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Reshmi Nair’s protest against Grihalakshmi magazine is now talk of everyone. She reacted against this magazine using an unmarried model as coverage girl with photo of breastfeeding. This 2018 March issue of Grihalakshmi has become controversial with this incident. Resmi R Nair is a popular bikini model from Kerala who is always  in gossip columns . What is the latest thing that Reshmi R Nair had done to become popular. Reshmi r nair pregnant photos with her husband Rahul pasupalan is getting viral in social media.

Posting pregnant photos has now become a trend everywhere. It has become a usual thing for celebrities to share their baby bump with friends and fans. But what makes Reshmi r nair pregnant photos really controversial is being discussed.

Reshmi R Nair is a model and actress who was filled in news columns after she started kiss of love campaign at Kochi. Many youngsters and people who protested against moral policing joined kiss of love campaign started by Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan.

Kiss of love campaign was done few years back at Ernakulam and after that Reshmi R Nair became famous. This is second baby of Rahul Pasupalan and Resmi Nair.

Kisd of love fame Reshmi R Nair pregnant photo was shared by her in official Facebook page. In one photo her husband Rahul pasupalan was kissing her pregnant belly. In another of her pregnant photo Reshmi R Nair was standing with her first son. Model Resmi R Nair has given birth to a baby girl.

Reshmi R Nair against Grihalakshmi magazine

Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi magazine from Kerala is having a tough time after many bold protests are made by people like Reshmi R Nair.

Resmi Nair was against unnecessary article by this magazine saying that people of Kerala are looking at breastfeeding mothers without giving them any freedom to feed their children. This was why Resmi Nair posted her own photo feeding milk to her child.

Resmi had posted photo of her daughter along with her husband Rahul Krishna and son Dwarak Krishna from Holy Cross Hospital at Kottiyam. Name of Reshmi R Nair baby daughter is Nangeli.

Kiss of love fame Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Official facebook page of Resmi R Nair is at

Video slideshow of Resmi’s photos

Few months back model Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan where arrested at Kochi in connection with an online prosttution case.

Later after few weeks they were left off by court as there was no evidence proving that they were involved in it.

Resmi R Nair always used to make a controversial remarks on recent political happenings .etc. recent post of Reshmi Nair showing her pregnant photo is now getting viral all over the world.