Ramesh Chennithala Arrest Kerala UDF Opposition Party Leader Arrested

On Monday, 28th November 2016, UDF Opposition Party Leader Ramesh Chennithala got arrested. Kerala politician Ramesh Chennithala arrest was made during Raj Bhavan march by Kerala MLA’s of Congres party. UDF led Congress Party was protesting staging Currency demonetisation by Narendra Modi.

Protest  is held all over India by different political parties against BJP’s Central Government in Currency notes of Rs.500, Rs.1000 demonetization issue. Co operative banks in Kerala were not allowed to exchange old currency notes. These banks in Co-operative sector is considered to be back bone of Kerala financial strength. Deposits in Co operative banks will eb investigated by RBI, IT based on instructions of Central Government.

As most cash in Kerala is deposited in co operative banks, checking of these banks which are not under guidelines of RBI has been made strict. There are accusations that black money deposits in Kerala is at Co operative banks where any one can deposit money in binami names. This made RBI decide not to allow co operative banks to get new currency notes.

In Kerala hartal is organized by LDF party on 28th November 2016. Congress decided not to join in this protest and decided to stage separate protests in this issue. Congress party held strikes including Raj Bhavan march in old notes withdrawal issue against Central government.

Ramesh Chennithala arrest news

Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala arrest news during Raj Bhavan march is going to worsen situations. Will problems at Raj Bhavan lead to further problems in Kerala in note demonetisation issue protest against BJP led Central Government.

Ramesh Chennithala arrest

Ramesh Chennithala arrest on Monday, 28-11-2016 happened during UDF MLA’s march to Kerala Raj Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram. Ramesh chennithala and other MLA’s tried to picket at Raj Bhavan where Kerala Governor P Sathasivam is residing.

Congress protest is against currency banning issue and action of Central government against Co-imperative banks in Kerala.

Ramesh Chennithala is 60 year old Congress leader who is present Leader of the Opposition in the Kerala from 2016.