Rosin Jolly Whatsapp Photo Fake Malayalee House Fame Actress

Rosin Jolly is Malayalee House fame contestant in Surya tv who did great episodes with Rahul Eshwar and others. Recently marriage of actress Rosin Jolly was fixed and at this time Rosin Jolly Whatsapp Photo surfaced showing her in a swimming dress scenes. But soon it was realized that it was only a look alike. First Malayalam movie of Rosdin Jolly is Bangkok Summer. Laters he acted in films like Hero, Annum Innum Ennum .etc. She is more popular after doing reality show Malayalee House with Rahul Eshwar.

Look alike model of Rosin Jolly was Sara Marua Cobo Vivers who was photos were shared with caption that it was malayalam serial – movie actress Rosin Jolly. Immediately on knowing that such a photo of her was becoming viral, Rosin Jolly made a Facebook status update with explanation with her, other model’s photo saying that it was not her.  Malayalam artiste Rosin Jolly was a model, album actress and was anchor in many television programs in Kerala channels. Anyway Malayali House look alike actress photos in Whatsapp has been my thousands of people by now.

This was why Rosin Jolly came up with explanation that it was not a morphed one, but was of some other model, which was posted by someone claiming that it was of Kerala model and actress Rosin Jolly. Rosin Jolly said in Face Book that “Ayal Njanalla” (That person is not me) and you can see more about it at Rosin Jolly’s official FB page at In another way malayalam actress Jyothi Krishna photos were viral. In Jyothi Krishna’s case, her photos were changed and fake one made. Actress Sreeya Remesh was a serial and film actress whose photos became viral in Whatsapp with caption that she was having relation with a politician.

Rosin Jolly fake photo really shocked everyone. With one look itself most people could understand that it was some one else. It was another celebrityBut there was startling similarity between these two celebrities.

In some way or another all malayalam actresses are facing difficult problems from social media.

Rosin Jolly Whatsapp Photo of Lookalike and Her

Photo of Model Sara Marua Cobo Vivers who resembled actress Rosin Jolly.

Rosin Jolly Whatsapp Photo

Rosin Jolly Profile

Rosin Jolly has a brother Prakash Jolly.Rosin Jolly is born at Bangalore on 1-10-1988 as daughter of Jolly and Jessy.  Marriage of Rosin Jolly was in 2016. Name of her husband is Sunil P Thomas.

Rosin Jolly Wedding

Kerala actress fake photos like this getting shared in social media like Whatsapp, Facebook is really bad for society’s morale.

There seems to be no end to gossips that come out in name of Malayalam actress even if there are lot of responses from celebrities and they file complaint. In some way or another people make issues and spread fake news or photos without any reason.