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Recently in April – May 2016 actress, bikini model Reshmi Nair photos, videos clips are circulating in Whatsapp. Her husband Rahul Pasupalan accused that Police is behind leaked pictures which were in laptop, mobile taken into custody. Reshmi Nair leaked photos news came out making everyone know about this incident.

Fans who ask Reshmi Nair Photos also are on the look out for her movie Pling. You cannot find the Malayalam movie Pling because it was never made. So we are sharing with you some of the best available stills of Reshmi R Nair from her photo shoots in modeling sessions.Actress Reshmi Nair said she was a model in an international magazine, but now it is clear that she lied. It was all a set up for increasing her demand and she was a par of the online racket with her husband Rahul Pasupalan. Real name of Reshmi Nair is Reshmi Radha Ramachandran Nair. Rashmi Nair was popular in Advertising photo-shoots, bikini modeling. etc.

She was one of the few models in India, especially from Kerala who was ready to do Lingerie Advertisements. Her boldness to do lingerie ads made her popular in Kerala and many newspapers made articles about her. She was born in Kollam and her birthday, age, mobile phone number.etc. are not available at present. The name Resmi R Nair was popular with the Kiss of Love Protest, arrest and the interview videos in TV channels that followed. She is the daughter of Ramachandran Nair who is a Military retired person and her mother Radhamani Amma was a School teacher.

Resmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan has a son named Dwarak. Did Resmi R Nair act in any movie. She acted in a tamil movie named Vina.

After arrest of Reshmi R Nair her Father in Law Pasupalan (Father of Rahul) accused that Reshmi was the reason for all problems. Rahul’s father is a very poor moan working in Kollam and said that Rahul was creating lot of problems demanding money.

Rahul was an engineering graduate , but did not do any job. Did not give anything to his Father , who spend lakhs for educating him. Even now in difficult times his father is working for daily wages.

Reshmi Nair Photos

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Actress Model Reshmi Nair Photos

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Kiss of Love was held in Kochi at Kerala in November 2014 and on completion of one year in November 2015, the arrest also happened. Most important statement given by Resmi R Nair after arrest was that she was forced into the flesh trade by her husband Rahul Pashupalan.