Saphalam app download 2018 kerala sslc plus 2 thslc hse vhse results

SSLC results of Kerala school will be announced on 2nd or 3rd May 2018. All parents and students areexcited to know results as soon as it’s published on 2-5-2018 or 3-5-2018. Kerala 10th Class and Plus Two examination results are greatest turning points in career of a student. It paves way regarding which course they have to go for higher education. Kerala SSLC results 2018 will be published soon published on 2 or 3 May 2018 by Kerala education Minister C.Raveendranath along with THSLC results. This year an official mobile application named Saphalam app was launched by IT@School. Saphalam app download can be made officially from Google’s android play store.

Only Android version of Saphalam app has been released as it’s commonly accessible by everyone. Saphalam app gives opportunity to download SSLC results of each student as a separate PDF file. Saphalam app download can be done easily from Play-store of Google. IT @ School has prepared this useful mobile app to know latest results of Kerala students in SSLC, Plus 2 stream as soon as it’s published online. From 2018 Saphalam app will be updating all results immediately and will prevent overloading of website traffic to government education portals to know results.

Kerala Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination results of 10th standard class will be first one to make use of this Saphalam app’s features. Kerala SSLC exam results 2017 will be published on Thursday, 3rd May 2018 (3/5/2018). THSLC (Technical High school leaving certificate)  examination results will be published along with it on 5th May at Saphalam app. Later Kerala Plus Two results will be published by DHSE along with VHSE results in Saphalam app.

Saphalam app has lot of interesting features and will give complete mark list of a student on imputing register number. This new initiative launched by It @ School will be really helpful to all students, parents who rush to internet  cafes, websites to know about results.

Through Saphalam app everyone can easily access School wise, District wise, DEO wise results of Kerala SSLC 2018 and Plus Two exams. Using Saphalam app is very simple and it only requires a student to enter his Register number, Course.

On selecting SSLC, THSLC, Plus Two, VHSE and entering register Number a student can access complete mark list. Option to download marklist as PDF file is another important feature of Saphalam app.

Saphalam App Download for Kerala SSLC, Plus 2 Results

KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) has brought updated version 3.0 of Saphalam app for knowing SSLC results and Plus 2 marks.

There has been lot of inquiries regarding how to download and install Saphalam app. Installation of Saphalam is simple. Just go to Google Play Store and search for “Saphalam 2018” app. On getting it Install it to your android device which is compatible to all versions Android 3.0 and above.

You can also do Saphalam App Download of Version 3.0 directly at –

2018 Saphalam app download version 3.0

Result analysis and Performance analysis for schools, districts is another great feature of Saphalam 2018 app. Number of students who passed in Kerala SSLC is 95.98% in 2017. Saphalam app is an official android version mobile application for getting Kerala SSLC and Plus Two results for academic year 2018.

In coming years also Saphalam app download will be done by more people in Kerala and they will uninstall it soon after knowing results. It will become an important tool to get results of students in examinations and more advanced features will be added to it.

Saphalam App Video Guide – How to download, install, use

Kerala SSLC results can also be known officially at website of IT@Mission –

Kerala SSLC results publishing date is on Thursday, 3 May 2018 (03/05/2018)

Kerala THSLC results publishing date is on Thursday, 3 May 2018 (3/05/2018)

Kerala Plus 2 results (DHSE) publishing date is on May 2018 (/05/2018)

Kerala VHSE results publishing date is on May 2018 (/05/2018)