Resmi R Nair response against Movie dialogues against women

Reshmi R Nair is a popular model and celebrity in kerala who is always making controversial social remarks. This time Resmi R Nair response on Movie dialogues against women has become viral. On 1 November 2017 Resmi R Nair decided to respond against movie dialogues in Malayalam movies that were aimed directly against women characters.

For past few days many trolls has been surfacing in support of female characters in Malayalam films. These trolls criticized the male position in films which made fun of female characters. Through these trolls it was pointed out that women are being pushed down by strong characters in movie scripts. In current situation where male and female are given equal rights, the troller’s are asking questions why Malayalam cinema stories had such scenes.

This made Resmi R Nair come up against this by posting all recent trolls she got in this topic. After her response it became a very viral news and being discussed by all as many people com to support her. Resmi R Nair is a social activist who is known for remarkable comments on latest developments in Kerala. She is one of the first bikini models from Kerala to be featured in magazines. Resmi R Nair trolls are getting popular in social media after she makes many controversial remarks against celebrities. She is also making criticizing remarks against politicians .etc.

Reshmi R Nair was also a popular activist in Kiss of Love campaign. This protest was organized by model Resmi R Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan. Recent Resmi R Nair Trolls posted by her against Malayalam movie dialogues against woman characters have got lot of response from audience.

Rahul Pasupalan and his wife Reshmi R Nair were arrested few months back in connection to an online racket and were left off in bail. Resmi R Nair trolls were popular few weeks back when she lashed out controversial remarks against Malayalam actors Mohanlal and Mammootty.

Resmi R Nair response on Movie dialogues

Actress and model Resmi R Nair responds against malayalam cinema dialogues that were against women. She shared many trolls that supported women by protesting against dialogues by male character actors against female characters.

 on Malayalam Movie dialogues

Resmi R Nair shares Malayalam Trolls

In October 2017, actress Resmi R Rair had given birth to a baby daughter. She also has a son. Name of Reshmi Nair’s husband is Rahul Pasupalan.