Sanusha Vodka remark in interview Malayalam, Tamil actress Sanusha

South Indian actress Sanusha Vodka remark during a Tamil interview for a channel has gone controversial. Sanusha is actually a Malayalam actress who came into film industry as a child artiste through movie Kallu Kondoru Pennu. Later Sanusha acted in lot of Mollywood as a child artiste in Kerala films like Meesha Madhavan, Kanmashi, Dada Sahib, Ravanaprabhu and she soon became favorite of everyone.

Sanusha was expected to get a good position in film industry as a Kerala actress. Even though Samusha acted as heroine in few movies she was not successful in her Mollywood film career. She acted in movies like Mr.Marumakan, Idiots .etc. She is presently aged 23 years and within short time she aced in lot of Tamil – Telugu movies. Her first Tamil film is Kasi and later she acted in popular films like Renigunta, Parimala Thiraiyarangam, Bheema. Her Telugu film career included movies like Bangaram, Genius.

Recently in 2017 actress Sanusha is acting in a Tamil movie Kodiveeran in which M. Sasikumar is in main role. It was during interview and talk show as part of Kodiveeran movie promotion this controversial question was asked and she replied suddenly. Anyway Sanusha Vodka remark has become viral as her replies to questions seems confirming that she has tried drinks like wine, vodka, beer .etc.

Indiagiltz channel had arranged this talk show interview with Tamil actress Sanusha during her upcoming movie release Kodiveeran. Tamil movie Kodiveeran is the movie in which another Malayalam actress Shamna Kasim is acting with fully bald head looks with her full hair cut off.

Actress Saunusha’s most controversial movie was Renigunta and in Malayalam film Mr. Marumakan she had a glamorous dance with actor Dileep in a rain song. For her performance in Malayalam cinema Zachariayude Garbhinikal she won Kerala state film award.

Actress Sanusha Vodka remark interview

Anchor of this show asked her whether she likes Wine or Beer and she replied instantly that she likes Wine. Along with it Sanusha said that she does not like smell of Beer. This made anchor ask her how she knows the smell of beer without tasting it. She laughed at it and asked for next question.

Next question was regarding whether she liked Vodka or Whisky. To this she immediately replied that she prefers Vodka. And Sanusha pleaded that this interview should not be seen by her father and mother.

Sanusha also said that she used to help her brother Sanoop in his love affairs by giving him few tips. When Sausha was asked whether she is in love affair with anyone, she said that she is in love with herself.

Sanusha Vodka

Indiagiltz interview with Kodiveeran actress Sanusha

South actress Sanusha has acted in Malayalam Television serials like Unniyarcha, Swapnam, Amma Manassu. In a Kannada movie Santheyalli Nintha Kabira she acted recently.Her career in malayalam movies is decreasing which made her go to Tamil, Telugu movies.

Telling about actress Sanusha family her parents are Santhosh who is her father and Usha is her mother. Name of Sanusha Santhosh’s brother is Sanoop Santhosh. Native place of Sanusha is at Nileshwaram in Kerala.