Kerala Bharatanatyam dancer Rajashree Warrier – Anil Kumar wedding photos

Rajashree Warrier is a popular Kerala dancer, singer from Kerala. Marriage of Rajashree Warrier held on 11 September 2016.  Rajashree Warrier husband name is Anil Kumar. Wedding of Rajashree Warrier happened when she was 43 years old.

Only close relatives, friends were invited for marriage ceremony of Rajashree Warrier. Rajashree Warrier marriage with S Anil Kumar was held at Shangumugham Devi temple in Trivandrum. Harippad is native place of Rajashree Warrier and presently she is staying at Thiruvananthapuram. After wedding with S Anilkumar they may relocate to his place. Husband of Rajashree Warrier is a Government staff and native of Kottayam district in Kerala. Is this first marriage of Rajashree Warrier.

No it’s second marriage of Rajasree Warrier and in first husband she has a daughter named Lavanya. Wedding of Rajasree Warrier with Anilkumar is an arranged marriage. Anil Kumar is a family friend of her and based on marriage proposal by relatives, she got married. Media was not informed regarding this wedding and only after 1 week most people came to know about it. Dancer Rajashree Warrier is popular in classical dances like Bharatha Natyam. Books written by Rajasree Warrier about dance is Narthaki , Nruthakala. This is second marriage of Rajashree Warrier. In first marriage she has a Daughter.

Most people were unaware that Rajashree Warrier has a daughter and she has been married earlier. There is no details available about her first marriage, name of her first husband .etc.

Dancer Rajashree Warrier marriage is held on Sunday, 11th September 2016 (11-9-16) at Shangumugham Devi temple in Trivandrum.

Rajashree Warrier Marriage Photos (രാജശ്രീ വാര്യർ വിവാഹം)

Rajashree Warrier Daughter Name, Photo

Name of Rajashree Warrier’s daughter is Lavanya.

Rajashree Warrier Husband

Name of Rajashree Warrier’s Husband is S.Anil Kumar. He is working as Government servant in Kottayam.

Rajashree Warrier Dance Photos

Rajashree Warrier Profile

Rajashree Warrier is running a dance school at Thiruvananthapuram named “Utharika”.

Rajashree Warrier Marriage

In 2014, Rajashree Warrier won Dev Dasi National Award in Bharatanatyam. She also won lot of awards in field of dance like Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy Award in 2013. She dedicated so many years of her life to dance. This is one reason for her late marriage at 43 years old in 2016.