Presently Silpa’s lover is has been arrested by Police and the case investigation is done by Fort Assistant Commissioner Sudhakaran Pillai.

Actress Shilpa Shaji Photo

Reason for Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress Sudden Loss

On preliminary investigation itself it was confirmed that Shilpa was having some problem with her Lover on the day Shilpa had been found. She along with Lijin and friends had spend some time near the Karamana River. Many nearby people , who saw the actress along with others at this spot on the day of incident are eye witnesses to this incident.

Shilpa’s house is at Karakkamandapam and Police had received information that Shilpa’s boy friend had earlier come to Karakkkamandapam. Arrests will be made based on the medical report and presently Shilpa’s boy friend Lijin is absconding and his mobile is switch off.

Shilpa’s friend Arsha who was with her had given statement to Police that Lijin and Shilpa had talked separately , away from friends and when she came back , there was mark of slapping on her face, she was crying and her eyes were reddish. Later Arsha and friends went back. Mobile phone of Silpa is missing. Question to this answer will only be made when Lijin is arrested and taken into police custody.

Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress- What Really Happened

On the day Serial tharam Shilpa had passed, she went with another girl from Kattakkada saying that they were going for event management job in Balaramapuram. She used to go for welcoming programs in marriages.etc and parents did not doubt anything. But after evening she did not come back and when her mother contacted this girl, she had told unrelated things which increased the doubts and by night 10 pm the dead body of Shilpa was found.

Did Chandanamzaha actress end her life. This is the most asked question by audience. There are less possibilities. Everyone thinks it is bad luck for Chandanamazha team, because Few months back another actor Sarath from Chandanazmaha passed in a road-accident and now it’s Shilpa.

Shilpa Parents – Father is Shaji and Mother is Suma. Thery have given complaint to Karaman SI to find out who had been behind the loss of their daughter.

Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress debuted in film industry as Santhosh Pandit’s Heroine in Jithu Bhai Enna Chocolate Bhai and there is a song “Kamini Ganga Jalam…”and in films like Minimolude Achan , Kalidasan Kavitha Ezhuthukayanu and she has also acted in movies.

Facebook profile page of Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress is

In the serial Chandanamazha, the role done by Shilpa Malayalam Serial Actress was that of Ranjitha. In this serial she did the character Ranjitha who was to marry Abhishek which was stopped by Varsha.

Who is Lijin – His Details

Ljin had lot of friends and good impression among people of Ottasekharamangalam. He was a photographer and he first saw Shilpa during a marriage function where she was doing hosting as part of event management. Lijin’s brother is a Lorry driver in Ottasekharamangalam and father had returned from Gulf.  He is a freelance photographer and also worked at a studio.

South Indian Tv Serial Actress Shilpa Case- Lover Lijin Arrested from Trivandrum

Breaking News in Malayalam Serial Actress Shilpa on 24 July2015. Mystery regarding how Malayalam Tv Serial Actress Shilpa ended up her life, will be unveiled with the arrest of her lover. Silpa’s boyfriend Lijin was hiding after her unnatural incident which had happened on Saturday, 18-7-2015 at Trivandrum. Lijin who was a photographer in film, industry was in love affair with Shilpa. Lijin was taken into custody from his hideout near Kattakkada in Thiruvananthapuram.

On the day she was lost there was problems between them and he slapped on her face. Whether she jumped into the river or was she forced, is being investigated by Police. Thampanoor Circle Inspector Suresh Kumar and team had arrested Lijin for investigating regarding the kerala tv serial actress Shilpa. Chandanamazha, Pranayam, Soubhagyavathy.etc are the serials in which Silpa has acted and she appeared in moveie Chiraku (tamil), Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum (Balachandra Menon) and also was the actress of Santhosh Pandit’s movies.

Silpa was also a singer and dancer and acted in tamil movies and used to do stage shows. Serial Actress Shilpa’s sudden loss was indeed a shock for everyone and this budding Serial tharam from Kerala has left this world at a younger age when lot of heights in film industry was waiting for her. She left home on that day with another girl saying that she wanted to go to Balaramapuram, but she had actually gone to another place. Shilpa is a Plus Two student at Sasthamangalam RKD Memorial Higher Secondary School. Shilpa is the daughter of Shaji and Suma and they were staying near Neduvathu Siva temple located at Karakkamandapam in Nemom in Trivandrum district.

Which are the roles done by Shilpa in Chandanamazha serial, Pranayam serial, Soubhagyavathi serial.etc. in channels like Asianet, Surya. This is asked by audience and may be she has done small roles and not in any of the main roles.

In the serial Chandanamazha, the role done by Shilpa was that of Ranjitha.