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Malayalam actress Shanthi Krishna is coming back to Malayalam film industry after a long gap of 19 years. This is actress Shanthi Krishna latest news regarding her come back to Mollywood.  In recent Malayalam movie Njandukalude Naattil Oridevela actress Shanthi Krishna comes in role of Nivin Pauly’s mother as Sheela Chacko. As an actress Shanthi Krishna has acted with most Malayalam actors in Mollywood. Shanthi Krishna is a familiar face to everyone in Kerala.Shanthi Krishna divorce from her second husband happened in July 2016. Few months back itself such a gossip news that she is planning for a legal divorce was going on.

Along with that family problems in Shanthi Krishna’s life is disappointing all. In a recent interview in television channel, Shanthi Krishna has told of her interest in classical dance, acting in movies. There were signs that Shanthi Krishna may come to acting in TV serials. There are lot of good characters done by this artiste in movies. Name of her second husband is Bajor Sadasivan, with whom she was living in Bangalore. Bajor Sadasivan was working as Managing Director of MD of Rajeev Gandhi Group of Institutions.

Split up of Shanthi Krishna happened soon after she showed interest to come back to acting. Is this problem between them or some other reasons that could have diverted her mind back to acting. Life of celebrities in South India is not so glamorous and happy as we think. Malayalam movie actress Shanthi Krishna divorce news is real and not a gossip. Her second husband is Bajore Sadasivan who is a native of Kollam district in Kerala. They had filed mutual consent petition for getting divorced at Family court in Karnataka. Based on this Shanthi Krishna – Bajor Sadasivan were granted divorce by Court in July 2016. With this they ended 18 years of married life which started from year 1998. Shanthi Krishna’s first husband is malayalam actor Sreenath.

They got married in 1984 and after 11 years they got separated in 1995. Reason for Breakup of this relation was her decision to continue acting, few other problems in their life. In this relation they did not have any children.

Latest controversy in which actress Shanthi Krishna landed was when she said she did not know anything about Nivin Pauly. Fans of Nivin Pauly became angry against her. She said that she really did not know anything about Nivin Pauly. She came to know about him when she googled information about this actor.

Acress Shanthi Krishna was seen recently on Sunday, 10th September 2017 at venue of Kerala state film awards 2017 (KSFA) event.

Shanthi Krishna Divorce News, Family

Later after 3 years she got married to Bajore Sadasivan of Kollam. In this relation, Shanthi Krishna has two children named Mithul, Mithali. After marriage she completely kept of from acting, dance programs .etc.

Now Malayalam cinema is seeing divorces of actresses like Amala Paul, Manju Warrier, Divya Unni, Kavya Madhavan .etc.

Parents of Shanthi Krishna are R. Krishan, Sharada. Shanthi Krishna is a popular dancer who paved way to Film field in 1980 through malayalam cinema Salini Ente Kootukari.

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Shalini Ente Koottukari is first malayalam movie of Shanthi Krishna.

Other popular films of Shanthi Krishna are as follows.

  • Kelkatha Shabdam
  • Ithu Njangalude Katha
  • Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu
  • Pandu Pandoru Rajakumari
  • Kauravar
  • Mahanagaram
  • Chenkol
  • Pingami
  • Chakoram

Last movie of Shanthi Krishna was Karppooradeepam which was released in 2012. In this film from Director George Kithu, she did role of Sheela.

Shanthi Krishna is expected to come back to movies, serials as she is divorced and determined to pursue acting career.

Shanthi krishna latest movies

After her recent come back actress Shanthi Krishna is acting in lot of Mollywood films. Shanthi Krishna latest movies includes

  • Kuttanadan Maarppappa
  • Krishnam
  • Aravindante Athidhikal

Her second arrival in to Malayalam films was through director Balachandra Menon movie Nayam vyakthamakkunnuin year 1991.

After doing this role she started getting lot of opportunities in various films of actors like Mohanlal, Jayaram, Mammootty. In 1992 she got Award for second Best Actress for her role in Malayalam movie savidham. In year 1994 she got Kerala state Award for Best Actress for her performance in Malayalam movie Chakoram.

After this she have been depressed and kept away from acting in films for lot of years. Shanthi Krishna latest news in 2017 is when she decided to come back to Malayalam movies after she got a chance in Malayalam movie Njandukalude nattilekku oridevela.

Malayalam director Althaf Salim and actor Nivin Pauly contacted Shanthi Krishna recording a role in this movie. When Shanthi Krishna met Nivin Pauly she said that she has not watched any movies of Nivin Pauly till now. This news had been very viral in social media after Shanthi Krishna said that she does not know Nivin Pauly.

In Malayalam movie Njandukalude nattile idavela, actress Shanthi Krishna is doing role of Nivin pauly’s mother Sheela chacko. Other cast of actors actress in this movie are actor Lal, Ahaana Krishna.