Queen malayalam movie actress name review queen cast heroine actors

Queen is a Malayalam cinema released in January 2018 and running successfully in theaters. It did not have any super stars or actresses to get attention of audience. After watching this movie everyone has only one question to ask and it is What is Queen malayalam movie actress name and her details.

It’s because Malayalam film Queen is entirely different from recently released movies in Mollywood film industry. It does not follow any typical story telling rules and it just revolves around what all may happen in life of a common person. This is what we see in Queen Malayalam movie from director Dijo Jose Antony.

Story of this film is from Sharis Mohammed and Jebin Joseph Antony. Queen malayalam movie actress name is Saniya Iyappan who does role of character Chinnu with awesome perfection. Way of story telling, songs, cast of actors actress in Queen movie are entirely interesting. From first day of release this movie was getting lot of positive reviews from people who watched it. But reason why i have not watched it for first few weeks of it’s release is because it did not have any actors or actresses i knew in Malayaalm cinema. But after watching this movie i was totally impressed and was angry with myself for not watching it till now.

How does a girl named Chinnu changes life of a a bunch of Mechanical Engineering  students in a class is shown in this movie.

Usually female students do not opt for mechanical engineering course and when we hear about this story outline we might feel that this may be like ‘Chunkzz’ movie. But there is no connection to Queen movie like story of Chunkzz and is far better than any recent campus movies in Kerala.

Idea of this story came after a girl came in a red saree and blouse during an Opnam cebration with a gang of boys in Engineering college and this picture was viral in social media. Actor Salim Kumar’s role in this movie Queen has been awesome. He has done a remarkable performance in this movie as an advocate.

Queen malayalam movie actress name, photos

Queen Malayalam movie is about a female character Chinnu around which this story happens. Actress Saniya Iyappan is one of the most searched celebrities recently in Kerala and even you might have looked about Queen malayalam movie actress name after watching this cinema. This is what this Malayalam movie has in it’s strong script.

Queen malayalam movie actress name

Chinnu fame Saniya Iyappan photos

Malayalam song Lalettan Lalettan (Lal anthem – ലാലേട്ടൻ) from Queen malayalam movie is a super hit one among everyone.

Queen malayalam movie cast names

  • Actors

Role of Eldho is done by actor Eldho Mathew

Role of Balu is done by actor Dhruvan


Role of Madapravu is done by actor Jenson Alappat

Role of Muneer (Kooli) is done by actor Ashwin Jose

Role of Gymman is done by actor Sam Sibin


Role of Minister is done by actor Sreejith Ravi

Role of Advocate Mukundan is done by actor Salim Kumar

Role of Advocate Kaaloor is done by actor Nandhu

  • Actress

Role of Saniya Iyappan is done by actress Chinnu

Actress Elizabeth does role of character of senior student who sends fake photo of Chinnu.

Role of victim character who helps in case by becoming witness is actress Leona Lishoy.

Role of Eliza the character who is handicapped and in wheel chair is done by actress Monika Thomas Puthuran.