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Malayalam actress and model Resmi R Nair arrest on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 from Nedumbasserry in Ernakulam. Resmi R Nair full name is Reshmi Ramachandran Nair and she was popular for past few months after she and her husband organized the Kiss of Love Protest.

The protests held by Resmi R Nair increased the number of fans for her. Resmi R Nair was having official pages in Facebook through which she had built a big fan base. She and her husband used the FB as a source to find customers for their online racket which had connections to all districts of Kerala. Reshmi R Nair was a famous bikini model who was the first and only model from Kerala to have been featured in photo shoots of International magazine. Another shocking thing revealed now is that Reshmi Nair is not actually a model of International magazine. She was working as an escort, and they made up this story to increase their credibility and business.

This worked out and Resmi Nair’s nickname was Kochu Sundari, which was used for the controversial FB Page. Crime Branch IG S. Sreejith had done the investigation and raids. He had earlier conducted investigation against the Facebook page “Kochu Sundarikal”and closed it. The present investigation showed connections of Reshmi Nair and Rahul Pahsupalan to this page through Kasargod native and goonda-leader Abdul Khadar Afsal. The admin of Konchu Sundarikal Faceboook page was Rahul Pasupalan. Most of the girls in the racket was from Bangalore and below 18 years. They were trapped through Facebook and also through the lady agent Lineesh Mathew from Bangalore. Two such below age girls were brought to hotel by the racket and they were rescued by Police and brought before Shishu Kshema Samithi. Along with them Rashmi R Nair’s 6 year old son was also taken into safe custody.

How was Resmi R Nair and team trapped and arrested. Police in disguise contacted Remi Nair’s page and said that they are interested in meeting. Reshmi R Nair asked for Rs. 80000 for 1 night. Later through bargaining it was fixed to Rs.50000. An advance of Rs.8000 was also given. Based on this the deal was fixed and at first Mubeena came to Marriot Hotel in Ernakulam, who was taken into custody, Later through her phone other people like Resmi Nair was traced. Reshmi R Nair was brought to hotel by her husband Rahul Pasupalan.

Resmi R Nair arrest was done as a part of investigation against Online rackets that was being conducted all over Kerala. Reshmi Nair and husband Rahul Pasupalan had forced other women into their racket and this resulted in a case being filed against them. Reshmi Nair and her husband was under observation for past few days and with the help of Facebook authorities their official pages was also being checked.

Police had disguised as customers and requested for their service through messages. Based on this they came with three women to the Nedumbaserry airport in Ernakulam. The arrest was made by Police after a fight and the gang tried to hurt Police by hitting car.

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Resmi R Nair Arrest

Resmi R Nair Arrest Latest News

Names of arrested persons in connection with Online Penvanibham are as follows,

  • Reshmi Nair of Kollam
  • Rahul Pasupalan of Kollam
  • Lineesh Mathew of Bangalore (Female agent from Bangalore)
  • Ashiq of Palakkad
  • Ajeesh of Ernakulam
  • Abdul Khadar alias Akbar of Kasargod

In the raids conducted in various part of Kerala like Palakkad, Malappuram, Kochi, Thrissur, Ernakulam around 8 people were taken into custody. Famous criminal Gunda Gang leader Akbar of Kasargod was arrested.

Resmi R Nair has done many modelling photo shoots and and she acted in the movie Pling which was Directed by her husband Rahul Pasupalan. Now both of them are behind bars in jail. They can do Chumbana Samaram or Kiss of Love inside jail and enjoy their time. Its sure that Resmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan will come out of jail with bail because of such rackets have high political, money power with them. Resmi R Nair arrest will only make her become famous.

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Crime Branch IG S. Sreejith had done the raids which was named “Operation Big daddy” at the same time in few districts of Kerala from night of 17 November to early morning 3.30 am on 18 November 2015.

Reshmi Nair Leaked Videos Photos Rahul Pasupalan Complaint

Malayalam bikini model and actress Reshmi R Nair from Kerala was in custody for running online racket. Reshmi R Nair and husband Rahul Pasupalan was arrested following complaint that they were indulging in Penvanibham business in Kerala. On Police investigation it was found that Rahul Pasupalan used to post hot photos of Rsmi R Nair and attracted customers for the trade. Later they were released in bail and in April 2016 Rahul Pashupalan accused that Reshmi Nair leaked video clips and photos were being shared in social media.

According to Rahul Pasupalan these videos and photos were stored in the laptops and mobiles seized from him by Kerala Police. And these videos are accused to have been leaked from Police custody. Based on this Rahul is getting ready to file a complaint with High Court that the evidences in the case have leaked from authorities itself.

From past days many video clips and photos of Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan has been viral in social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp .etc. ARahul Pasupallan said that Reshmi Nair leaked pictures and vids were stored in his laptop, which is presently with Police officials who are investigating the case. Presently more than hundred photos and 50 video clips of Reshmi R Nair are spreading in Internet and through Whatsapp.

Rahul has got legal advice that the leaked videos will affect the status of case and based on this he decided to file a complaint with High Court regarding this issue. When Rahul Pasupalan was in police custody, his Facebook account was used by someone and later from Reshmi R Nair’s FB account a missed call was given to one of her friends. As they were in Police custody at that time and their mobiles and laptops in custody, they believe that Police officials are behind misusing their accounts.

Anyway Online Penvanibham racket Rahul Pasupalan and wife Reshmi Nair’s complaint that their photos and videos have been leaked will surely bring more changes to the case. From the moment the news came out that Reshmi Nair leaked videos are circulating in social media like Whatsappp, thousands of people are trying to look for these pictures and clips.