Actor Biju Menon’s wife Kerala actress Samyuktha Varma latest photos practising yoga

Malayalam actress Samyuktha Varma is wife of popular actor Biju Menon. During September 2017 actress Samyuktha Varma yoga photos that are becoming viral in Internet. She stopped acting in movies after her wedding with actor Biju Menon on 21 November 2002. Recent yoga photos of actress Samyuktha makes everyone ask whether it is a sign that she is coming back to acting.

Someone shared Samyuktha Varma yoga photos that made all fans stay amazed main reason for this was that actress Samitha Varma had left in film industry few years back after getting married. After that she gave birth to a son in ear 2006. Now it has been 11 years after her pregnancy and still she is looking young and more beautiful than earlier. Samyuktha Varma health secret is a regular yoga practice. Malayalam actor Biju Menon wife Samyuktha Varmaa yoga doing photos is very nice.

First Malayalam cinema of actress Samyuktha Varma is Veendum Chila veettukaryangal in which she did role of character Bhavana. This film was released in year 1999 with Jayaram as Hero and Sathyan anthikad was director of this film. In her first film itself she won Kerala state Film Award for Best Actress. After that actressSamyuktha Varma actor in Malayalam cinemas like Vazhunnor, Nadanpennum Naattupramaaniyum, Swayamvara Panthal, Thenkasipattanam, One Man Show, Kuberan.

Actress Samyuktha Varma and actor Biju Menon had a love marriage. They had a love affair after the actor together in Malayalam cinema Mazha and later it in films like Madhura Nombarakattu and Meghamalhar.

Samyuktha Varma is seen during yoga poses which are difficult for normal people. She has a special trainer and her photos are taken while she is practicing yoga at a health club and Samyuktha Varma is at present aged 37 years old and she is looking very young.

Yoga is always good for mind and health. This is what we understood from recent photos of many Indian celebrities and models who have turned themselves into yoga practice.

Actress Samyuktha Varma yoga photos

samyuktha varma yoga

Malayalam actress Samitha Varma is wife of popular Kerala actor Biju Menon. Actress Samyuktha Varma yoga photos are now popular in social media after some of her latest photos from a health club has come out. Actress Sayuktha Verna looks very beautiful in her yoga photos in which she is very young. Will Kerala actress Samyuktha Varma come back to Malayalam film industry is now asked by everyone. She left Mollywood few years back saying that she required a peaceful family life away from busy shooting schedules. Now her son has grown up and latest photos of Samyuktha Varma doing yoga poses makes everyone eager to know whether she is going to make a come back.

First Malayalam movie of actress Samyuktha Varma is Veendum Chila veettukaryangal with actor Jayaram as hero. After that she started doing lot of movies in Malayalam film industry. Kerala audience liked actress Samyuktha and loved her characters. Samyuktha Varma had stopped her acting career after get married with Biju Menon. Samyuktha Varma and Biju Menon had a love marriage and they are considered as one of the best celebrity couples in Mollywood.

Yoga is a health exercise that makes a person energetic. Earlier lot of Bollywood celebrities did yoga to maintain their health, shape and postures. Recently many South Indian actresses are coming into yoga to make it a routine practice for health benefits.

Kerala actor Biju Menon married Samyuktha Varma in year 2002 and they got a son in 2006. Now Samyuktha Varma’s son had grown up and is aged 15 years old. Present age of Malayalam actress Samyuktha Varma is 37 years old. At this age she decided to come into yoga practice to maintain health going Samyuktha Varma yoga photos taken during a daily routine practice at a health club is now viral in social media.

When actress Samyuktha Varma yoga session was shared in social media everyone became excited seeing her amazing body movements. At an age of 37 years actress Samyuktha Varma is able to be so flexible with her body.

Samyuktha Varma yoga photos had surprised everyone because hey yoga practice is awesome. At age of 37 years Samyuktha Varma is practicing yoga poses that are difficult for most people. Everyone who have seen this photos have appreciated her for doing it.

Actress Samyuktha Varma is a very talented celebrity from Kerala. She did only 18 Malayalam movies during her career before marriage. Most audience were disappointed when Samyuktha Varma decided to stop her movie career after getting married to malayalam actor Biju Menon.


Samyuktha Varma family photos

Actress Samyuktha Verma did only a bunch of movies and was like actress Manju Warrier who left away acting career for giving more importance to family life. Manju Warrier had come back to film industry after getting divorced from Dileep. Mollywood has lost many talented actresses who stopped their acting after getting married.

Samuktha Varma gives more importance to fitness and maintaining body health. She has been practicing yoga for many months. Actress Samyuktha has no plans to come back to acting in movies leaving her husband and son.

Samyuktha Varma – Biju menon celebrity couple has only one son. Name of Samyuktha Varma and Biju Menon’s son is Dhaksh Dharmik.