Asianet anchor Shilpa Bala Wedding & Reception stills

Malayalam anchor Shilpa Bala got married to Dr. Vishnu Gopalan. Shilpa Bala marriage ceremony was held on August 2016. Lot of celebrities from Kerala Television , Film industry took part in their wedding reception.

Among them popular ones were Mridula Murali, Bhavana, Rachana Narayanankutty. Shilpa Bala is popular to everyone as an anchor in Asianet channel. She is also an actress who acted in Malayalam movies such as Orkkuka Vallappozhumshilpa bala, Aagathan. In film Orkkuka Vallappozhum she acted in a good song  . Anchor Shilpa bala’s husband Vishnu is from Kasaragod district in Kerala which is native place of her too. She was born at Kanhangad. Actress, Anchor Shilpa Bala marriage function was on August 2016. Wedding stills of Shilpa Bala with her husband Vishnu Gopalan.

Engagement ceremony of actress, anchor Shilpa Bala was done in November 2015 at Al Saj Convention center in Trivandrum. Most of her education was from Dubai where she was living with family. Shilpa Bala came to Kerala after she became anchor of various programs of Asianet in Dubai. She is popular face to Keralites through hr anchoring in Comedy show in Asianet channel. Shilpa Bala became popular through anchoring in television channels. Despite that she is a good model, appeared in few album songs. In Mollywood she did only two movies Orkkuka Vallapozhum, Aagathan. In movie Orkkuka Vallapozhum there is a song of Shilpa Bala which is showing her as gorgeous.

It’s bad that Shillpa Bala did not get much roles in Mollywood as she had talent to excel in career. Her role as anchor in Asianet channel in Comedy Express, Dhe Chef Anchor of Mazhavil Manorama made her familiar face.

Shilpa Bala is a pleasing anchor and actress who had lot of fans in Kerala.

Kerala Anchor Shilpa Bala marriage

Shilpa Bala marriage reception photos malayalam anchor wedding shilpabala

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Shilpa Bala Wedding Reception Stills

shilpa balamarriage reception stills

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Sona Nair at Shilpa Bala Marriage Reception

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Shilpa Bala Engagement still, video

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asianet anchor shilpa bala marriage

Family of Shilpa Bala includes her father Balagopal, mother Indulekha.

Shilpa Bala has a sister named Shweta Bala.

Name of Shilpa Bala’s Husband is Vishnu Gopalan who is a Doctor by profession.