Ranjini Jose father arrest Malayalam actress singer Ranjini Jose news

Ranjini Jose is a well known Kerala playback singer and actress in Mollywood. Breaking news that came out on 4 February 2016 was regarding arrest of Renjini Jose father. What could be the things behind it that led to Ranjini Jose father arrest issue. There were many questions in the minds of people when they heard such a news in channels ,websites.

The arrest of Babu Jose was made for selling a car that was taken for rent from another person in Muvattupuzha. Babu Jose had taken this car on rent for 15 days and sold it to someone else. Based on this complaint Babu Jose was arrested and taken to Court and was taken to Kakkanad Jail. This news was surprising for many people who were not able to believe it. Why was malayalam actress and singer Ranjini Jose father arrested and taken into custody by Police.

Ranjini Jose father Babu Jose was arrested based on the complaint filed by a person named Prince, whose car was sold without his knowledge. Earlier few weeks before there was a leaked photo gossip in Whatsapp regarding Renjini Jose and Bhama with a man. Later it was confirmed that it as a fake news and that it was just Malayalam singer Renjini Jose with her Father Jose and her friends Bhama and Muktha. Now another news has come out regarding Ranjini Jose. This time it is true and Renjini Jose’s father has been arrested. Ranjini Jose is married to Ram Nair.

Based on news reports it is known that there were similar cases and complaints against Ranjini Jose and her father.

It was accused that Ranjini Jose and her father had borrowed Rs.16 Lakhs for her marriage purposes from a person. This amount was not given back and for this a complaint was filed against them.

Ranjini Jose father


Ranjini Jose is one of the best play back singers in Mollywood. Such a news could not be believed by her fans. Singer – actress Ranjini Jose is popular in Mollywood.

Recently another actress Dhanya Remya Varghese is in controversy when her father in law committed fraud.