Rajinikanth in America Enters house of his fan in Surprise – Viral video

Super Star actor Rajinikanth is a South Indian celebrity known for his humble behavior to everyone. Recently in August 2017, a video clip of Style Mannan Rajinikanth in America is getting viral. In this video shared through Twitter by Shantha Kumarnel we can see actor Rajiniknath surprisingly enters house of an American fan.

Rajinikanth is a Tamil actor who has fans all over the World and this video shows you how he behaves with his fans. Behavior of Rajinikanth to his fans is always an example for other celebrities who pushes away fans with help of bouncers. This viral video of Rajnikanth in America is shared by people showing his humble character.

Rajanikanth is said to be one of the few Indian celebrities who have highest number of fans allover World. This incident at America happened while he was on his everyday routine jogging. When he was passing in front of an Indian family’s house, a girl recognized him. She was excited to see him and requested whether he can wait for her mother and father to see him too.

Among all Tamil actors Rajinikanth has highest number of fans. Reply of Style Mannan Rajikanth was even more exciting as he was in a fun mood. He told that he will come into house and surprise everyone.

Rajini’s reply in Tamil was “Surprise ah Naa ulla varane” (I will come as surprise inside).

Watch Rajinikanth in America giving surprise

The whole family was surprised to see actor Rajinikanth inside their house and were excited about it. Soon this video of South Indian actor Rajini giving surprise to this Indian family was shared in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook.

rajinikanth in america 2017 surprise house video

His last released film was Kabali in 2016. Everyone is waiting for his new Tamil movies. Upcoming Tamil cinema of actor Rajinikanth is Kaala and Enthiran 2.0 (Robot 2.0) which are scheduled to be released in year 2018.

Between this there are news reports that actor Rajinikanth has plans to enter into Tamil Nadu politics. Rajinikanbth’;s first movie in his career is Apoorva Raagangal of Director K Balachander.